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Exotica Plants Spring Import 2021! | Exotica Plants Price List The 92 Top Answers

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Hi Nepenthes lovers,
I hope everyone is ready for the most exciting Nepenthes event in the world, the Exotica Plants Import! Redleaf Exotics is proud to be USA’s sole distributor for their plants. For those of you who don’t know who EP is, they are the world leaders in Nepenthes hybridization. For nearly 30 years now, the owners Geoff and Andrea Mansell have been using the absolute best breeding ingredients to produce the most desired horticultural Nepenthes species and complex hybrids. There’s nothing like a plant from Exotica!
It’s been a dream come true to become a Nursery offering their beautiful Nepenthes and to be the sole vendor! If you love Nepenthes don’t miss out on the Spring Exotica Plants Import pre-order!
Redleaf Exotics
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Nepenthes Plants Online Nursery – Order Information

To order from our price lists, please follow the instructions detailed below. … Minimum order of $100 (plant value). Prices quoted do not include GST.

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Date Published: 8/26/2022

View: 2247


PLANT SIZES AND PRICING. … Size, rarity, and features determine the pricing. Some of these plants are cuttings from Exotica’s prime breeding stock. Many times …

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Date Published: 12/18/2021

View: 213

Exotica Plants Price List – Sunday November 27, 2016

Only a few left. Intermediate $40.00. Highland $200.00. Highland $60.00. N rafflesianaBrunei x hamata Intermediate $100.00. N rowanae x …

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Date Published: 8/25/2021

View: 8587

Exotica Plants – Trang chủ | Facebook

Founded by owners, Geoff and Andrea Mansell, Exotica Plants is a nursery specializing in the genus Nepenthes. It is noted for its amazing hybrs and the …

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Date Published: 1/11/2021

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Exotica Plant – Etsy

Check out our exotica plant selection for the very best in unique or … Vintage Exotica Book Set, Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants, Reference Gue to …

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Date Published: 4/22/2022

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Exotica Plants Saplings Online at Discounted Prices on Flipkart

Exotica Plants Saplings ; Black Gold Jade Plant · 2.9. (11,864). ₹143. ₹599 ; Trothic Coconut Plant · 3.9. (1,599). ₹329. ₹999 ; UGALOO Mango Plant · 3. (1,159).

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Date Published: 1/25/2021

View: 238

Exotica Plants Pre-order | chiemexoticplants – Chiem Exotics

EP will send a list of plants available exclusively to us. The list of plants will be up under the Exotica Plants pre-order tab. Please pick plants from our …

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Date Published: 9/27/2021

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Exotica Plants Spring Import 2021!
Exotica Plants Spring Import 2021!

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Expected Arrival. : Mid-late April. We will keep our customers up to date with shipment info. If you have ay question please let us know. Thanks All!

We LOVE importing the latest hybrids and species cultivars from the world’s greatest Nepenthes Nursery, Exotica Plants (EP) in Australia! For those of you who aren’t familiar, EP is the world leader in Nepenthes hybridization. For the past 30+ years, they have supplied the world with the latest in Nepenthes hybrids and species cultivars. They selectively breed for size, color, and vigor. The Exotica Plants Import is the most exciting Nepenthes event of the year and not to be missed if you are obsessed with Nepenthes! Expect huge specimen plants, rooted cuttings of rare stock, and the latest hybrids. Unlike most suppliers selling plants from TC, Exotica’s stock is all seed-grown. This gives collectors a chance to own something unique. We are very proud to be your exclusive supplier!

The scheduled catalog updates are announced via social media @RedleafExotics and our Newsletter.


The import process is pretty straight forward. We will post the available plants on our site under the tab EXOTICA PLANTS in the main menu. Our customers will add plants to their cart and checkout as usual. It’s that easy.

We send our customers the latest info and keep you informed on all critical dates, such as when the import ships out to us and you.


