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Home » Bryan Deck’S \”One Bad Apple\” Super Farm Tractor 2017 Pulling Season Video | One Bad Apple Pulling Tractor The 28 Correct Answer

Bryan Deck’S \”One Bad Apple\” Super Farm Tractor 2017 Pulling Season Video | One Bad Apple Pulling Tractor The 28 Correct Answer

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Re: One bad apple – PULLOFF.COM

So you are telling me no other tractors at that pull run oil in with their … All I know is that One Bad Apple was DQed for illegal water, …

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Date Published: 9/17/2022

View: 9175

One Bad Apple spoils the bunch at Cassopolis

One Bad Apple, driven by Bryan Deck of Winse, Nebraska, successfully defended his title in the Super Farm Tractors division with a pull of …

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Date Published: 4/19/2022

View: 6197

2016 Grand National Super Farm Champion Rod Deck …

It was a “Double Deck-er” as his son Bryan finished second with “One Bad Apple.” Rod started pulling in 1999 and built “Dream On” in 2000.

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Date Published: 3/21/2021

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Customers – Extreme Performance & Tire Cutting

Bryan Deck- One Bad Apple … Roger Ruwe – One Mean Farmer … Loren Paulsen – 2016 Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling 8500 Limited Pro Stock Champion.

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Date Published: 9/20/2021

View: 8325

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Bryan Deck's \
Bryan Deck’s \”One Bad Apple\” Super Farm Tractor 2017 Pulling Season Video

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One Bad Apple spoils the bunch at Cassopolis – Leader Publications

CASSOPOLIS — It was another packed house at the Cass County Fair.

Motorized Madness continued in the grandstand Tuesday night as the NTPA National Regional Tractor and Truck Pulls took center stage.

Cassopolis is considered one of the toughest pulls in the Midwest and it drew some of the top drivers in the Super Farm Series.

Competing in the Cass County Fair Nationals were the Super Farm Tractors, Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks and Modified Minis divisions as they were trying to earn points toward the Region II championship (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio; TWD, RN II West) and a spot in the 31st Enderle Memorial Pull-Off All-Star Invitational in Urbana, Ohio Sept. 16.

The Wolverine Pullers’ Super Stock Combo class also competed Tuesday night.

One Bad Apple, driven by Bryan Deck of Winside, Nebraska, successfully defended his title in the Super Farm Tractors division with a pull of 327.315.

Tony Sietsema was second in Wolverine Deere with a pull of 325.690, while Rod Deck in Dream On was third with a distance of 319.760.

Dave Lacy in Triple Play Unchained took first place in the modified minis with a pull of 330.570.

Todd Bultman in Stress Relief was second (319.105) and Kevin Bradtmueller was third in Whomp Ass Express (311.190).

Jessie Petro in the Buckeye Hauler captured the two-wheel-drive title with a distance of 305.860.

Jim Roberts in Twister was second and Tod Eisman in Whipper Snapper II was third with pulls of 304.325 and 301.855 respectively.

In truck and tractor pulling, vehicles drag a 20-ton weight transfer sled along a straight, dirt track as the sled’s resistance increases. Within a class of similar vehicles, the puller that achieves the greatest distance is victorious.

The NTPA is the world’s No. 1 sanctioning organization for premier-level events that feature highly specialized machines resembling farm tractors, trucks and dragsters and dedicated competitors that battle for purse money and end-of-season championships.

With superchargers emitting an ear-splitting whine, massive tires churning clay at 100-mph wheelspeeds, turbochargers pumping columns of diesel smoke into the sky, and engine combinations exceeding 10,000 horsepower, high-performance pulling that shakes the ground and fills the grandstand every time it appears at the fair.


At Cassopolis

Super Farm Tractors

Bryan Deck, One Bad Apple — 327.315

Tony Sietsema, Wolverine Deere — 325.690

Rod Deck, Dream On — 319.760

Jorge Zenz, Minor $etback — 315.355

Shane Masten, Thumpin’ Pumpkin — 308.970

Modified Mini Tractors

Dave Lacey, Triple Play Unchained — 330.570

Todd Bultman, Stress Relief — 319.105

Kevin Bradtmueller, Whomp Ass Express — 311.190

Tyler Schaendorf, Max’d Out — 301.665

Ken Bultemeier, WAE Flip Side — 289.415

Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks

Jessie Petro, Buckeye Hauler — 305.860

Jim Roberts, Twister — 304.325

Tom Eisman, Whipper Snapper II — 301.855

Randy Petro, Kathy’s Komplaint — 298.980

Jacob Shephard, Alchohol Addition

Retapped — 292.285

2016 Grand National Super Farm Champion: Rod Deck, “Dream On”

Story by Darren Heartwell

Rod Deck earned his first Grand National championship in 2016 with his “Dream On” Case IH. It was a “Double Deck-er” as his son Bryan finished second with “One Bad Apple.”

