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The Wednesday Night Bike Ride | Wednesday Night Bike Ride 17254 Votes This Answer

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This is Walgreens, and tonight they’re woefully understaffed. Unbeknownst to Walgreens, they’re hosting the halfway point for Fort Lauderdale’s Wednesday night bike ride. We’ll descend upon their cold drink section for water, energy drinks, and beer, all of which will be consumed in the parking lot before moving on.
Yes, this happens every single Wednesday night, rain or shine. The halfway point is usually someplace different, but the ride always starts in the same place at the same time. At 8pm, people start meeting up at a local park on mountain bikes, cruisers, and other bike shaped objects. Around 9, it’s pedals up. We then follow Zoey for 12 miles through every nook and cranny in Fort Lauderdale.
Kevin was excited to come out tonight to try out his new dirt jump bike, which he recently traded one of his mountain bikes for. As you can probably tell by now, this isn’t a fitness ride. It’s possible to keep up on a bmx, a cruiser, or even a skateboard if you have the energy.
Because there are a lot of tourists here, we can always count on getting the attention of out of towners. The locals are pretty much used to it, but some moron always thinks they can pass a quarter mile of cyclists on the shoulder. Lesson learned.
After a few hours, the ride ends downtown, where all social bike rides should.
There are other social rides in every city, most notably Critical mass, but this is different. The Wednesday night ride isn’t a protest, it’s not bicycle activism, or even an organized event for that matter. It’s just a bunch of savages that meet up every Wednesday to ride bikes, and hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Wednesday Night Bike Rides

Informal bike res every Wednesday night in Madison, WI.

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Date Published: 10/8/2021

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Wednesday Night Ride – Spin Bike Shop

Our Wednesday Night Re (WNR) has been a venue for road cyclists of all abilities to re together for over fifteen years. From experienced racers looking …

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Date Published: 10/25/2021

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The Hidden Reason Why the Wednesday Night Ride Should …

Our Wednesday night res have quietly become a year ’round affair. Yeah, we still like ring bikes and need some exercise.

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Wednesday Night Dinner Rides | Burlington, IA

Join Bike Burlington for Wednesday Night Dinner Res! A fun and causal, after-work bike re, enjoy some great exercise, good food, drinks and time with …

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Wednesday Night Ride – A bike ride in Tulsa, OK

Wednesday Night Re. By Renee Chilton. September 29, 2010, 3:18 pm. 27.4mi. 1,340ft. 5.6%. 1:26hrs. 1,344ft. -8.4%. © OpenStreetMap contributors.

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Date Published: 2/21/2021

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The Wednesday Night Bike Ride
The Wednesday Night Bike Ride

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Wednesday Night Ride

Spin’s Wednesday Night Ride

Our Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) has been a venue for road cyclists of all abilities to ride together for over fifteen years. From experienced racers looking for a solid training ride, to enthusiasts wanting a fun mid-week ride, to beginners looking to learn the pack skills necessary to progress in the discipline of road cycling. The goal of WNR is to provide a venue and a system that helps people learn, while encouraging them to progress.

To that end, we have always offered multiple groups of various speeds. The idea is that people work their way up and achieve their goals in the sport (whatever they may be). We have seen total beginners progress all the way up to becoming A Ride leaders and accomplished racers, and we are proud of what the WNR has achieved. Here are the rules, followed by the descriptions of the various groups –

Ride Rules –

Don’t drop down from a faster group then push the pace – Want to go fast? That’s what the faster groups are for. Do this and expect to get called out.

Want to go fast? That’s what the faster groups are for. Do this and expect to get called out. Respect The Ride Leaders – You may not know who they are, but it’s probably the person telling you what to do.

You may not know who they are, but it’s probably the person telling you what to do. Follow The Law – Don’t run red lights. Don’t blatantly jump stop signs. You’re representing more than just yourself out there. Be a good ambassador for the sport.

If your group is too big, split it – More than eighteen (18) people? Use good sense and split it up. Annoint a leader for each group.

