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Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Everyday | 5 Essential Earrings You Can Wear Everyday!! 9105 Votes This Answer

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Yes, diamond earrings are perfect for wearing every day. The most popular earrings for everyday wear are studs – however, super delicate diamond drop earrings are versatile enough to take you from day to night.There are no hard rules about wearing diamond earrings. As long as you know how to dress and accessories according to your daily wear diamond earrings, look and feel beautiful in them, there is no reason to refrain yourself from wearing diamonds daily.Can you take a shower with diamond earrings? You should not take a shower with your diamond earrings on. Lotions, soaps, and cleaners leave a residue on the diamonds that can eventually lead to less sparkle and shine.

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Do you think diamond studs are appropriate for daytime?

:yes: – in any size or cut. I think they are y and timeless. I wear mine almost every day to work.

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Do you sleep and shower in your Diamond Stud Earrings?

I would recommend not sleeping in them because over time they can stretch your holes out I think and the trouble to repair ear piercings is just …

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5 Essential Earrings You Can Wear Everyday!!
5 Essential Earrings You Can Wear Everyday!!

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Can I use diamond earrings daily?

There are no hard rules about wearing diamond earrings. As long as you know how to dress and accessories according to your daily wear diamond earrings, look and feel beautiful in them, there is no reason to refrain yourself from wearing diamonds daily.

Can you wear real diamond earrings in the shower?

Can you take a shower with diamond earrings? You should not take a shower with your diamond earrings on. Lotions, soaps, and cleaners leave a residue on the diamonds that can eventually lead to less sparkle and shine.

Can you wear diamond jewelry everyday?

While we’re used to seeing them on luxurious gala nights, red carpets, and other formal events, diamonds are, in fact, one of the jewelry essentials you can wear daily. Just like any other fashion style, diamonds shouldn’t be too bold and too formal if you intend to include diamonds in your style.

Is it OK to sleep in diamond earrings?

Sure do! I wear too many to be bothered taking them out and putting them back in to shower, sleep, etc. I take them out twice a week for a good cleaning, but otherwise leave them on.

Can you wear diamond earrings 24 7?

Diamond earrings remain one of the most popular items of Diamond jewellery purchased. They are versatile by design and suitable for all occasions. In addition, they require no special event for wear. Discreet Diamond studs can be worn by day, or by night.

Can you shower with diamond?

Over time, the cleansing soaps cause oils to build up under and even in the diamond, making your diamond look cloudy and dull. Even soaps with natural ingredients can cause harm over time. The only way to truly avoid this risk is to take your ring off before you shower.

What kind of earrings can I wear all the time?

Titanium. Titanium is often used in piercing jewelry, as it is every bit as strong as surgical steel and is reliably hypoallergenic. Like platinum, titanium earrings can hold up to everyday wear and are a good option if you are looking to build out your collection but don’t want to splurge on fine jewelry.

Should I take off my earring when I sleep?

You shouldn’t take out new piercings — even at night — because the holes can close up. If this happens, you’ll have to wait several more weeks for the skin to heal until you can get the area re-pierced. You’ll also want to avoid twisting and playing with the jewelry to reduce your risk of irritation and infection.

How often should you clean diamond earrings?

We recommend cleaning your diamond earrings once a week, especially if you wear them often, to keep any oil and dirt build-up away. However, we would also advise you to take your diamond earrings to a professional jeweller to get them cleaned at least twice a year.

Can diamond lose its sparkle?

Known to be the toughest natural substance on the Earth, diamonds can cut any rock or metal; yet only a diamond can cut another diamond. Despite its ruggedness, diamond can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it.

Is it good to wear diamond earrings?

A diamond is not only stunning to look at, but it also has many health benefits for the person who wears it. Wearing diamond earrings, pendants or rings can bring health and it also aids in the well-being of reproductive systems, kidney, diabetes, urinary tract, throat, chin, cheeks, and skin conditions.

Does diamond affect health?

According to astrologers, natural diamonds carry extraordinary cosmic vibes that assist you to improve your overall health conditions. Along with curing liver, asthma, and throat disorders, this colorless stone provides you with an improved digestive system and urinary tract.

Should I take my diamond earrings out at night?

Keep your diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry safe and free from damage by carefully taking your jewelry off before bed. Lastly, to keep your diamond jewelry from getting lost or damaged, we recommend that you be careful when you practice your bedtime routine.

Is it tacky to wear diamonds during the day?

