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Newborn Photography | Worcester Ma Newborn Photographer | Kerry Callahan Photography | Newborn Photography Western Massachusetts Quick Answer

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As a Worcester MA newborn photographer I treat each new session as a brand new opportunity to create art. I always go the extra mile to please clients by capturing their magical memories. I take my time with you during our session to get to know you and your family so I can capture genuine moments you want to remember forever.

West Boylston MA Newborn Photographer
Leominster MA Newborn Photographer
Worcester, MA Newborn Photographer / West Boylston, MA Newborn Photographer / Boston, MA Newborn Photographer / Central Massachusetts best lifestyle newborn photographer

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Newborn Photography | Worcester MA Newborn Photographer | Kerry Callahan Photography
Newborn Photography | Worcester MA Newborn Photographer | Kerry Callahan Photography

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How do I find a good photographer for my newborn?

One of the most important things to ask a photographer who may handle and photograph your newborn baby is what training and experience they have had. This is even more critical in posed newborn photography, where the photographer will spend a considerable amount of time handling and posing your fragile new baby.

When should I get newborn photos taken?

The best time for newborn photos is between 7 and 10 days after birth. The first few days are hard, you’re just meeting each other and figuring each other out. If you carried your baby, you’re also still bloated and frankly tired. The younger the baby, the more naturally they pose like they are still in the womb.

How much does it cost to get baby pictures taken?

A simple newborn photo session that is conducted by your average photographer will typically cost between $400 and $800. On the other hand, you can expect to pay over $1000 when working with a photographer who has decades of experience.

How do hospitals take good newborn pictures?

March 31, 2020
  1. Tip #1: Take Your Photos During the Day. …
  2. Tip #2: Turn Off All Artificial Lighting. …
  3. Tip #3: Bring Your Baby Close to the Light. …
  4. Tip #4: Choose Your Angles Wisely. …
  5. Tip #5: It’s All in the Details. …
  6. Tip #6: Don’t Forget Mom & Dad. …
  7. Tip #7: Editing.

Is 2 weeks too old for newborn photos?

Two-week-old babies are great for newborn sessions. They are still super sleepy, easy to pose in traditional newborn poses. This is why many people that teach newborn photography use it as the date to gauge when a baby is too old for newborn pictures.

Is 2 months too old for newborn photos?

It’s not too late. Its never too late to photograph your baby. You will never regret having photos of your baby from when she 1 month old, 2 months old, or 3 months old! Yes, babies who are 1-2 months old are more alert and have longer awake times, but a few perks to this age?

Why shouldn’t we take a photo of a newborn baby?

Can camera flash harm your baby’s eyes? Whenever there is bright light, the pupil in the eye constricts for protection. The pupillary reaction in newborn babies — those who are less than a month old or even preterm — is not well-developed, said Dr Singh.

Why is baby photography so expensive?

The session itself, which takes three hours on average, is the smallest part of what you commission a professional photographer for. A large amount of time is dedicated to these areas as well: Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the studio before each and every baby. The design and set up of scenes.

Do they take pictures of your baby in the hospital?

We typically photograph all babies on their first full day at the hospital. It is also possible for your shoot to take place on the day before discharge. Generally, we do not take photos on the day of discharge unless there is a medical reason for the delay.

How long do hospitals keep baby pictures?

Portraits are usually posted within 24 to 36 hours of a baby leaving the hospital and are available online for 5 years. If during this time frame you (mom) cannot view your baby’s portraits, please contact customer service. Family and friends please reconfirm the password with the baby’s parents and try again.

What should I wear for newborn hospital photos?

Hospital gowns are great for the purpose of providing both a modicum of modesty and accessibility for your care during labor and delivery, but can’t exactly be considered well-fitting or beautiful! Which is exactly where these robes – perfect for a Fresh 48 hospital photo session for your newborn baby – come into play.

What are fresh 48 pictures?