– More than eighteen (18) people? Use good sense and split it up. Annoint a leader for each group. Bring A Blinkie (front and back) – We often finish close to dark. It’s the law, and good sense.

– We often finish close to dark. It’s the law, and good sense. Be Cool – Motorists may not always be, but road rage is lame. Don’t be lame.

– Motorists may not always be, but road rage is lame. Don’t be lame. Don’t Be A Jerk – Follow this rule and everything will work out fine. It’s supposed to be fun; let’s keep it that way!

Group Descriptions –

A Ride – 6:10pm Depart

The WNR A-Ride has the reputation of being one of the fastest rides in the area. Populated by active racers and strong enthusiasts, this ride is challenging and at times cut-throat. This is a drop ride and while the group waits for mechanicals and flats, there is no waiting for weakness. Being comfortable at close quarters and group ride etiquette are assumed skills.

Speed Limit: None (ride sometimes hits 30mph on the flats and cruises in the mid to high 20s)

Drop Ride: Yes

Attacks: Yes

Distance: 35-50 miles (depending on daylight)

B+ Ride (Killer Bees) – 6:12pm Depart

Still a drop ride, the “Killer B’s” act as a sweep for the A-Ride and frequently follow the same route. If you get dropped by the A’s no worries! The B+ ride will be along to pick you up! It’s fast, but it does have a speed limit observed on the flats (26mph). It is expected you are comfortable at close quarters and know group etiquette.

Speed Limit: 26mph on flat roads

Drop Ride: Yes

Attacks: No

Distance: 35-50 miles (depending on daylight)

B- Ride (Honey Bees) – 6:14pm Depart

A little slower than the first two rides, the Honey Bees are a place for people comfortable in a group to ride together and work together. This ride is NO DROP meaning they will regroup at certain points along the route NOT that they must wait for slower riders unable to keep up. You should understand group etiquette and have ridden in a pack before. Please don’t join this group and push the pace, that’s what the faster groups are for.

Speed Limit: 24mph on flats roads

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: No

Distance: 30-40 miles (depending on daylight)

C Ride – 6:16pm Depart

The C Ride is a place for people who are comfortable riding road bikes, but don’t have a ton of experience with a group. This is not a place for ego. If you need guidance, you will be given some. The C Ride is a springboard to becoming a better road rider, and often populated by experienced riders who just don’t want to throw down all the time. Please don’t join this group and push the pace, that’s what the faster groups are for.

Speed Limit: 22mph on the flats

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: No

Distance: 30-40 miles (depending on daylight)

D Ride – 6:20pm Depart

The D group is for the beginner, or the person looking to just chill and spin. On this ride you will learn basic group etiquette and build the pack skills you must have to participate in the other groups. If you get instruction, you better listen as it is for your own safety (and everyone else’s). If you’re too fast for this group no worries, but if you’ve never been on a group ride before we ask you to do it once or twice just so you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills you’ll need in the faster groups.

Speed Limit: 20mph on the flats

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: Absolutely not!

Distance: 20-35 miles (depending on daylight)

The Hidden Reason Why the Wednesday Night Ride Should Never End…Especially for Guys


What are you doing after work tonight?

Have time to do something good for your health that doesn’t require intervals or even a chamois?

Most Masters-aged cyclists are faced with the usual busy person weekday life demands on Wednesdays, often including some mix of a lot of work, errands, family and kid stuff, dinner prep and clean-up and bit of screen time. By the time that’s all over, it’s time for bed to get ready to do it all over again tomorrow, something any busy person, male or female, can relate to. It’s a routine that’s easy to become accustomed to, and especially when family is involved, it’s reflective of the prioritization that feels right and isn’t selfish. It’s the offseason after all, and “training for cyclocross” doesn’t quite work as a hall pass if there’s a significant other or kids competing for your time.