We suggest multiple small orders. Just because a plant is in your cart doesn’t mean it’s safe, whoever checks out first will acquire the plant(s). We can refund additional shipping charges. When we say the pre-order is intense, we mean it! There is no app we can use to help with amount of growers clicking on the same products when trying to purchase plants! It cannot process who clicks first, so it just gives it to the first to checkout. We literally have hundreds of people from all over the country in a craze trying to get what they can. We suggest having a cup of coffee and ready 5 minutes before our catalog opening:)


Please understand it takes a lot of time and energy to run a successful pre-order, especially with the amount of orders we get! Customers can cancel items as long as the import is live. To keep things organized, we ask that all order choices are final by the time the list closes. Failure to do so will effect your import privileges.


Size, rarity, and features determine the pricing. Some of these plants are cuttings from Exotica’s prime breeding stock. Many times they only have 1 or 2 cuttings that won’t be available for years down the line.

On top of the base charge for the plants, we also have import fees and freight charges. These fees are incorporated into the pricing.


Plants labeled as small are usually 3-5+ inches in diameter. All of these plants are grown from seed and vigorous with pitchers. We usually have an image of the parents used in the hybrid to give you an idea of what to expect.

Rooted Cuttings

These plants are cuttings of Exotica’s stock plants. Cuttings are well established and can be smaller with a few new leaves to larger vines.


Specimens are large size plants, and you get the exact plant as seen in the images we provide. These are assigned a number such as #001 and will be labeled as such in our catalog.

Check out our last box unboxing to give you an idea of what to expect!


Once the plants arrive, we repack and ship them immediately. Typically, we charge a base shipping fee of $12.99. Most orders are covered by this. For larger orders that exceed the base charge, we will send you an invoice for the additional shipping fees after they leave our facility. Some customers order 10+ specimens and the shipping can be quite hefty.




Our most popular shipping option. This method takes 2-3 business days and is insured for $50. As USPS does not guarantee this service, we are not responsible for the package once it leaves our hands. We highly suggest additional insurance for larger orders over $200. Send us an email request titled ‘INSURANCE,’ and we will invoice you for the extra cost. This method is usually good during our spring (Feb/March) import, but risky in fall (Sep/Nov), especially around the holidays.


We recommend this option when you’re importing a bunch of rare plants from overseas. This option usually takes 1 day to arrive after they leave our facility. This service is guaranteed by USPS and comes with $100 insurance. Express is worth the extra cost and security. Customers who place larger orders that exceed our base charge of $38.00, will be sent an invoice after we ship. We appreciate all payments made within 48 hours.


Exotica usually ships out roughly 4-6 weeks after we place our order. We kindly ask for your patience as EP carefully packs and ships thousands of Nepenthes. They do an awesome job and worth the wait. The plants are a little bigger by then;)

Our customers are updated along the way. Once EP ships out, it can take 7-10 days to arrive, depending on customs. When we receive the import, we will immediately pack and ship the plants. Tracking numbers will be added to all orders. We make announcements along the way.



Once the plants arrive, unpack them and immediately pot them up. We like to use a 50/50 mixture of long fiber sphagnum and perlite. Give them a thorough watering with RO or distilled water and keep the humidity very high. At this time, we suggest keeping them in slightly lower light levels for a couple days until they settle in. It’s common Nepenthes to lose their pitchers during shipment. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us!

Exotica’s plants are the jewels of the Nepenthes world, and we look forward to getting you addicted! See you during our next import!


