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English Cocker Spaniel Grooming | Pennwood English Cocker Spaniels Quick Answer

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English Cocker Spaniel Grooming Masterclass by Mike Wildman of Classie Dog Grooming. Renowned International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG), Groomer Of The Year winner and Crufts Best of Breed champion with his German Shepherd. Mike has judged in the championship show ring worldwide. From USA to Europe and throughout the UK he’s judged competitions, given seminars and demonstrations. He is recognised the world over as an English Cocker Spaniel grooming expert. He also runs his own Dog Grooming salon in Cheshire UK.
My Masterclass No.1 Training Package is available now. Watch these training videos in the comfort of tour own home or salon. For full details please click the button below.

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English Cocker Spaniel Grooming
English Cocker Spaniel Grooming

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How much should you pay for an English Cocker Spaniel?

English Cocker Spaniel Breeders

An English Cocker Spaniel from a reputable breeder will cost between $800 and $1,600. Some puppies can even cost as high as $2,500.

What is a bench bred English Cocker Spaniel?

The Difference Between a Cavalier King Charles & a Cocker

The English cocker — also known as the English cocker spaniel — was bred as a hunting dog. Today, two separate types of English cocker exist: bench and field. Those with bench lines are show dogs, whereas those with field lines are working dogs.

Are English cocker spaniels crazy?

Working cocker spaniels are not crazy, they are excitable, high energy and FUN and there are plenty of show cockers that are similar too.

Are English cocker spaniels good house dogs?

English Cockers are friendly, fun-loving, and gentle family dogs who do well with children, especially if they’re brought up with them. Adult English Cockers who aren’t familiar with children may do best in a home with older children who understand how to interact with dogs.

How long do cocker spaniels live?

Why are cocker spaniels so expensive?

The price may be a bit higher than classified ads or rescues, but it’s due to the care that has gone into the breeding. Dogs are genetically tested and bred to ensure that health problems typically associated with Cockers are less likely to occur.

What’s the difference between a working Cocker Spaniel and an English Cocker Spaniel?

The real difference, however is in their behaviour. Show types generally require less exercise and are often quite scent focussed, spending lots of time sniffing. Working cockers are highly energetic and tend to go everywhere at top speed. They often require more stimulation than show cockers.

Do cocker spaniels bark a lot?

Cocker Spaniels can be high strung, vocal dogs, so your Cocker Spaniel is particularly prone to develop a habit of barking at delivery people. The reason this behavior can be difficult to eradicate is that the behavior is self-rewarding.

How big do field bred English cocker spaniels get?

A field-bred English Cocker tends to be a bit larger then the current conformation bred dogs. A female tends to weigh between 24 and 30 pounds and the males tend to weigh between 30 and 35 pounds.

Do cocker spaniels attach to one person?

Cocker Spaniels are generally a “one-person” type of dog. Meaning they attach very quickly to one person. This doesn’t mean they won’t love everyone in your family, it just means they’ll love one person a LOT and they’ll love everyone else the normal amount.

What is the calmest dog breed?

These adorable and lovable calm dog breeds fit right in with singles, couples, or families who are looking for a mellow and chill furry family member.
  • The calmest dog breeds you’ll want to bring home. …
  • English cocker spaniel. …
  • Whippet. …
  • Golden retriever. …
  • Tibetan spaniel. …
  • St. Bernard. …
  • Pug. …
  • Newfoundland.

Are cocker spaniels high maintenance?

Yes, Cocker Spaniels are high-maintenance dogs. The breed requires more coat maintenance and grooming and has a higher-than-average number of health concerns. However, Cockers love to be close to their owners, which makes them more prone to separation anxiety. Cocker Spaniels are affectionately called “Velcro dogs.”

What is the stupidest dog breed?

The 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds and Why They’ve Been Characterized as “Dumb”
  1. Afghan Hound. The Afghan Hound is the “dumbest” dog. …
  2. Basenji. Basenjis also make the list of dumbest dog breeds. …
  3. Bulldog. Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness. …
  4. Chow Chow. Chow Chows can also be difficult to train. …
  5. Borzoi. …
  6. Bloodhound. …
  7. Pekingese. …
  8. Beagle.

Can a cocker spaniel be left alone?

Cocker Spaniels are known for suffering with separation anxiety, so it’s best to have someone with them during the day. It’s important that your Cocker is never left alone for more than four hours, but even this may be too much for your dog to handle.