Well, here is the dilemma- the traditional rule of etiquette, which you may or may not be privy to, is that diamonds are not worn during the daytime. Diamonds are worn only after dusk, or after 6 in the evening! Even the Royal protocol in England dictates this rule.

Is it OK to wear diamond necklace?

The dress you wear with a diamond necklace mustn’t necessarily by incredibly expensive, or the unique design of a famous fashion house, but it definitely has to meet the elegance expectations.

Some Fashion Rules That Only Apply to Diamond Necklace.
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What happens if u wear diamond?

Wearing a diamond has a positive impact on both professional and personal life. It also promotes inner serenity. Diamonds are well-known for their ability to improve one’s health and intelligence. It also enhances characteristics, gives beauty, tranquility, good fortune, social standing, and wealth.

How do you activate diamond?

Purification and Activation : Firstly, dip the diamond in Gangajal, milk, and honey for 30 minutes. Along with that recite the Mantra ॐशुक्रदेवायनम. You can wear it on a small or middle finger of the right hand. Time : The best time to wear this ring is between 5 am to 7 am.

How to wear drop earrings

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Showering With Jewelry: What You Can And Can’t Wear

Last Updated on September 14, 2021

Nearly every culture in human history has used some form of jewelry. And yet, despite its ubiquity, so many people don’t know if it’s safe to wear their favorite jewelry in the shower. It’s an important question, and today we’re going to try to answer it.

Can you shower with sterling silver jewelry?

You should not shower while wearing sterling silver jewelry. Although the water alone may not cause too much damage to the silver, other elements could. Forgetting to thoroughly dry your sterling silver jewelry after showing can make it tarnish, causing it to look duller and less beautiful than before.

Certain minerals or deposits in the shower water — or even your favorite soaps or cleaners — can tarnish it as well. The humidity and steam present in the shower can also damage the sterling silver. As a general rule, you should refrain from showering with your sterling silver.

Can you wear gold in the shower?

Yes, you can wear gold jewelry in the shower; however, it is not recommended that you do. Over time, the water can wear away at the gold’s shine and sparkle, making it lose some of its brilliance.

In general, solid gold jewelry will not tarnish when exposed to the shower. However, gold alloys (gold with other metals mixed in) will often tarnish when worn in the shower because most other metals react poorly to the water, heat, soap, and mineral deposits.

Therefore, if you want to keep your gold shining and beautiful for as long as possible, you should not wear it in the shower.

What jewelry is safe to shower in?

You should never wear your jewelry in the shower if you can avoid it. It can be a hassle, but it’s the only way to ensure that your jewelry will retain its beauty and shine for as long as possible.

Showers typically won’t damage metals like solid gold, platinum, and palladium, but they will lose their shine after prolonged exposure. However, stainless steel can be worn in the shower with no worries.

Can you shower with a gold chain?

Yes, you can shower with a gold chain, although doing so regularly is not recommended. Water exposure doesn’t harm or tarnish gold, but — over time — it can cause the gold to lose its luster and shine. If you want your gold to stay beautiful and sparkly, just slip it off before you step in the shower.

Can you wear 14k gold in the shower?

Yes, you can wear 14k gold in the shower, but you shouldn’t. Since 14k gold is an alloy, there are other reactive metals in it. These metals can tarnish after extended exposure to water, causing the gold to look dull. Plus, certain alloy metals, like copper, can turn your skin green after being worn in the shower.

Can 14k gold get wet?

14k gold should not get wet. Since it is an alloy, 14k gold has metals in it other than gold. These metals can react poorly to water and the minerals within it. So, while getting your 14k gold wet once or twice shouldn’t be a problem, don’t do it regularly.

Can gold melt in the shower?

No, your gold will not melt in the shower. However, you should never wear gold-plated jewelry in the shower.

Since gold-plating is often so thin, the humidity, water pressure, and chemical exposure of the shower can cause your beautiful gold-plating to wear away. Over time, it could even peel the gold-plating off completely.

Can you take a shower with diamond earrings?

You should not take a shower with your diamond earrings on. Lotions, soaps, and cleaners leave a residue on the diamonds that can eventually lead to less sparkle and shine.

If you shower with your diamond earrings on regularly, you will probably notice a color change over time. Diamonds are meant to shine and sparkle, and showering with them regularly will almost definitely take both away.

Can you shower with platinum jewelry?

You should not shower with platinum jewelry. Much like gold, regular exposure to water will cause platinum to lose its shine and brilliance, resulting in a duller, less alluring piece.

However, forgetting to take it off every once in a while shouldn’t cause too much damage to the platinum. If you do shower with it, be sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth afterward.