What is Fresh 48 Photography? A Fresh 48 Photo Session is a special session for families who want their baby’s first hours documented, including those uniquely newborn details, without having the entire labor and birth photographed.

What is done to a newborn after birth?

After a normal vaginal birth, your newborn baby will be put on your chest for skin-to-skin contact. Your baby needs sleep and food, and they need to feel secure and warm, so they need to feel your skin. Doing this simple thing: reduces newborn crying.

Which month is best for baby photoshoot?

Having A Baby Photo Shoot At 6 To 9 Months

Between 6 and 9 months is a wonderful age to capture. Babies can usually sit quite confidently by this age but aren’t yet crawling.

Is 1 month too old for newborn pictures?

So the answer is: No. It’s not too late. Its never too late to photograph your baby. You will never regret having photos of your baby from when she 1 month old, 2 months old, or 3 months old!

How do you age a baby with pictures?

Best Baby Age Progression Apps
  1. FaceApp. FaceApp is a leading face transformation app with lots of features from age-filtered selfies to “yassified” looks – and trendy glammed-up images. …
  2. YouCam Makeup. …
  3. Snapchat. …
  4. AgingBooth. …
  5. TikTok Aging Filter. …
  6. Make Me Old. …
  7. Oldify. …
  8. Face Cam.

What should my 1 month baby be doing?

At 1 month, most of what babies do is still caused by reflexes. They aren’t thinking about their actions. They will be sucking, swallowing, searching for milk and grasping an object if you put it in the palm of their hand (although most of the time they’ll keep their hands clenched in tight little fists).

Western Massachusetts fine art portrait photography of maternity, newborns, children and family.

Newborns… pure newness, exquisite smallness, and a love so tender and fierce like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

But then, tomorrow, they’re different. At a month, they look completely different, at 6 months the gurgles and burps become rapturious curiosity. At one year, uncontainable activity and exploration. This is the year of transformation; of you into a parent, of your dream into a new little person.

Your love story has begun. Let’s create photographs that cultivate joy, and tell the story you most long to tell.

Newborn and baby photography and portraits in Western Massachusetts, Amherst, Northampton, South Hadley, Hadley, Longmeadow.

Angela Roberts Photography

Maternity | Newborn | Cake Smash | Family | Senior | Milestone

Angela Roberts Photograpyh_Newborn Photographer_Newborn Photographer in Western MA_Western MA Photographer_Amherst MA Newborn Photographer_Baby Pictures_Portrait Photographer in MA_Studio Photography-

Angela Roberts Photography is a professional portrait photographer located in Western MA. I specialize in baby bumps, newborn and family photography in Massachusetts and Southern Vermont areas. Angela Roberts Photography offers studio or outdoor sessions. All newborn sessions take place in my studio located in Leverett, MA.

It is my intention to make your sessions as easy, fun and relaxing as possible. These moments go by so fast and I want to help you remember it all; the beautiful baby belly, the fresh details of your newborn, the rapidly changing milestones of your baby’s first year and the growth of your family every year.

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{Maternity Sessions}

Embrace the beauty of that baby bump with a Maternity Session! These sessions are offered in studio or outdoors and are scheduled when you are between 28-36 weeks pregnant. We also have multiple gowns in our client closet available for use during your session.

{More Maternity Session information here}

{Newborn Sessions}

You will spend countless hours starting at every little feature of your baby. Let me help you never forget!

Newborn sessions are scheduled in your babies first few weeks of life. Our studio is stocked with everything that you will need for their session.

{More Newborn Session Information Here}

{Cake Smash Sessions}

It’s your babies first birthday! This is defiantly worth celebrating!! You share a theme or colors and I take care of the rest, including the cake!

{More Cake Smash Information Here}

{Family Sessions}


As a mom of five, I think these sessions are a must! The days are long but the years pass us by so quickly. These sessions are a mixture of formal style portraits, but also moments of interaction and games!