Do English cocker spaniels bark?

Barking is a natural response to the Cocker Spaniel’s environment and the situations it finds itself in. On the whole, they do tend to bark more than some other breeds, but this can be controlled with a bit of patience.

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Ivywood English Cocker Spaniels

Ivywood English Cockers

Produces healthy dogs of beautiful breed type and sweet temperament for companionship, show, performance and love.

How Much Does an English Cocker Spaniel Cost? (2022 Price Guide)

A fun-loving and incredibly loyal dog, the English Cocker Spaniel was originally developed in the UK to find, flush, and bring back game birds during a hunt. Today’s English Cocker Spaniels make amazing canine companions for virtually every family, with or without children.

But is your budget ready for doggy ownership? English Cocker Spaniels live between 12 to 14 years, and every year she’s alive you’ll need to provide your pet with everything she needs in order to thrive.

So exactly how much does it cost to own and care for an English Cocker Spaniel? Let’s take a deep dive into the initial and ongoing expenses so you can learn if this pup is right for you.

English Cocker Spaniel Costs: One-Time Costs

If you choose to buy an English Cocker Spaniel from a breeder, you’re likely to spend between $800 and $1,600. Some show-quality puppies can even cost as much as $2,500. You’re also going to have to account for the costs of initial puppy supplies, including first-time vaccines, spaying/neutering, food, and all of the supplies your new fur baby needs.

During the first year of English Cocker Spaniel ownership, you’ll spend between $200 and $800. After that, plan on spending between $12 and $80 monthly. These prices largely vary and will depend on your dog’s needs, the quality of the items you buy, and where you shop.

Free English Cocker Spaniels

While buying and owning an English Cocker Spaniel can be a bit expensive, there are some doggy items that you can pick up for free. These include a gently-used crate and carrier, food and water bowls, a leash and collar, and even some health services.

Ask your friends or family if they have any unused dog supplies laying around the house. You can also search internet classified pages for used dog supplies. Always be cautious when meeting or speaking with a person you met online. There are a lot of scams out there, so never give a stranger any of your sensitive information.

As far as health care goes, low-cost pet clinics and animal shelters do provide affordable vaccine and neutering/spaying options. While not entirely free, these low-cost services won’t break the bank.

English Cocker Spaniel Adoption


Adopting an English Cocker Spaniel is a more affordable alternative than purchasing a brand-new puppy. Adoption fees will range between $50 and $400, depending on your location and the age of the animal. However, knowing that you’re providing a dog with a second chance at life is priceless.

English Cocker Spaniel Breeders


An English Cocker Spaniel from a reputable breeder will cost between $800 and $1,600. Some puppies can even cost as high as $2,500. A lot of factors will determine the price of a puppy, including its bloodline, pedigree, health screening and vet expenses, coat markings and color, and the popularity of the breed in your area.

Sometimes, you might be enticed by the extremely low price tag of a puppy you see in a newspaper ad or internet classifieds post. But beware! Puppy prices that seem too good to be true probably are. Many bad breeders, like puppy mills, will sell purebred dogs at surprisingly affordable prices. However, these puppies are often afflicted with health and behavioral problems that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

English Cocker Spaniel Price: Initial Setup and Supplies


The first year of dog ownership will cost between $200 and $800. This covers the cost of all of your first-time supplies and medical care, including food, a crate, micro-shipping, spaying/neutering, and more.

List of English Cocker Spaniel Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $10 – $30 Spay/Neuter $50 $200 X-Ray Cost $100–$250 Ultrasound Cost $350–$500 Microchip $15-$55 Teeth Cleaning $150-$300 Bed/Tank/Cage $30 – $60 Nail Clipper (optional) $7 Brush (optional) $8 – $15 Litter Box n/a Litter Scoop n/a Toys $30 – $60 Carrier 0 – $70 Food and Water Bowls $10 – $40

How Much Does an English Cocker Spaniel Cost Per Month?

$12-$80 per month

The monthly cost of owning an English Cocker Spaniel will generally fall between $12 and $80. However, every month is different. While some months you might just be paying for a bag of dog foods, other months but require a trip to the groomers or the vet. It’s always a smart idea to be prepared and have an emergency fund in place in case the unexpected happens.

English Cocker Spaniel Health Care Costs

$0–$700 per month

The medical costs of your English Cocker Spaniel will widely vary. Most months, you probably won’t have to cover any health care expenses. However, an emergency visit to the vet can cost as much as $700. Your dog should visit the vet every year for her annual wellness check. This can cost between $125 and $265.