Can showering with jewelry turn your skin green?

Yes, showering with jewelry can turn your skin green. Most jewelry is made with alloys and contains metals like copper, nickel, and zinc. When exposed to water and minerals, these metals can cause skin discoloration, which can sometimes be embarrassing or even alarming.

Some metals — like certain variations of sterling silver — can turn skin green or even black. Therefore, you should always remove your jewelry before you shower if you can.

Can you shower with your engagement ring?

No, you should not shower with your engagement ring. Over time, showering with your engagement ring can damage the look, appeal, and shine of the ring. Regardless of the metal and stone type, it is never a good idea to shower with your engagement ring.

You should also slip your engagement ring off before putting on lotions or creams since they can also damage your ring. Frequent use of hand sanitizer can also cause damage, dulling its shine and sparkle over time.

Can I wash my hands with my rings on?

Yes, you can wash your hands with rings on. Gentle soaps shouldn’t cause your jewelry any harm; in fact, a little soap and water can help keep your ring clean and sparkly. However, you should avoid using any harsh soaps or rough-drying clothes.

With the spread of COVID-19, many people are washing their hands more thoroughly and feel that removing their rings is the best way to do so. If you want, keep ring dishes at every sink in your house, so that you can keep up with their location.

Diamonds Style Wear: Jewelry Essentials for Everyday

Despite popular opinion, diamonds are not that tricky to wear every day! While we’re used to seeing them on luxurious gala nights, red carpets, and other formal events, diamonds are, in fact, one of the jewelry essentials you can wear daily.

Just like any other fashion style, diamonds shouldn’t be too bold and too formal if you intend to include diamonds in your style. After all, you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to an office job – the same applies to jewelry. We offer you some tips on how to make a perfect choice — how to combine casual and diamonds style and intertwine it into your wardrobe.

A Pair of Delicate Earrings

One way to accentuate your face is to wear a good pair of earrings. If you want to elevate your style, even more, a good way to do just that is to opt for a pair of classic diamond earrings.

Usually, these are small and delicate, so they won’t clash with a pair of slacks and a shirt. They will, however, bring some brilliance into your day and your style. You’ll instantly look (and feel like) timeless, elegant, and put together. For best results, you can match them to your face shape.

A Diamond Ring Is Not Just for Engagements

An important event is often marked by a special event. A proposal is marked by an engagement ring, a marriage is marked by wedding bands, and even retirement used to be marked with a gold watch. Celebrating an event of great importance to you can be marked with a stone that is both beautiful and durable enough to pass it on to the next generation. This is why a diamond ring is perfect.

A delicate band sprinkled with diamonds can be a celebration of your own achievements – finishing a project, running your first marathon, finishing a thesis, or anything else that you hold dear. Such a band cannot overpower your outfit – it will only serve to elevate your style and give you a dose of elegance and sophistication.

A Good Necklace Brings Elegance to Any Outfit

Another way to add some brilliance to your everyday look is to opt for a diamond necklace. Choose the length so that it suits the neckline of your dress, shirt, or top and of course face shape.

Just like with other diamond jewelry pieces, choose an appropriate style. A delicate chain, simple lines, or even just a diamond pendant can elevate your style to that of elegance, grace, and inimitable beauty.

With a simple yet brilliant diamond necklace, you can feel free to mix and match. For a more layered look, you can easily combine it with your other favorites. For a simpler look, choose to wear it all on its own. Really, you can’t make a mistake

Some More Style Tips

If you’re still not sure diamond jewelry can fit in your everyday style, here are some more tips. If you opt for a diamond bracelet, it’s better to choose a subdued, delicate piece. If you wear a chunky, flashy bracelet with an informal outfit, it will look out of place.

If you have your heart set on a more flashy piece, then opt for a more subdued outfit. Pastel shades and minimal makeup combined with large, brilliant diamond jewelry can work even during the daytime.

When choosing how many pieces of jewelry to wear, it’s best to choose fewer pieces. The general rule is that a pair of good earrings, a bracelet or a watch, and a ring are just enough for a daytime look.

There’s no reason not to shine in the daytime, too, with our lovely diamond essentials, amazing jewelry pieces every woman needs! Bring timeless elegance to your style with that perfect diamond piece – drop by one of our stores and make your choice!

Do you sleep and shower in your Diamond Stud Earrings?