{More Family Session Information Here}

{See Spring Availability Here}

{Senior Sessions}

I absolutely love senior sessions. These sessions are just for you, to capture your personality, your passions, your favoirite activities. These sessions are typically outdoors, usually in a field.

{More Senior Session Information Here}

Western MA Newborn Photographer Sarah Kaminsky

Welcome to Sarah Kaminsky Photography, LLC

Premier Western MA Newborn Photographer


Western Massachusetts newborn photographer Sarah Kaminsky is a fine art photographer who’s passion and specialty lies in newborn photography, children’s photography and family photography. Given the opportunity to capture your families most beautiful moments, Sarah Kaminsky Photography covers locations in and around Western MA such as West Springfield, Springfield, Agawam, Southwick, Feeding Hills, Westfield, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Monson, Palmer, Ludlow, Chicopee, and Holyoke.

All other MA locations are available upon request and any out-of-state requests are considered with travel costs to be included.

Araya’s Newborn Session – Springfield MA Newborn Photography

Hi There! Thank you so much for visiting Melissa Hartigan Photography – Massachusetts Newborn Photographer. I’m so glad you’re here to read my recent blog post of this darling baby girl and browse around my blog. I am a professional newborn photographer with a beautiful portrait studio in Coventry, CT dedicated to newborn photography, maternity photography and baby milestone photography throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Not only do I absolutely love taking photos and capturing a moment in time, but I also adore being a part of these special moments in my client’s lives. Here is a little peek into Araya’s Sweet & Simple Newborn Session.

Araya’s Sweet & Simple Newborn Session – Springfield MA Newborn Photography

I’m always so touched when clients love their newborn photos and their experience so much that I’m always their first choice when it comes to photographing their next baby. It means the absolute world to me. I get excited knowing that I’ll be seeing them again, seeing how much their first child has grown and meeting their new most precious blessing.

I captured Anthony’s Rahm’s newborn photos when he was just days old as well as his baby milestone photos, and now Kahntapaht and Anthony have traveled as a new family of four all the way from Springfield, Massachusetts for their baby girl Araya’s newborn photos captured with the Sweet & Simple Newborn Session.

Araya was such a good baby for her newborn session. She slept nearly entire time and barely made a peep. Gosh, she was so pretty and just a petite baby girl!

Baby Girl Pink and Neutral Newborn Photos – Newborn Photography in Springfield MA

Araya’s mom, Kahntapaht requested pink and neutral colors to capture her new baby girl. Araya looked absolutely darling in all the soft pink and cream that was selected and designed for her newborn pictures. I love the photo of her posed in the bucket with the bow headband. She looks too precious! And the photo of her with the little smirk on her face, doesn’t it just melt your heart?!

CT Newborn Photographer | Newborn Photography Props

Melissa Hartigan Photography has a beautifully curated newborn wardrobe to style and dress each newborn baby with. As a newborn photographer in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I am always buying and adding new and beautiful knitted-handmade props to my newborn and baby prop collection. Clients always have access to these props for their newborn and baby milestone sessions. Props are always pre-selected based off the color choices that you choose prior to your session, and set-ups are then designed around your color choices. Everything is always prepared and ready to begin once you arrive for your newborn and baby milestone sessions. I am always happy to pre-select client desired props from my prop collection to include in your session setups.

For some color ideas for your upcoming session, please visit my Newborn Gallery and my Baby Milestone Gallery. It’s always my pleasure provide to props for your newborn session from some of the best newborn photography prop vendors in the industry. For Araya’s Sweet & Simple Newborn Session that was photographed in my Coventry, CT photography studio, I used outfits, hats, backdrops and props from some of my favorite newborn prop vendors: No. 2 Willow Lane, Little Bean Creations, Roses and Ruffles, Red Owl Photo Props and Pooks and Lulu.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Araya’s posed newborn photos captured in studio. Get in touch with me for booking information and availability! I would love to be your baby’s first photographer! Please email me via the contact tab.

Like Melissa Hartigan Photography on Instagram and Facebook for all my recent posts, news and updates!