English Cocker Spaniel Food Costs

$12–$40 per month

Feeding your English Cocker Spaniel a protein-packed, high-quality dog food can cost between $12 and $35 per month. An English Cocker Spaniel will eat about 160 pounds of food every year. Plan to spend about $5 on treats every month. If your English Cocker Spaniel needs to be put on a prescription diet, whether for obesity or diabetes, this will cost much more.

English Cocker Spaniel Grooming Costs

$0–$50 per month

Your English Cocker Spaniel has a thick, curly coat that needs to be regularly brushed. However, you can also opt to take your dog to the groomer about four to eight times per year. The cost of a professional grooming session is around $50 and includes bathing, hair trimming (if needed), brushing, styling, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear and eye cleaning.

You can groom your dog at home with a grooming kit. These kits can cost between $25 and $250.

English Cocker Spaniel Medications and Vet Visits

$15–$700 per month

You should be giving your English Cocker Spaniel preventative treatments for fleas, ticks, and heartworm every month. These can cost around $15 per month. As we stated before, you probably won’t be spending any money on vet visits for months at a time. However, emergencies can happen and a single emergency trip to the vet can cost as much as $700.

English Cocker Spaniel Pet Insurance Costs

$20–$50 per month

To prepare for the unexpected, it’s a smart idea to enroll in a pet insurance plan. These plans, depending upon the coverage you choose, can cost between $20 and $50 a month.

English Cocker Spaniel Environment Maintenance Costs

$0–$30 per month

Owning an English Cocker Spaniel can take a toll on your home. Between doggy odor and your pet chewing on the carpet, you may need to pay for some environmental costs. These can range between $0 and $30 per month and covers pet deodorizing sprays and dog-related home improvement projects.

English Cocker Spaniel Entertainment Costs

$5–$20 per month

Just like you, an English Cocker Spaniel can get bored. This is a very intelligent breed and needs plenty of mental stimulation. Without sufficient amounts of mental engagement, an English Cocker Spaniel can resort to bad behavior.

Entertain your dog with interactive toys, such as a puppy puzzle. Dog toys, depending on the product quality, can cost between $5 and $20 per month.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an English Cocker Spaniel

$12–$80 per month

Owning an English Cocker Spaniel will cost, on average, about $12 and $80 per month. However, if your dog visits the groomer or the vet, it can cost as much as $700 in a single month.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Additional costs of owning an English Cocker Spaniel to consider include training sessions, boarding, hiring a dog walker, and doggy daycare. The typical cost of one dog-walking session is $20. A package of four training sessions can cost about $200. Dog boarding will cost about $40 per day.

Owning an English Cocker Spaniel On a Budget

While it may seem expensive to own an English Cocker Spaniel, you can totally do so on a budget! The easiest thing you can do to avoid costly vet visits is to take great care of your pet by feeding her high-quality food and ensuring she gets plenty of exercise. Getting vet care from a low-cost clinic can also save you money. Having a relative watch your dog when you’re away will save money on boarding costs. Brushing your dog at home rather than taking her to a professional groomer can also save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Conclusion: English Cocker Spaniel Cost

Buying an English Cocker Spaniel puppy from a quality breeder can cost between $800 and $1,600. Adopting a dog can cost as low as $50. Your dog will need food, toys, and health care throughout her entire life, which can all really add up. Not only is owning a dog a privilege, but it’s a huge responsibility. However, receiving unconditional love and loyalty from your English Cocker Spaniel is a gift money can’t buy.

Featured Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

What Is a Bench English Cocker?

Since field English cocker spaniels are working dogs, they have substantially shorter coats than bench varieties. Bench English cockers should have short hair on their heads, but medium-length over the rest of their bodies. The texture should be silky, and it can either lie flat or be slightly wavy. Their coats can either be solid or parti-colored. Those with parti-color coats should be marked, ticked or roaned, in a combination of white with black, liver or shades of red. Solid colored dogs can be black liver or red. Black and tan or liver and tan are also acceptable colors.

The Realities of Owning a Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are one of the most well-loved breeds in the UK thanks to their sweet nature and kind temperament. But did you know there are two types of cocker spaniel? Working and show.