I would recommend not sleeping in them because over time they can stretch your holes out I think and the trouble to repair ear piercings is just not worth the time, money and energy. Better to be proactive and not allow any damage to occur rather than fix it after it does. Also, it is so much easier to keep clean when you remove before bed/shower etc. As soon as I come home I remove all my jewelery as I find it more comfortable and it does keep my jewels cleaner.

If the screwbacks are a pain to remove why not consider changing them to pushbacks or something easier to remove that is still secure?

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day?(Detailed Answer)

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So, you recently got your hands on this elegant and stunning pair of diamond earrings, and for the love of God, you cannot imagine ever taking them off. But there is also this nudging thought at the back of your mind that keeps asking you to maybe take them off sometimes and that maybe you shouldn’t wear the earrings every day.

What do you then? Are you even supposed to wear you diamond earring every day? Is there anything potentially wrong with having the same diamond earrings on each day of the week? Can you and should you be sleeping in your diamond earrings? Keep reading for important insights.

Can you wear diamond earrings every day?

With some people noting that diamond earrings are just too precious and others noting that these are just too hard to style or even pretentious, you may find yourself at crossroads, unable to decide on a styling option or routine for the earrings. But that shouldn’t be the case. So, to help you settle this debate, we’ll be sharing with you some of the important considerations you need to keep in mind to be able to determine if the earrings are suitable for everyday wear or occasional use.

The size of the diamonds

If you are unable to settle on when to wear the diamond earrings or how often you should have them on, first take into account the size of the diamonds. Not all diamond earrings feature huge sparkling stones, and if your earrings are small stud earrings with small stones, then you can wear the earrings on a daily basis quite easily.

For diamond earrings that you’d be able to wear daily, opt for the smallest diamond earrings you can find. The smaller they are and daintier they look, the more perfect the earrings are for everyday wear. The best pair of diamond earrings ideal for daily wear are often delicate enough that they easily slip under the radar and not easily noticeable, but also strong and elegant enough for them to make the right statement, especially when the diamonds catch the light.

Now, if you have multiple ear piercings and like wearing earrings on most, if not all the piercings, you may want to try to layer the earrings. Layering creates a nice megawatt effect, but the earrings will still be subtle and quiet enough for you to maintain the look at the office.

Are you getting the real deal?

The biggest misfortune around diamond jewelry is that many people have been duped, and what they believe is a diamond could easily be cubic zirconia (CZ). Unfortunately, CZ stones tend to wear out soon, and though brilliant, they are not real.

So, to get your money’s worth and actually have the best of stunning fine jewelry for everyday wear, you should take time to research and make sure that you are buying earrings made of actual diamonds.

You can tell real diamonds by looking at how they hold up on the metals that they are set on. In the case of real diamonds, you will notice that they are often set on genuine white or yellow gold because the diamonds look great on these metals, and they also hold up very well. Therefore, the quality of the earrings will make them the perfect set of earrings that double as your go-to. The quality and the durability of the genuine pieces often allow you to have the best jewelry options that turn into valuable and memorable family heirlooms.

Get diamond earrings that can be worn in the evenings too.

The best diamond earrings can be powered up for evening cocktails and dinners. You only need to carefully choose the earrings to make sure that the earrings are subtle, elegant, and stunning for that easy, fresh look. Also, know that the best pair of your diamond-accented earrings are flexible, and the subtle pieces worn during the day could be transformed into dangling earrings easily. It’s all about balance and versatility, but you should also remember that your ability to wear elegant diamond earrings daily lies in the simplicity of the diamonds and the fact that the diamonds will easily elevate everything you wear, from your bold suits to slip dresses.

Can you wear your diamond stud earrings to sleep?

Although your diamond stud earrings are small, dainty, and you don’t always notice them on your ears, you really shouldn’t go to bed with the earrings.

While we’ll all agree that these earrings are quite comfortable and you could have gone to bed with them countless times over the past, the truth is that there is always a risk of losing the earrings while sleeping. Yes, most of them have the best and the more secure backs, but a natural sense of insecurity often creeps in when it comes to such pricey pieces of jewelry.

Also, some people argue that the earrings/ stones would lose some sparkle when you sleep with the earrings every night. This will not happen overnight, it happens gradually, but the sparkle of the diamonds will dim over time, meaning you have to clean them more frequently or get them polished.

So, to keep them safe, clean, and sparkling throughout, we recommend taking the earrings before going to bed. Don’t let the super-comfortable screwbacks lie to you; the earrings will last longer and look great for much longer (albeit between cleanings) if you take them out before bed.

Can you wear diamond earrings in the shower?