Melissa Hartigan Photography, Springfield MA Newborn Photography ~ Newborn, Maternity, Baby, Children and Family Photographer

Western MA newborn photographer

After doing maternity portraits for mom a few months ago, I was so excited to meet these little boys. Getting to photograph newborn twins is one of the many perks of this job. They always seem to have such a special bond right from the start. Looking forward to watching…

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How To Find A Good Newborn Photographer | A Buyer’s Guide

How To Find A Good Newborn Photographer | A Buyer’s Guide

When you’re choosing someone to photograph a special time in your family life, such as the arrival of your new baby you’ll want to know that you’ve chosen the best photographer for your family.

As a parent and newborn photographer I completely get this. You’ll want confidence that you can trust the photographer that they’ll handle and pose your baby safely, and that the photographs will be beautiful – after all you can’t get those first days back. But with so many different newborn photographers out there, how do you sort between them and find the best newborn photographer for your family?

In this guide I’ll explain how you can quickly create a short-list of photographers you’d like to find out more about, and the questions you can ask these photographers to help you find the best newborn photographer for your family.

How To Find A Newborn Photographer

Before you get too deep into your research I recommend creating a short-list of photographers you’re interested in working with based purely on their style.

Why style? Because, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, where the studio is or how a photographer works if you don’t like the photographs.

There so many styles of newborn photography out there, but all newborn photographers usually fall somewhere on a spectrum between posed photography in a studio setting, or lifestyle photography at your home. Within these two types of newborn photography, you’ll find a variety of different approaches:

Some lifestyle photographers take a photojournalistic approach to newborn photography. They’ll document your new baby and the rest of the family at home, as you are – nappy explosions and all! There would usually be very little posing in these photo shoots.

Other lifestyle photographers will take a natural, but more planned approach. They’ll still photograph you in your home, but will tell you where to stand or sit, and give you guidance on what to do.

Studio photographers may bring their equipment to your home, or work from their own studio. They will usually specialise in posed photographs of your baby, and the family – with plenty of direction. They may or may not use lots of colour, props and accessories such as hats or headbands when they’re photographing your baby.

All of these variations can add up to big differences in the style of photographs you end up with, so short listing photographers on style is a good way to quickly narrow down your options.

Most photographers have their portfolios online on their websites, so start by searching for local newborn photographers in your area, and then create a list of the photographer’s whose style you like and who you would like to learn more about.

Related Article: Posed vs Lifestyle Newborn Photography. What’s The Difference?

Questions To Ask A Newborn Photographer

Now that you have your shortlist of newborn photographers, what do you need to know about them so that you can make an informed decision about who to book?

Whether you pick up the phone and call each photographer, find the information on their website or send them an email, there are eight things I suggest you ask:

1.What training and experience do you have?

One of the most important things to ask a photographer who may handle and photograph your newborn baby is what training and experience they have had.

This is even more critical in posed newborn photography, where the photographer will spend a considerable amount of time handling and posing your fragile new baby. It’s important for your own peace of mind to know that the person you’re trusting with your baby has had appropriate training in how to handle and safely pose them.

There’s no requirement for having a formal qualification before you can call yourself a newborn photographer, but there are many opportunities for photographers to learn, and to keep up-to-date, including:

Workshops run by very experienced newborn photographers

1-2-1 mentoring with very experienced newborn photographers

Online courses

National and International conferences

Ideally, your photographer will have a learned from a combination of these and have experience of photographing a number of newborn babies.

2. How do you create advanced poses?

Some newborn photographers offer advanced posing, such as the ‘froggy pose’ or ‘potato sack pose’, or create photographs of babies inside or on top of objects such as baskets, buckets or more unusual items such as guitars or shelves.

I don’t offer these kinds of photographs, so I’ve purchased the stock photographs below to show you what these poses look like:

These positions are not safe for babies to be left in unsupported. When they’re created correctly a photographer will in fact take two separate photographs where the baby is supported or ‘spotted’ in different places, and merge them together in Photoshop afterwards. The result is called a ‘composite’ image.