We’ve written about the value of a “Wednesday Night Worlds” for cyclocross training a handful of times, most recently in an August re-post of our article on Wednesday night practices from Issue 25 titled “Wednesday Worlds: Why It Matters, and How to Start Your Own.” For most weekly cyclocross practice attendees, the last get-together seems like ages ago. But does it really need to end?

Sure, cyclocross season is a ways off, and you don’t need to be racing cyclocross on a weeknight this time of year. Maybe you’re focused on a road or mountain bike season or another activity right now and the last thing on your mind is dismounts and remounts.

However, there’s growing research sent our way that suggests a weekly routine, blood pumping or not, has hidden health gains beyond raising your lactate threshold or improving your cyclocross skills, particularly for guys. Perhaps the biggest health benefits are from the regular social interactions and friendship bonding offered by a weekday night tradition—something men and women both need—but men may have more trouble fulfilling.

(This is a rare time we use “guys” literally, but much of this article is relevant to anyone, male or female, racer or not, and hopefully it’s especially worth a read or share if there’s a guy in your life who fits the bill.)

Subconsciously, I think I sensed this a few years after starting a weekly Wednesday cyclocross practice in Boston in 1996. Sure, I was only in my 20s, had lots of similar-aged coworkers and housemates to lunch with and go out with, yet after cyclocross season, I sorely missed the weekly practices because they added a guaranteed, sacred social outing with like-minded folk (men and women) regardless of how busy the rest of my life was.

Soon, I had a convenient solution. The Wednesday night practice group transitioned to Wednesday night ski sessions at the Weston Ski Track after cyclocross season, and when the snow melted, we moved to Wednesday night group road rides from Arlington. Regardless of vehicle, distance, activity or weather, they always had one thing they all had in common: We would always end up at Picante Mexican Grill in Davis Square for some bonding over burritos. (This location closed shortly after I moved from the area. Coincidence?)

My weekly routine took a sabbatical for a few years after a West Coast move, mostly due to grad school, but once that was over, I sensed there was a big hole in my weekday life, and had to restart the tradition. Emails were sent, acquaintances were made, teammates were invited, parks were scouted, and most importantly, taquerias were taste tested. Fall weekly cyclocross practice was back into my life!

The only problem was after the cyclocross season ended, skiing wasn’t an option, and because I didn’t really ride road much anymore except for the occasional humbling Valley Ride, practice returned to a mostly-fall routine. Marriage, a challenging job, and a kid were consuming that midweek time anyway. And in the offseason, that hole remained.

Yet over the last few years, ride logs show that without an intentional decision, we’ve filled that hole. Our Wednesday night rides have quietly become a year ’round affair. Yeah, we still like riding bikes and need some exercise. Hot laps get replaced by trail rides, and for some, fat tires and flat bars replace skinny knobbies and curly bars. You might even see a suspension fork or plus bike—it’s not the bike or terrain that really matters. The pace relaxes and the lure of burritos often calls earlier in the night this time of year. Sometimes there’s six or more of us, sometimes just two, but thanks to California weather, we’re still riding, and still ending up at burritos.

My cyclocross season only ended a few weeks ago, but ringing through my head after I crosssed the line one final time was coach Chris Mayhew’s repeated advice (here and here) that I should hang up the bike for two weeks or so. Still, when Wednesday rolled around three days after my last race, I couldn’t do it. There was no way I could skip the weekly ride. I wasn’t afraid of losing fitness or gaining weight, but I needed it—I often work out of the house, and Wednesday was my chance to get out and hang with the guys.

Lee Slone, a regular attendee of our Wednesday night rides, recently sent me a link to a Boston Globe Magazine article titled “The biggest threat facing middle-age men…” by Billy Baker that simultaneously justified our cumulatively-expensive burrito tradition, and explained what we probably subconsciously knew: Guys need “built-in regularity—something that is always on the schedule” to maintain friendships and avoid feeling isolated. It suddenly made sense. When I miss the weekly gathering, I’m more likely to be in a funk. Slone recently hurt his ankle, but wasn’t deterred. He skipped our ride but kept coming for burritos.