Most people are guilty of going to bed with their stud diamond earrings. The same people have also gone to shower with the earrings on. Yet, you should not do either of these things. Don’t wear your diamond earrings in the shower because the soaps and water and the chemicals that might be present in the mix will create a film (over time), and this will dull the diamond’s shine, forcing you to clean the diamonds more often than necessary.

Tips for wearing your diamond stud earrings

Know about the different types of diamond earrings

The first thing you should do when it comes to wearing diamond earrings correctly is to understand that the earrings come in different types, the common ones being the diamond studs which are the classics, the drop/chandelier earring hanging gracefully from your ears, and the hoop earrings that give off more of a modern vibe thanks to the rows of diamonds that are set on the hoop made of gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

Wearing the earrings at the right time (and place)

Stud earrings boast a high level of versatility, and you could wear them for any occasion. The Diamond hoop and drop earrings are also versatile, but this is capped off by the size of the diamonds. Smaller sizes of the hoop or drop diamond earrings can be worn every day to different occasions, but this isn’t the case with the bigger earrings that’d be more suitable for special occasions.

Pair your diamond earrings correctly.

Diamonds can be paired with other gemstones easily, but you must be extra careful not to overdo things. When it comes to diamonds and gemstones or jewelry in general, you have to keep in mind that minimalism is often key. Don’t wear many different gemstones, especially if they are colored differently, and remember that your earrings should be the center of attention.

Right Outfits

Most diamonds look great with darker outfits and all-blacks, but you could add some color to create contrast and add some sense of style while creating some extra sparkle.

Your hairstyle

To highlight the earrings, choose your hairstyle carefully. Often, a slick-up or back do will work great. But if you don’t want to draw attention by curling your hair and holding it back with a pin, you could always let your hair down.


There are no hard rules regarding diamond earrings, but you shouldn’t over-accessorize when wearing diamond earrings. Also, don’t wear them to bed or shower, even when you wear the same earrings every day.

Read more useful tips here or here!

Stephanie is a jewelry lover when she was a teenager. Her major was fashion design when she was in college. She is a jewelry designer at SOQ Jewelry and other design companies. Now she is also a writer for our website. She writes a lot of designs&brands posts with very actionable tips.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day?

You just bought this new piece of jewelry, a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings that probably cost you an arm and a leg, and now you’re wondering – what do I do with them?

They are so precious, so delicate-looking. Do I store them in a neat, protective jewelry box, put them on display to bask in their beauty as I walk by, or do I wear them?

First things first, you should wear them, enjoy them, and get your money’s worth. But then a new question arises – how often can you wear diamond earrings? Can you wear diamond earrings daily, or should they be preserved for special occasions only?

It can seem a bit intimidating to put such a luxurious piece of jewelry on to run errands or sit in an office all day, but putting them on once a year for a special occasion doesn’t seem like the best solution either.

You may be afraid that with you wearing them often, they may lose their shine or chip, or that the gold they are attached to may oxidize or change its color, and then what? You paid all this money for them, and now they’re ruined, or you have to splurge even more just to fix them.

We have good news for you: diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth and are nearly impossible to destroy or damage during your daily activities. That means that the fear of damage shouldn’t be at the top of your list.

However, this matter isn’t so simple that we can just let you off with just this answer.

We want to discuss the topic of can you wear diamond earrings every day with you further and give you all the necessary info that you may need to decide for yourself if wearing diamond earrings is something that you would want to do.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

How Hard Are Diamonds Actually?

We’ve mentioned this to you, and you probably already knew it, but diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth. They are incredibly durable, can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and are definitely not as fragile as they may look.

It’s funny how we look at delicate, dainty diamond jewelry, and we hold it like it may turn into dust in our very hands if we just look at it the wrong way. Still, that same diamond can be used for industrial purposes and cut some pretty hard materials like ferrous metal.

Well, that’s the beauty of this shiny gem – its versatility. But, how hard are these mesmerizing gemstones, and what does that mean for you?

The Mohs Scale

If you’ve read any of our other articles about diamonds and their colors, you’ve probably come across the GIA Color Scale, which is used to determine how colorless a white diamond is. Jewelers decide how valuable a diamond is based on this scale and other characteristics.

Well, somewhat similarly, the hardness of a diamond is also graded on a scale. However, in this case, this scale is not used to decide the value of a diamond but rather to characterize its scratch resistance.

What’s also interesting about this scale is that it’s not used exclusively for diamonds. Quite the contrary, actually.