The majority of cocker spaniel pets are show cockers, these are the cockers you will see at Crufts, they were historically bred to ‘show’ so it’s no wonder they are the most likely breed to win the ‘Best in Show’ title. Show and workers have many similarities, mainly that their key goal is to please their owners, but they have very different prey drives, energy levels and they look slightly different too.


A show cocker has lower set ears and a dome-shaped head, they have thicker, longer fur so require much more grooming than their working companions.

Working cockers are usually taller, leaner and have flatter coats with ‘feathers’.


Anyone who is looking to welcome a cocker spaniel into their home needs to know they are often high energy and are very excitable. However, the working strain often requires more exercise (I walk mine twice a day for an hour, longer on the weekend) and more brain stimulation. They have a higher prey drive so its really important you work on their recall from day one so you can keep them under control out in open fields, they often want to chase bunnies and pheasants so it is so important they learn to come back to you when needed, they will often come to the sound of a whistle when trained to.

Show cockers love to sniff more than they love to chase, it’s important to work this scent drive and play games with them so they can really use their noses! Whilst show cockers will walk with you as far as you go, they are also happy with shorter walks, whereas a working cocker absolutely needs that outside stimulation and exercise each day.

In the Home

A show cocker will happily settle down and snooze during the day, but also be up for a good play session! Working cockers are notoriously hard to ‘settle’ and this command needs teaching from day one, they would be on the go all day every day if they could.

Working cockers are well suited to very active homes, they enjoy walking, running, fetching, playing, they are great at agility and flyball. This is because they have been specifically bred to be out in the field, hunting with their owners. A huge amount of working cocker spaniel owners take their dogs on ‘shoots’, they train their animals to collect any game that is shot and bring it back to their owners. These shoots last all day which is why it can be difficult to tire your working spaniel, they have been bred to be on the go.

That doesn’t mean you HAVE to ‘work’ your dog. My working cocker is a pet, I don’t take him on shoots, but I work his senses in other ways. He is not a dog that will lay down and sleep all day, he is busy, he wants to hunt. So what can I do to satisfy natural instincts? I play games with him where he has to hunt, I hide his favourite items (mainly tennis balls) around the house, under blankets, behind curtains, really obscure places, he loves to go and search for them. I hide treats around the garden (chicken is his favourite), spaniels have AMAZING noses, which is why they are so often trained to be police dogs – they can sniff out drugs, money, explosives, you name it, and they LOVE the job. In fact, Poppy the working cocker spaniel was recently allowed to sit on the Speaker’s chair in the House of Commons as she was awarded a PDSA Order of Merit (a dog version of an OBE) for her incredible work during the London Bridge terror attack.

You will often hear people describe working cockers as ‘crazy’ and ‘bonkers’ but I don’t think this is fair. Working cocker spaniels are not crazy, they are excitable, high energy and FUN and there are plenty of show cockers that are similar too. Yes, Baxter will do spins in the air and launch himself at you when he hasn’t seen you in a while, but he does this because he loves people and loves company, which brings me onto the next point…


Show cockers will often have a calmer disposition than workers but are still high energy compared to other breeds, and there are exceptions to each dog. It’s important to remember show cockers and working cockers have the same ancestors, so there are also show cockers that work brilliantly in the field.

They are both extremely loving, loyal and cuddly dogs. They love nothing more than to be near their owners, and because of this can struggle with separation anxiety. Cockers are not dogs that should be left at home all day, they are your shadow, they will follow you from room to room, some people can find this annoying before realising their dog just wants to be in their presence… Baxter even comes to the toilet with me!

These are dogs that ultimately want to please you and thrive on positive reinforcement!


As I mentioned above, positive reinforcement is the way to go with any type of cocker spaniel! They are sensitive little souls and shouldn’t be scolded. Training a puppy or even an older dog can be frustrating, if you find yourself getting stressed by the 5th wee of the day on your nice new rug, just remember, you wouldn’t expect a toddler to not have any accidents would you?

Reinforce everything they do correctly by praising them and offering them a treat, you will be surprised how much a ‘good boy!!’ can help bring out the more desirable behaviours.

Cocker spaniels are easy to train, even if they are mischievous, but remember they have high prey drives (especially working cockers) and if you give them an inch, they will run a mile. They love routine and knowing where they stand, they respond well depending on the pitch of your voice. Baxter knows as soon as my voice deepens he really does have to do what I say!