If the photographers you have shortlisted do offer these kinds of poses, it’s very important to make sure that they create these photographs as a composite and not by leaving the baby unsupported in these positions.

This article from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers in the USA gives more detailed examples of how composites are created.

A Parents Guide To Newborn Photography

As a portrait studio that specializes in Newborns, we’ve found literally every mama has the same question, ‘What do I need to know about newborn photos?’

At what age should newborn photos be taken?

The best time for newborn photos is between 7 and 10 days after birth. The first few days are hard, you’re just meeting each other and figuring each other out.

If you carried your baby, you’re also still bloated and frankly tired.

The younger the baby, the more naturally they pose like they are still in the womb. That’s how you get those curly, womb-like newborn poses.

Now, all that being said. Anytime is literally the perfect time for newborn photos.

Frankly, my first daughters’ newborn pictures were done at 6 weeks, I didn’t have this amazing guide to tell me I should do them sooner. And my second daughter was 6 weeks premature. Since we always recommend adjusting, hers were also done at 6 weeks.

I love and cherish our newborn photos as much as if they were taken between 7-10 days.

Our recommendation is to book your newborn photo session in advance based on your due date, then adjust as needed. They’re only this little once, so getting them as close to the 7-10 days as possible ensures you capture them before they grow too much!

What Safety precautions should be taken with newborn photoshoots?

Currently there are no safety regulations in place for the newborn photography industry which we think is rather crazy.

Literally, anyone who owns a camera can begin photographing newborns with no training or knowledge of the special needs of infants, what, I know crazy!

Baby safety should always be the number one priority when selecting a photographer. Literally, number one. Babies can startle and move easily so it’s very important to be prepared to anticipate and always be close enough to put your hand on the baby.

Some things a trained newborn photographer will consider are room temperature, baby’s temperature and well-being, compositing only for certain poses, or only offering baby-guided posing and posing safely. Your newborn photographer should be insured in order to protect you and your newborn bundle.

Should newborn portraits be done in the hospital?

Nope, no, definitely not.

Ok, that might be a bit harsh. Here’s the deal, in the hospital no one is comfortable, it’s simply not home. Not home for you and not home for your baby.

You’ve just been through a trauma, either through vaginal delivery or a c-section. And they frankly have just entered this bright and very noisy world where they are expected to eat and all sorts of other crazy new things.

From a technical perspective, hospital lighting is very harsh and not designed to make baby and mama look their best. You’re bloated and trying to figure out how to feed your baby.

Also, they don’t do family portraits. This means you won’t be in the images and frankly, that makes us sad. You’ll look back and want to see the wonder you feel for this tiny little creature that just changed your life. One of my favorite images ever is of my oldest daughter in my husband’s hands, you get to see just how little she was.

And a nurse is waking you (or both of you) up every two hours. Now does that sound like a recipe for amazing images that you want to cherish forever? Nope, take your time at the hospital to meet and simply be with the new love of your life.

Can my wedding photographer or family photographer shoot my newborn photos?

Great question. The answer typically is no, your wedding or family photographer should not take your newborn photos. Your newborn is literally the most precious thing in this world and ever so fragile.

Do you hand your newborn to simply anyone to hold (ok, if it’s your fourth child, maybe)? But all kidding aside, it takes years of training and practice to know how to safely handle and pose a baby.

It is not something every photographer is trained to know how to do. Think of it like this, you baked a cake for your BFFs birthday, can you now run a world-renowned bakery? Of course not, but you do deserve a cupcake because you just literally grew a human.

Now if your wedding photographer is a total unicorn and does event-based photography like weddings and newborns, check out their credentials and training and if they’re experts go for it!

What are good newborn photo props?

You. Your baby. Your partner. Siblings.

Nothing else, we have a firm belief that simple is always better. Too much stuff distracts from your newborn which is what you ultimately care about.