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is used for various minerals in the same way – by testing the ability of a harder material to scratch the softer one.

However, don’t mix hardness with toughness. Hardness is rated on the Mohs scale, reflecting how a mineral will react to scratching. In contrast, the toughness of a diamond actually speaks of its ability to survive an impact or resist breaking, chipping, or cracking.

But, we’ll stick to hardness for now. The Mohs scale was first introduced in 1822 by Friedrich Mohs when he chose 10 minerals and assigned numbers to them based on how easy or difficult it was for each of them to be scratched by the other.

On this list are the following minerals:

Talc Gypsum Calcite Fluorite Apatite Feldspar Quartz Topaz Corundum Diamond

This is precisely the order they are rated in, starting from Talc, which is the softest and therefore rated a 1, going all the way to diamond, which is the hardest at 10.

Does Hardness Mean That Diamonds Are Indestructible

Now that we have the hardness aspect down, you probably want to know how that reflects on you and your ability to wear them daily.

The fact is that diamonds are highly unlikely to get scratched or damaged from daily wear since you probably won’t come into contact with materials that can do such damage.

However, there is a slight chance that a diamond can get smashed, but that would have to come as a result of very intentional action, such as smashing it with a hammer, which probably won’t happen.

That means that there are potential situations in which the diamond could get smashed or indented since diamonds are brittle. Still, those situations are rare and unlikely to happen in everyday life.

So, as far as the dangers of wearing your diamond earrings daily go, you shouldn’t worry too much since nature has done an excellent job making them damage-resistant.

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Daily?

Now that you know a bit more about a diamond’s hardness, we can move on to why you’re here – to find out if you can wear diamond earrings every day.

The truth is that making such a choice depends on a couple of factors, but the most important one is you. What should help you decide the most is how you feel wearing the earrings and if that feeling makes you want to wear them so often.

But, if you’re still unsure about that, we’ll share some factors you may want to consider when making such a decision so that you feel entirely sure about your choice.

The Size Of The Diamond

The first thing you should consider when deciding how often you’ll wear your diamond earrings is the size of the diamond in them.

If the diamond is a smaller, more dainty one, you probably shouldn’t have to worry too much about wearing them often since they will likely complement any outfit you wear.

Also, they won’t be too overpowering, which can easily happen with bigger diamonds. It’s very easy for a smaller diamond to look similar to a more regular gem in the eyes of a layman.

However, if you buy a pair of diamond earrings, you also don’t want them to look plain and underwhelming either.

So you should find the perfect balance in which they will be subtle enough to be able to go under the radar in everyday situations but also elegant and powerful enough to make a statement when the time is right.

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Get A Versatile Pair

Like we’ve just said, diamond earrings have to be able to make a statement when needed. Otherwise, you won’t get your money’s worth.

That’s why, when purchasing a pair of earrings, you should always opt for ones that can be worn both in the daytime and at nighttime. They should be just the right size, but they should also have the correct number of diamonds.

One central diamond is entirely sufficient, but if they have a ring of tiny ones around the main one, don’t worry. It won’t be too much, so long as the central diamond isn’t huge.

Don’t Get Fooled

Unfortunately, getting tricked and buying a duped diamond is very easy, sold as the real deal. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a widespread replacement for diamonds since they look very similar. Still, the main difference is the fact that the latter is far less durable and thus wears off easily and quickly.

Research is the most important thing to do before buying any expensive jewelry piece. Make sure you buy from a trusted, reputable retailer, but still be on your guard.

Be Wary About Wearing Them To Sleep

A natural question that you may have when it comes to diamond jewelry is whether you should wear them to sleep.

Stud earrings are comfortable to wear, so sleeping with them on probably won’t be uncomfortable. If we’re talking dangly earrings, you’re definitely more likely to feel them since they are heavier and bulkier than stud ones.

As far as the damage goes, that shouldn’t be too problematic. As we’ve already said, diamonds are highly unlikely to be damaged in everyday life, especially when soft pillows surround them.

On the other hand, losing your earrings while you sleep is more of a risk. Stud earrings, especially, are easy to lose and difficult to find. So, the safest option is to take them off before you get to bend and put them in a small jewelry box or dish that you keep on your bedside table.

That will ensure that you don’t lose them during the night, but also remember to put them on once you wake up in the morning.

Another factor you should consider is that diamonds may lose their sparkle if you wear them to sleep consistently. Sure, this won’t be an overnight process, but it will probably be seen down the line.

That means that you’ll have to get them cleaned or polished more often, which means additional expenses on top of an already hefty price you initially paid for the earrings.