Buried in our Wednesday practice article, on the seventh slide titled “Keeping Practice Fun,” author Andrew Reimann quoted me as saying, “The highlight…of practice [is] going for burritos afterwards. The benefit of doing a night practice is that not everyone has to run off right away and head to work. If you can add a social element, there will be more of a draw and incentive for people to come out when it’s cold and they’re tired.” Looking back at it now, I think by “incentive for people” I meant myself. Sure, some of us have morning and lunchtime group ride options, but the evening ride is different because of the ability to socialize without a strict curfew. The only time limit restriction we battle is the closing time of the taqueria.

“The best way for men to forge and maintain friendships is through built-in regularity — something that is always on the schedule.” -Baker on psychiatrist Richard Schwartz and his research for The Lonely American

In turns out that perhaps the best health benefit of such a weekly ride tradition is not in the exercise or skills developed, but in exactly what I enjoy the most—the socializing. As Baker writes in the Globe piece, “When people with children become overscheduled, they don’t shortchange their children, they shortchange their friendships.” A busy job could do the same thing. We think we’re being good fathers and good workers, but there’s growing research that such prioritization can have disastrous health benefits, with the surgeon general warning that the most prevalent health issue in the country is isolation. That’s not specific to guys by any means, but as Baker writes, the research seems to show that “men need an activity together to make and keep a bond” while “women can maintain friendships over the phone.”

Of course as with any research there are exceptions and generalizations here, but at least if you’re a guy, denial that this applies to you could be hazardous to your health. The risks cited with isolation, or lack of regular activity with friends, are daunting:

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Increased risk of stroke

Alzheimer’s progression

26-32% increased premature death

Baker goes on to cite research that has studied photographs of men socializing and women socializing. While the women are often seen talking to each other, face-to-face, men are typically sitting side-by-side, staring off into the world. It’s no wonder why a passive activity like fishing is a popular guy’s bonding occasion:

You might be the life of the party or have a 1,000 Facebook friends, but without scheduled social interaction, there’s always so much friction to find social time with friends. “Planning anything takes great initiative, and if you have to take initiative every time you see someone, it’s easy to just let it disappear,” writes Baker. I’m sure we all can relate, male or female.

“That’s why, studies have shown, men tend to make their deepest friends through periods of intense engagement, like school or military service or sports. That’s how many of us are comfortable.” -Billy Baker

“We need to go through something together,” Baker writes. “That’s why, studies have shown, men tend to make their deepest friends through periods of intense engagement, like school or military service or sports. That’s how many of us are comfortable.”

Intense engagement? Cyclocross practice certainly fits that definition, but once the season ends, there’s no reason to let the gatherings stop. Of course, women have always been welcomed and have been a vital part of our weekly ride crew, but now it seems at least for guys, there’s another health reason to keep the rides going throughout the offseason beyond fitness.

Easier said than done? Try to convert the one-time hall pass into a weekly renewal, not a weekly negotiation. Tell the people in your life, and most importantly yourself, that it’s for your health. Offer up another night as a trade. And consider passing this article to your significant other to start the conversation, or to other guys who might need a healthy push to get out.

Happy Wednesday. I better go charge my lights.

Read Baker’s full piece from the Boston Globe magazine here.

Wednesday Night Dinner Rides


Bring the Kids & Take It Easy!

If biking the full distance is a bit too much, Bike Burlington has their school bus that leaves Bickel’s at 6p.m. People are welcomed to ride the bus to a certain point in the route, finishing the rest of the way on their bicycles.

This is a great option for new cyclists and families with young children!

Wednesday Night Ride

× Estimated Time is one of our Basic features

Estimated Time shows a prediction of how long it would take you to ride a given route. This number is based on your recent riding history, and represents an estimate of moving time. Each time you upload a new ride, your Estimated Time profile will adjust to reflect your most recent riding. Only rides exceeding 10 miles (16 km) will affect these estimates.

Our Basic members have unrestricted access to everything we offer in our mobile apps. Learn more by visiting our Compare Plans page.

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