When you look back on these images in 20 years, you will care that they have that same smile or the same little freckle. You will care how little their fingers were.

You won’t care about the theme or the balloons or the background.

That’s why we believe in clean, simple backgrounds that are timeless.

Ok so now that my philosophy is out of the way, let’s chat logistics.

An expert in newborn photography will have a ‘bean bag’ or the likes that is a soft place to pose the baby. Some are on the floor and some are on tables (just make sure someone is always, ALWAYS, touching the baby as they can roll at any moment).

They will also have props specifically designed for newborns – bowls, baskets, etc. These are specially made for newborns to ensure they are the right size.

An expert newborn photographer will also utilize weighted bags to ensure the props are just right for your baby’s weight and size. Bottom line, work with an expert. They have what they need. You should only need to show up.

What are good Newborn photo poses?

Every newborn is different. You’ve heard it a million times every pregnancy is different and if you’ve had more than one you totally understand what that means.

An expert in newborn photography will work with the baby, NEVER forcing a pose.

The baby will naturally want to move a specific way. An expert understands that and will safely pose a newborn in a way that’s natural to them.

What is the newborn froggy pose?

Ok so let’s take a moment to talk about the froggy pose.

It is the one that the baby’s resting their head on their hands.

Have you ever seen a baby do that? Nope, it’s because they literally are not capable of holding up their own head yet. So that pose can be done safely through what’s called a composite.

That means the newborn photographer takes a picture of the baby with their hand on the top of the head holding it up and with the hand on the bottom of the head holding it up and then photoshops the two together.

Here’s the million-dollar question, did you know that? If not, trust an expert because a photographer who’s not fully trained might think they can just take that pose and that’s not safe for the baby.

Here are a few quick references for a beginner pose verses an expert pose.

Now that’s not to say that an expert doesn’t do a beginner pose, it just means that you won’t get an expert pose from a beginner.

Is it easier to take newborn photos at home or at a photo studio?

We get this question a lot because expecting moms always think it will be so much easier to just have it done at their home.

But if you’ve ever been with a mom who’s literally only home from the hospital for a few days you’d know. Home will look like a war zone.

Things will literally be everywhere. So, the thought of having to clean your home is honestly bananas to us.

Here’s why newborn photos should always be done in a studio?

Here are some additional important factors that an in-studio session provides.

The studio is temperature controlled, especially hot for a newborn who’s teeny tiny and changing wraps.

The studio’s light is controlled to make you (and your newborn, of course) look amazing.

All exterior distractions are gone.

You aren’t thinking about the laundry, the dishes, who just called, the dog barking, or what Amazon just dropped off.

With a studio session, all you have to do is get yourself dressed, no small feat, and get to the studio. Then there is an expert newborn photographer that takes care of everything else!

Oftentimes, at home and lifestyle newborns are synonymous. What this means is that the photographer won’t pose the baby. You will hold the baby the entire time.

So, if that’s your jam, this might be a good fit for you. Just remember, you have to clean and have super cool décor to pull this off.

What is the best time to take newborn photos?

10am. I honestly don’t know why but it’s the magical hour for newborns. They are sleepiest at 10am! And as an added bonus it gives you time to get up and shower (a total luxury) before your session!

Should mothers/fathers be in newborn photos?

Unequivocally yes mom, dad, and siblings should get in the photo.

We know you might not feel your best. Heck, you might not even be cleared to drive yet. But you will never regret having those memories. And you can’t get them back. Don’t regret it. Get in the picture.

Again, this is why you go to a newborn photography expert. They know all the perfect angles and posing to make sure you look amazing, even if you are not feeling the best. These images really highlight your connection with your partner and your newborn!

What are the best outfits for new moms to wear to their newborn photo shoot?

Your body just grew a human and most of us don’t bounce back in a day. So, don’t try.

Honestly, don’t try to get back into your pre-maternity jeans. Just don’t. Wear your maternity jeans, they will look amazing because you will simply be glowing.