So, to prevent that and the stress of potentially losing an earring, just take them off at night, and you’ll be good.

What About Wearing Them In The Shower?

The answer is simply – NO. Diamond earrings shouldn’t be worn in the shower for the same reasons they shouldn’t be worn to bed.

The chemicals inside soaps and shampoos can create a film on the diamonds over time, resulting in you having to clean them often.

Also, tiny stud earrings can fall off and end up in the drain, which, you’ll agree, sounds like the worst nightmare.

It’s A Stylistic Choice

The last thing you should remember is how the earrings affect your outfits. The whole thing should be cohesive and complementary.

If your outfit is already busy, small stud earrings probably won’t be at the forefront of the whole look, which makes them great for everyday occasions.

On the other hand, a very sleek, simple outfit is an excellent basis for the earrings to jump out and be a statement, regardless of how small or large they are.

Do What Makes You Happy

The most important thing here is that you feel comfortable and beautiful when you wear your unique diamond earrings. Don’t let whatever someone else thinks to keep you from wearing what you like.

People like to comment on other people’s styling choices, especially if they have included something more expensive in their outfits. But, just remember that rude remarks are usually a sign of frustration and, in most cases, have very little to do with you.


Here we are, at the end of our article. When we were just starting out, you were scratching your head, asking yourself, “Can you wear diamond earrings every day?” and we did our best to give you the answer.

Just to ensure you’ve memorized everything, we’ll quickly breeze over everything one more time.

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, so the chances of you damaging them by wearing them often are pretty slim. They can get crushed, so when they are off, always ensure they are safe somewhere in a jewelry box.

As far as daily wear goes, it’s primarily up to you and your preferences, but if you are unsure, keep in mind the diamond’s size and the earrings’ style. Aside from that, be careful when purchasing them since it’s easy to get tricked and buy a fake diamond instead of a real one.

We advise not to wear them in the shower or when you sleep since that can affect the look of the diamond and result in additional expenses, which you definitely don’t want.

But, at the end of the day, do what makes you happy – they’re just earrings, and you can just as easily decide to take them off and not wear them as you chose to put them on.

We’ll now let you do your shopping and outfit planning with your diamond earrings in mind since you’re all set with your knowledge on this subject.

Have fun!

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Everyday?

There’s something about diamond earrings…

Some say they’re too precious.

Or too pretentious.

Or downright hard to style.

So it’s high time we debunked this: you can wear diamonds everyday. 24/7 even.

See how below.

Consider The Size

When you think about diamonds, the image of a huge sparkler is bound to come to mind. Anything but understated.

So how will you pull them off on a daily basis?

The answer is simple: pick the smallest pieces possible.

Think diamond studs are the smallest you can go?

You can go even smaller and even daintier.

A pair of diamond bar studs, for example, are ideal for day-to-day wear. They’re delicate enough to slip under the radar, but strong enough to make a statement when catching the light.

Diamond Bar Studs

Pro Tip: If you have more than one piercing in your ear, try layering more on the same lobe for a megawatt effect that is still quiet enough to be wearable at the office.

Go For The Real Deal

Since you’ll want to wear your diamond earrings everyday, you should go for the genuine thing.

Real diamonds set in either yellow or white gold will hold up and look better than any imitations.

Plus, they may even become a staple in your jewellery collection.

Or, who knows, maybe even an heirloom piece!

Diamond Encrusted “Quote Un-Quote” Ear Cuff With Diamond Encrusted Stud

Power It Up For Evening

If you play your cards right, your diamond earrings can do double duty…

A pair of diamond-accented pieces for the day transforms into a pair of dangle earrings for the night.

Easy and fresh!

Simple Diamond Cross Pearl Earrings

As for the styling part, things are pretty simple: diamond earrings (and the occasional pearls) can elevate anything from slip dresses to bold suits.

Enjoy the shine!

Do you think diamond studs are appropriate for daytime?

I recently read a column suggesting that the wearing of any precious stones, especially sparkly ones, is not appropriate until after six (excluding one’s wedding and engagement rings.) I was quite surprised to hear this, so of course I had to consult my jewelry-loving friends here.Now I agree that huge cocktail rings or diamond tennis bracelets are probably better reserved for evening, in addition to long dangly diamond earrings. However, I own a pair of 1.5 carat total weight diamond studs (princess cut) that I often leave in 24/7! I always thought of them as a classic work accessory.What do you girls think? Are diamond studs appropriate for day? Does size have something to do with it? Or cut?I look forward to reading your opinions!