The biggest struggle with working cockers seems to be their ability to walk nicely on the lead… This is my biggest issue with Baxter too! I use every lead walk as a training session, he is 20 months and still doesn’t quite get that I don’t want him walking (running) 100mph whilst dragging me along behind. Working cockers need a good, off lead walk, they aren’t the kind of dog you can take a relaxing stroll around the streets with, I also often find Baxter’s walking is much better as soon as he is off the lead!

A Typical Day

My typical day with Baxter is waking him up at 9 am (yes, I am lucky, most spaniels are ready for the day much earlier!), I will have already done his breakfast so he knows it is waiting in his bowl for him. I wake him up, give him a morning cuddle, he always has to have something in his mouth to greet me with so sleeps with a pheasant toy.

I sit and have a cup of tea while Baxter eats breakfast then lays on his back ready for tummy tickles, then it’s walk time. I walk him usually 9:15-10:15, it is a 5-minute walk on the lead, followed by 50 minutes of off lead and then another 5 minutes on the lead to get home. On our walk he does his business and usually just trots alongside me, he doesn’t really run off unless he has spotted something in the distance to chase.

After his walk, we come home and he sleeps next to the AGA in the kitchen on and off for a couple of hours whilst I get my work done. When he wakes up he will let me know that it’s playtime, I spend 15 minutes playing with him, high activity, usually fetch or playing inside with one of his toys. Then lunchtime comes around, after lunch we spend 15 minutes in the garden where I gradually sprinkle bits of his kibble in the grass so he sniffs them out, he loves this game!

Once we come inside it’s time for me to get back to work (like right now!), he can struggle to calm down after an activity so I generally give him a bit of a fuss before ignoring him. I hate ignoring him but if he gets overstimulated he can’t settle, so I have to ignore him until he gives up and goes to sleep. He chills for an hour or two and then it’s time for a walk again! In winter I walk him 15:00-16:00, I don’t like walking him in the dark or even at dusk as the fields are full of bunnies and pheasants and he just loses it… In summer I usually walk him 17:00-18:00, if it is hot I will take him out later to avoid the heat.

Once in from his evening walk he chills but stays awake, watching me prepare my own dinner, he loves watching me when I’m busy! Then I will play with him for about 20 minutes, either a physical game or playing something like hide and seek with one of his toys. Then we both have dinner and by 18:30 he is mostly done for the evening. He will chill for a couple of hours before getting a second wind of energy which is when I give him a chew. By 20:30 he is zonked and sleeps on the end of my bed, I take him out for a wee at 21:30 and then back up for cuddles on my bed and then it’s his bedtime!


So, what does all of this mean? A working cocker spaniel, in particular, is a way of life, they don’t just slot into life, you have to change your life to suit their needs. This suits me, I live in the country, I love walking, I work from home and can play with him as much as he needs. But if you work all day and can’t focus much on your dog, then I wouldn’t recommend the breed, not even a show cocker. They are loving animals that need company! That doesn’t mean you can’t leave them for a few hours a day, but it’s not nice to leave them longer than that unless you can hire a dog walker or take them to daycare.

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English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

English Cocker Spaniels have medium-long coats that are flat or slightly wavy, with a silky texture. The legs, chest, and belly are covered with longer hair called feathering, but not as much as that of their cousin, the American Cocker Spaniel. Feathering is more than decorative; it helps to protect the dog’s body from scratches or other injuries as he makes his way through the field.

English Cockers come in coats of many colors. Among them are parti-color (white with black, liver, or shades of red); solid black, liver, or shades of red; black and tan; and liver and tan. Any of the colors or patterns may come with tan points on the eyebrows, muzzle, throat, rump, and feet. Of all the English Cocker colors, blue roan is most popular.

Brush your English Cocker’s coat every other day and any time he’s been in the field. You can trim the feathering so it doesn’t drag on the ground and the feet so they look neat.

The coat of an English Cocker show dog requires more effort. It must be stripped by hand or with a stripping knife. If you plan to show your English Cocker, you’ll want to apprentice with a breeder to learn how to groom the coat properly.

Clean the ears weekly with a cleanser recommended by the dog’s breeder or veterinarian. Because the ears hang down, they’re prone to ear infections. When you clean them, check for signs of infections, such as a bad smell, redness, tenderness, or itchiness. If your English Cocker frequently shakes his head or scratches at his ear, take him to the vet for a checkup. When it comes to ear infections, it’s best to start treatment as soon as possible.