And since you are going to an expert, they will know all the most amazing angles for a new mom. For example, one of our favorite poses is mom draped around dad or a close crop of you snuggling your new love.

Don’t wear black, it isn’t slimming. Did I just totally blow your mind?

It’s true, unless you have a lot of very black hair, don’t wear black it will look harsh. Wear thick fabrics with structure and think about lots of texture. We also recommend soft neutral colors; it lets your baby be the star.

How long should a newborn photoshoot take?

Simple answer less than 2 hours.

The first hour should be images of just your baby

This is when the energy is low and it’s nice and calm.

They’ll be sleepy and sleep most of the session. When working with a professional newborn photographer they will have a specific workflow.

This allows them to wrap the baby nice and tight, which reminds the baby of being in the womb. Then they’ll slowly unwrap the baby for additional poses. This ensures the experience isn’t jarring for the newborn.

Think of it like this; do you like to be woken up to someone ripping the covers off of you. Um, no. Neither does a newborn!

The second hour should be for the family.

This is when older siblings should be invited and we all know what happens when a toddler is involved, in literally anything.

So, when the energy is high, the newborn is in your (or your partner’s) arms which means they are snuggled in and very content to go back to sleep no matter how loud the toddler is!

Should I reschedule my newborn photo shoot if my baby is fussy?

Don’t put off your newborn photos because your baby is fussy!

We are trained professionals and will know the best ways to sooth a cranky baby.

We are also trained in newborn massage which can help with relaxing your newborn baby.

99% of the time if the baby is well-fed, warm, and swaddled they feel comfortable so there is nothing to worry about! We will capture amazing images for you, that’s why you chose a professional!

Final Thoughts

There is so much to think about when you are expecting a newborn.

Everyone has an opinion (and oh so willing to share)! Choosing how you are going to remember them is a really big decision. So, let me boil it down – choose an expert, love their look and book before you deliver!

How Much Does a Newborn Photo Session Cost?

Having a child is an ambition that most Americans strive for. Although it comes with its share of difficulties, becoming a parent is a unique experience that provides joy and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else.

Many parents organize a newborn photo session to help commemorate the birth of their child, but not everybody knows how much a newborn photo session should cost.

Let’s explore everything that you need to know about the factors that influence the price of a newborn photo session.

Photo Editing a newborn photo session

If you would like to have your photos edited by a professional after the photography session has concluded, you’ll need to pay extra for it in most cases. There’s also a significant difference between heavy editing and retouching when it comes to price.

To elaborate, it will cost far less to have the photographer soften your baby’s skin as opposed to changing the entire background.

But, there are some photographers who charge a flat rate for photo editing regardless of how much work it requires. If you choose to pay for photo editing, it’s essential to view examples of past work.

Whether the photographer does it themselves or outsources this obligation to somebody else, you don’t want to pay extra for poor quality edits.


The location in which your photographer works heavily influences the amount that you pay for the session. In general, photographers who work in larger cities will tend to charge more for their services.

This isn’t the only role that location plays, however. The total number of locations that your photoshoot will include can have a drastic impact on the overall cost.

For example, some photographers offer price points that included three locations within a 25-mile radius. Other photographers may be less flexible but charge more money for the session. You can also expect your photographer to charge you more for locations that are far away or difficult to navigate to.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you extensively browse available photographers in your area so that you can find the one who best fits your needs. Otherwise, you could find yourself significantly overpaying for subpar results.

Sitting Fee

Many people aren’t familiar with this term, but it’s an important factor to be aware of in the pricing of your newborn photos.

In general, a sitting fee is an amount that a photographer charges for setting up the photo session. Since it costs them time to get their equipment ready, stage the set, etc., photographers prefer to be compensated with a base amount.

So, you might find that a photographer’s rates include a sitting fee of $75 in addition to the cost of the photoshoot itself. If you don’t see a sitting fee listed within the cost breakdown, it’s important to ask your prospective photographer if they integrate it into the session price.