– Team Redleaf –

Exotica Plants Price List – Sunday November 27, 2016

Exotica Plants Price List Sunday November 27, 2016 Reprint Catalogue Close Window Recommended Temperature Ranges Lowland: 18­35°C Intermediate: 12­30°C Highland: 7­27°C Nepenthes Species Name: N alata (s) N ampullaria (m) Description: A cross between (t) and (p) forms. They are both spectacular forms with a lot of colour. Spotted pitchers with a red peristome. From seed collected in Singapore. Recommended Temperature Range: Price (sm): Highland $30.00 Price (lg): Price (cutting): Lowland $40.00 N fusca (a) typical. Various stock. Highland $40.00 N lingulata Seed grown Highland $350.00 N sp. Philippines A new species from Luzon In the process of being Highland $80.00 formally described as N. tenuidon. All seedlings very uniform in appearance. Altitude is 1600 metres. N truncata (g) giant striped x Mt.Pasian form Showing a lot of red Intermediate $40.00 N ventricosa (a) Greenhouse bred using our amazing colour forms. Intermediate $20.00 Nepenthes Hybrids Name: Description: Recommended Temperature Range: Price (sm): N bellii x macfarlanei This is the true N.macfarlanei male parent. Intermediate $25.00 N boschiana x (truncata x campanulata) N carunculata var. robusta x maxima (l) N eymae x maxima) x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] Price (lg): These look a bit like N.clipeata! Intermediate $35.00 Price (cutting): Nice dark easy grower in cool conditions. Highland $60.00 Intermediate $40.00 N glandulifera x burbidgeae Intermediate $30.00 N izumeae x [(ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana] N lowii x boschiana) x veitchii (k) Limited. Should be dark and large when mature. Intermediate $50.00 Intermediate $50.00 N lowii x talangensis Showing a lot of colour! Highland $200.00 N maxima­dark x (platychila x fusca) N maxima­dark x (sibuyanensis x xtrusmadiensis) (a) N maxima­dark x lowii The N.lowii used in this hybrid is from Mt. Kinabalu. Only a few left. Intermediate $40.00 Highland $200.00 Highland $60.00 N rafflesiana­Brunei x hamata Intermediate $100.00 N rowanae x ampullaria (e) Lowland $50.00 N sibuyanensis x maxima(l)(b) cuttings from single spectacular clone Intermediate $60.00 N talangensis x mira) x veitchii (k) Intermediate $60.00 N truncata x flava Intermediate $50.00 N truncata­giant x alata(t) Intermediate $30.00

Exotica Plant

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Exotica Plants Saplings Online at Discounted Prices on Flipkart

It’s been more than three months since I transplanted this plant in my garden and is growing excellently.. I don’t know whether this plant is actually air la…

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Exotic & Rare Plants, Fruit Trees & Seeds for Plant Enthusiasts

We are so excited to bring you the almighty Papaya Calina IBP9, for the first time in New Zealand and exclusive to Exotica.

These were selectively bred over 10 generations (non GMO) to create a papaya that is small cavity with more flesh, extremely sweet, the only true dwarf Papaya. The max mature height in the ground is 1.5m, less in a pot, bears fruit 4-6 months after planting and is prolific producer to 4 years of age.

Murraya Exotica

Murraya exotica or Kamini is perennial shrubs. It can be used as hedge and dividers that can stretch even for kilometres. It is very cheap, easy to maintain and gives long lasting greenery with minimum effort. The Indian Nursery is one of the most prominent growers of Murraya in India with annual production of more than 1 million plants. It also gives fragrant white flower to enhance its beauty.

About the Company

Year of Establishment 2009 Legal Status of Firm Individual – Proprietor Nature of Business Exporter Number of Employees Upto 10 People Annual Turnover Rs. 2 – 5 Crore IndiaMART Member Since Aug 2008 GST 19AJFPC9863M1ZK Import Export Code (IEC) 02090*****

We have been serving our clients by offering a wide collection of nursery plants for more than three decade. We make use of quality-approved insecticides, pesticides and other plant nutrients to nurture our wide collection of flowering plants, fruit plants, foliage plants, ornamental plants, palm plants and trees. Thus, owing to our excellent cultivating and plantation measures we have gained a wide clientele across the country.

Besides, we also offer value added services including consultation and other gardening services. Assisted by our team of professionals, we can provide gardening services for gardens of all shapes and sizes. We use a simple approach of designing and maintaining gardens based on client requirements and their budgetary constraints.

Company Video

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