Other grooming needs include dental hygiene and nail care. Brush the teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and bacteria. Daily is better if you want to keep your English Cocker’s mouth healthy.

Trim the nails once or twice a month or as needed. If you can hear them clicking on the floor, they’re too long. Short nails will help keep your dog’s foot in good condition and will prevent them from scratching your legs when your English Cocker enthusiastically jumps up to greet you.

Begin accustoming your English Cocker to being brushed and examined when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently — dogs are touchy about their feet — and look inside his mouth and ears. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he’s an adult.

As you groom, check for sores, rashes, or signs of infection such as redness, tenderness, or inflammation on the skin, in the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, and on the feet. Eyes should be clear, with no redness or discharge. Your careful weekly exam will help you spot potential health problems early.

St. Rock English Cockers

Welcome to our site.

We love English Cocker Spaniels. We cannot imagine life without them!

We live in the Pacific North West of the USA. Our ECS are part of our family, they love playing and being with us. We breed

very seldom, when we want to keep a puppy for us to love and enjoy. We only keep a few with us. We test them for possible

genetic problems in the breed, and make sure we only breed what we consider the best examples of the breed. We try to

continuously educate ourselves about this wonderful breed, and use everything that is in our power to try to ensure our

“kids” can have a good life and live to their full potential.

Welcome to Pauden English Cockers

Here at Pauden English Cockers we are firmly committed to breeding the International style English Cocker that will become your family member and best friend.

We wish to produce a merry, small to medium sized dog with a good temperament, willing partner and faithful companion. Our English Cockers are happiest when they are with their people and never make a good outside dog. We often refer to our dogs as a big dog in a little dog package, as they tend to have a more laid back temperament, like a larger breed dog. We strive for females to be 15 to 16 inches and weigh 26-32 lbs and our males to be 16 to 17 inches and weigh 28-34 lbs.

Pauden English Cocker Spaniels is a small kennel located in Seneca, South Carolina just a little over two hours from Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC. The kennel name Pauden came from Jaimee’s maiden name and her sons last name Paul; Paul and Barden .. Pau den, which sounds like Pawden. We are a small in home kennel, we work full time other jobs and have kids that are in school. Please be patient with us, we try and answer texts, calls and emails as fast as we can.

Liberty English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers, Inc.

If you are interested in obtaining a puppy,

please contact the following Club members

who are planning to breed in Spring 2013.

Check back often for updates!

• Lauren Sorrentino – West Chester, PA

[email protected] or 610-696-2642

• Nancy Kinal – Monmouth Junction, NJ

[email protected] or 732-329-0435

Breeders 2021

English Cocker Spaniel Club of America members choosing to be listed in this breeder directory have agreed to abide by the club’s Statement of Conduct. The ECSCA has made every practical effort to ensure that the member breeders listed are reputable individuals endeavoring to produce puppies of good quality and health. The ECSCA provides no express or implied endorsement of the listed breeders and cannot be held responsible for any purchase agreement, guarantee, or understanding between breeders and buyers. Before buying a puppy, prospective owners are encouraged to visit breeders, check references, and assess options in order to make an informed decision. Prospective owners are encouraged to ask for hard copy results of any testing/exams that have been done on breeding dogs and the resulting puppies.

This breeder list is up to date as of 2022.

**Please understand that not all breeders want to be listed as they may already have long waiting lists or do not have litters planned**

In addition to the Breeder Listing below, other helpful resources might be:

The English Cocker Spaniel Breed Club in your area—See Member Clubs link on this website or one of the following representatives who act as Breeder Referral contacts for ECSCA:

Mindy Bartholomew, East Coast- [email protected]

Deb McClelland, West Coast- [email protected]

If you wish to be added or removed to the list of breeders below, please email

[email protected]


Welcome to Rockback English Cocker Spaniels established in 1988 by CathyAnn and Mark E. Litwin. We are located about one hour west of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Through our website we would like to share with you the history of our dogs with photographs, pedigrees, and personal notes. Our website gives you a look at our champions, performance dogs, companion dogs and puppies.

Our Gallery Page is our extended Rockback Family. We feel very fortunate to have touched the lives of so many people with our dogs through the years and will be forever grateful to have made so many friends along the way of this journey.

In recent years, Rockback has been awarded the Breeder of Merit status from the American Kennel Club, however we have always followed the breed standard which includes Health, Temperament, and Conformation.

Cocker Spaniel Pedigree Database Online

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