If not, you could end up paying more than you expected on top of the base price for the photographs.

The Total Number of Photos

Taking more photos directly equates to a higher cost in most cases. To help their customers accommodate this, photographers often offer different packages when it comes to the number of photos included in a particular session.

For instance, a mid-tier newborn photography package might include 10 photos for $300. But, a top-tier package might include 20 photos for $500, allowing you to secure a better deal.

The size of the photos will also affect the price, with larger photos being more expensive.

In most cases, it’s up to the customer to get their own photographs printed. But, some professionals are able to offer this service in addition to their photography. Since you will be paying to have your photos printed anyway, it’s often worth considering having a photographer do it for an additional cost.

Session Pricing

Session pricing is commonly seen with newer photographers who do not have a large number of price points. In this case, they charge a flat fee for a single photography session that includes a certain number of images, locations, etc.

So, an example could be a $100 photo session that includes five photographs at a single location. This type of newborn photography is ideal for parents who would like to keep things simple or those who don’t have a particularly high budget.

To help you get the most value for your purchase, be sure to inquire exactly what a session includes and then determine whether or not the price is worth it.

Their Level of Skill

It’s worth noting that a photographer with over a decade of experience in the industry is going to charge more than someone who started their own photography business six months ago.

This is directly due to the fact that experienced photographers are more efficient at setting up and using their equipment, taking photos, etc. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind, as amateur photographers don’t always have the knowledge to find the appropriate lighting or shoot from the correct angles.

This isn’t to say, though, that amateur photographers can’t provide high-quality service. Regardless, you can use the photographer’s portfolio to help you make your final decision.

So, How Much Should a Newborn Photo Session Cost?

A simple newborn photo session that is conducted by your average photographer will typically cost between $400 and $800. On the other hand, you can expect to pay over $1000 when working with a photographer who has decades of experience.

The same can be said about photo sessions that include a large number of photos, edits, or multiple locations. From here, you’ll be able to ensure that you find a photographer who can satisfy all of your needs at a reasonable price.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

Labor & delivery is an out-of-this-world experience, to begin with, let alone experiencing it during this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. It breaks my heart that many times I’m not able to be there at the hospital to capture all those fresh little moments of your new little bundle of joy. To help my fellow mamas, I decided to put together a little DIY guide for taking your own DIY newborn hospital photos or “welcome baby” photos as I call them!

Tip #1: Take Your Photos During the Day

Hospital rooms can be pretty dark sometimes, so taking your images during the day when you can have a lot of natural light coming in from the windows will be a huge help!

Tip #2: Turn Off All Artificial Lighting

Hospital lighting/lamps typically cast a very yellow/orange color and can create unwanted shadows, it’s best to turn them all off and use the natural window light.

Tip #3: Bring Your Baby Close to the Light

Position your baby in the hospital bassinet very close to the window. You don’t want to shoot directly towards the window as the background will most likely be too blown out. You should stand in between the window and your baby.

Tip #4: Choose Your Angles Wisely

Try to position yourself so that you’re not shooting up the baby’s nose. You want to have more of an above angle to capture the baby’s face correctly.

Tip #5: It’s All in the Details

Don’t forget all those tiny little details; ears, nose, tiny toes, and hands. Those are the things that change so quickly!

Tip #6: Don’t Forget Mom & Dad

If your significant other is able to be there with you, don’t forget to take turns taking photos with the baby as well. If you’re able to get your hands on a tripod you can even set that up to take some sweet family pictures using the timer setting or ask a nurse to snap a few for you!

Tip #7: Editing

If you are shooting your images on your phone, I suggest downloading the free Adobe Lightroom app. Practice on an image by adjusting the lighting and coloring. I always suggest practicing on your own first before jumping into purchasing mobile presets. A lot of mobile presets are just not colored correctly for newborn images.

Hang in there mamas, you’ll get through this and still have beautiful images to look back on! If you need any help editing your images, I’m here to help!

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