Rod started pulling in 1999 and built “Dream On” in 2000. He won the NTPA Region V title in 2011 and moved to the Grand National tour in 2013. This Winside, Nebraska-based team is very committed to pulling with NTPA. The closest Grand National hook was 4.5 hours away in Rockwell, Iowa and the farthest one was Benson, North Carolina at 22 hours from home. They hooked at a lot of state and regional events that were conveniently located during their travels as well. Rod stated, “This is a friendly group of pullers. We’re competitors on the track but friends off the track. That’s what pulling is all about!”

The season kicked off at the Mule City 300 in Benson, North Carolina with 18 tractors committed to run the entire GN circuit. Rod finished second in the first session and sixth in the second session. He had his worst finish of the season—seventh—at the next hook at the Budweiser Dairyland Super Nationals in Tomah, Wisconsin. But he rebounded to finish third in the last session at Tomah to seize a points lead that he would hold the rest of the season.

At the next event, Rockwell, Rod earned his one GN victory, a highlight of the season. He said it was “the first time I ever choked this tractor.” It was a good weekend for the team as Bryan put “One Bad Apple” on top on Saturday night with Rod finishing fifth.

Rod finished third and second in Ionia, Michigan and fourth in Mount Sterling, Illinois. This brought up a situation eerily reminiscent to 2013. Going into Bowling Green three years ago, Rod held a 17-point lead over his son Bryan. But Rod experienced major breakage during the first hook while Bryan won one session and the ring to take over the points lead on the way to the GN title.

Rod admitted he was “worried going into BG.” In another one of the highlights of the season, Rod finished second in both points sessions to maintain the points lead while Bryan won the ring in the invitational on Super Sunday.

Rod finished fourth in Greenville, Ohio to expand his lead to 26 points going into the final hook of the season. He clinched the championship with a solid third-place finish in Wellington, Ohio to win the championship by 29 points. He then capped his amazing season by winning the NTPA’s all-star invitational event, the Enderle Pull-off in Urbana, Ohio.

Rod acknowledges Ryan Salenbien at Salenbien Peformance—“brand new motor this year, ran it all season without having to work on it!”—Extreme Tire Cutting, Mark Colberg at Colberg Machine, and Cen-Pe-Co.

Rod thanks his son Bryan for all of the research and development work, his daughter-in-law Connie who worked on the irrigation system while they were gone pulling, God for timely rains, and his grandchildren: Justin, Ryan, and Anna.



With many Points and National Championships in many different states, levels, and organizations our tires and products prove themselves to lead you to the front of the pack and leaving the competion spinning.

Super Farm Customers

Norm Kavan – Magnum Force

Chad Weizenkamp – Someday

Kurt Kooima – Red Rock

Rod Deck – Dream On

Rod Dekam – Extreme Pleasure Unloaded

Steve Kavan – Pride of the Farm

Allen Andrews – Dakota Deere

Allen Andrews – The Threat

Dan Neimeyer – Red Rider

Barry Peterson – Never Say Never

Rick Engelmeyer – Ultimate Muscle

Brandon Clark – Rack Em

Tom Delaney – Freedom

John Platte – Turbo Up

Dustin Platte – Gray Area

Bill Schmidt – Cornhusker Cadillac

John Hoffman

Dennis Jensen

John Farquhar

Mike Hargens

Brad Hellinga

Barry Spaans

Curt Asmus – Let it Ride

Jeremy Roberts – Wicked Whitetail

Eddie Kerr

Bill Casey

Arlyn Jensen – Springdale Deere

Eric Groeny – Husker Hooker

Mark Roberts – Spanky’s Toy

Mark Weber

Matt Conrad – Haywire

Parran Bean – All About That Allis

Wayne Muller

Bill Casey

Phil Jungwirth

Brad Jensen

Eric Groeny

Mike Dunklau – Burnin Bucks

Phil Jungwirth

Tony Casola

Limited Prostock

Taylor Van Beek – Extreme Pleasure

Dave Novak – The Mean Farmer

Craig Yanke – Movin On

Craig Dennis – Stand Clear

Doug Sobotka – All Summer Long

Joe Moriondo – No Green No Glory

Steve Bousema – Limited Edition

Mike Bousema – Special Edition

Darrin Weers – Top Gun

Tim Lotman – Farmers Foreplay

Scott Mums – Smoke On Approach

Darrin Sutton – Green Impact

Leon Hellebusch – No Mercy

Phil Klienheslink

Connie Mullenix – Gopher

Craig Ratterman

Matt Warta

Steve Smith

Kevin Smith

Gary Behrendt

Seth Novak

Craig Ratterman

Larry Steiman – Gateway Deere

Rodney Knott – Knotty Boys

Cody Sayers – The Outlaw

Bill Beherendt

Brent Paddock- Diggin Deep Deere

Cody Sayers – The Outlaw

Jeffrey Storey

Jesper Madison

John Curlo

Kyle Carson

Bryan Deck- One Bad Apple

Richard Copsey

Rod Ewing

Steve Shackelford

Thomas Huff

Light Super Stock

Mark Ulmer – The Weapon

Cory Schlueter – Grand River Deere

Chuck Schlueter – Barn Buddy

Frank Bojaboi – Green Lightning

Melvin Nelson

Light Limited Prostock

Alan Tolson – Cheifs Hooker

Mike Eckels – All In

Rich Johnson – Shagnasty

Adrian Cox – Hickory Hooker

Nick Shoebroel

Dan Bounds

Andrew Meister – Dirtslingin Demonstator

Gerald Grimes – Just Another Buck

Randy Subotka

John Waggener

Jared Hagena – Forever Green

Allen Shellum – Constant Chaos

Junior Leer

Mark Weber

Denny Grote Crazy 8

Tim Grote – Fear the Fawn

Brandon Clark -Just Another Buck

Jerry Hanigan

John Narigon – Rugrat Rampage

Mitchel Larson- Young Buck

Tim Dunklau – Ground Force

David Jones – Blowing Bucks

Chris Peiffer

Bryce Terry

Jeff Sievertsen

Brad Janke

Roger Ruwe – One Mean Farmer

Brad Janke

Brian Blankenspoor

Brady Goslar

Clayton Sweeney

Doyle Bohl

Ed Brands

Jeremy Witt

Josh Hannah

Loren Paulsen – Deere Commander

Mike Bain

Mike Roan

Tom Morsey

Zack Kramer

Pro Stock

Henry Smith – Sneaky Snake

Cody Shay – Red Edge

Jimmy Bracket – Hilbilly Binder Express

Dave Yarrick – Dirt Slingin Deere

Cody Yarrick – Gone

Gary Porter – Gang Green

Doug Sobotka

Logan Behrendt – Wampuscat

Henry Smith – Sneaky Snake

Ricky Behrendt

Pro Farm

Barry Pollema

Tylan Renolds

Mark Gettinger

Junior Dejager

Casey Asmus

Matt Werner

Ben Christenson

Gary Kramer

James McGuire

Jason Lewis

Justin Massie

Kurt Heinse

Mark Weber

Sam Hekes

Diesel Super Stock

Mark Ulmer – Lost

Jeff Demers – Smokin Hot Deere

David Henderson – Stray Horse

Adam Vaske – Chance Encounter

Taylor Van Beek – Extreme Pleasure

Eugene WIlliams

Ernie Conner

Unlimited Super Stock

John Hoffman – Last one Standing

Frank Bohaboj

Scott Whitworth

Troy Anderson


Adam Bauer

Brian Fuhr

Brad Campbell

Kyle Petsch

Cody Behrends

Craig Ulmer

Jason Glueck


Leonard Block

Nick Dvork

Craig Harm

Bob Winter

Mark Weber

Terry Valcan

Lynn Moore

Del Anderson

Billy Lacina

Dennis Neubauer

James McGuire

Jason Verbrugge

Keith Kroksh

LaRohn Hagena

Lucas Driesen

Steve Jennings

Steve Rudie

Terry Hudson

Terry Stallbaumer


Terry Van Beek

Verlin Dekkers

Shawn Fierechs

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