How to Wear Diamonds in Your Everyday Look

Styling Everyday Diamonds with Every Look

Diamonds for every day, you say? Yes, please. Keeping your diamond jewellery hidden away in a storage box for special occasions only is so 2020, don’t you think? From now on, we think diamonds should be worn all day, every day. Enjoyed to the max. And styled up for both elegant evening affairs as well as your most casual looks.

And our brand-new first-ever 14kt gold collection is designed to make styling everyday diamonds easier and chicer than ever. Whether you’re wearing your pieces solo or stacked up for an on-trend layered look, it’s all about real diamonds moving into 2022. How to style them? Keep reading for our top tips on how to wear diamonds in your everyday looks.

Keep It Casual

First things first, to start incorporating diamonds into your every day, delete the idea that you need to “dress them up”. From a chic diamond pendant to a sparkling pair of earrings, style it with a super simple and casual jeans and T-shirt outfit and get used to how it feels having your special jewellery completing the look.

Simplicity for Everyday

Adding just one simple diamond piece to a casual or work outfit is elegant, effortless and expensive-looking, while still feeling subtle. Perfect for every day.

Try adding a sparkling diamond pendant, like our Single Diamond Necklace or Diamond Key Necklace to an oversized white shirt or layer it over a chic high-neck dress or bodysuit to add the perfect shimmering detail to a simple silhouette.

Create a Stack

Make a statement with one key piece, layered or stacked with simple complimenting pieces.

While simple is chic, wearing diamonds solo isn’t the only way to nail everyday style. Stacking your jewellery is not just a trend reserved for costume jewellery. In fact, building stacks using your best diamond jewellery is the perfect way to create an everyday vibe for your favourite pieces.

One of our favoured ways to stack diamonds for every day is to opt for delicate pieces. Choose a minimal chain like our Triple Diamond Necklace and layer with our super sleek Gold Solid Bar Necklace or add dimension and detail by layering with our on-trend Gold Sunburst Diamond Necklace. Similarly, stack our Solitaire Diamond Ring with our Gold Fine Band Ring to give it a more casual aesthetic.

Sometimes, Smaller is Better

Yes, we know the saying is ‘bigger is better’ but hear us out. Sometimes, a perfectly cut tiny diamond has the biggest effect on an everyday look. Choose a delicate, small diamond piece for just a touch of sparkle in a subtle way. Anything from our Fine Band Diamond Ring to our Single Diamond Huggie Hoops ticks the box, here.

Mix Diamonds With Colour

Mix up your everyday diamonds by styling them with a pop of bright colour. From our Bright Future enamel collection, packed with colour, to pieces like our stunning Turquoise and White Sapphire Necklace, using coloured enamel or bright gemstones gives your diamond pieces a whole new look.

Choose a Statement Diamond Earring

If all else fails, a pair of stunning diamond earrings can never lead you astray. No matter what you’re wearing, from athleisure to your favourite LBD, a beautifully cut diamond earring compliments and finishes any look to a tee. Keep the rest of your jewellery super simple and opt for our shimmer Diamond Stud Earrings or our Diamond Starburst Huggie Hoops for a chic everyday statement.

This season, we’re championing wearing diamonds every day and not just for special occasions. Are you with us? Choose stunning, sparkling yet subtle real diamond pieces to add to your everyday jewellery collection with a little help from our brand-new 14kt Gold collection, now available on Ania Haie.

How to Wear Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are the creme de la creme of the jewelry world. Most women long to own a pair of twinkly diamond earrings. But once you own them, how should you wear them? Fortunately, diamonds are as versatile as they are gorgeous.

Here are a few tips the next time you wear your favorite diamond earrings:

What Type Are Your Diamond Earrings?

Before you can decide how to wear your diamond earrings, you should consider the shape and size.

Diamond studs are the most popular and common type of earrings. These little gems sit in your ear with a post. They’re classic and understated while still being beautiful.

Another popular shape for diamond earrings is the dangling type. These hang gracefully from your ear, whether they’re chandelier-style or something simpler.

Finally, there are diamond-studded hoops. They’re a bit more modern: think traditional hoop earrings with additional glitz.

Where Should I Wear My Diamond Earrings?

In days past, diamonds were only trotted out for the fanciest of occasions.

Today, however, the rules are relaxed, and you can wear your diamonds in everyday settings.

Diamond earrings are particularly versatile in many occasions, so don’t be afraid to wear them in less formal circumstances.

What Jewelry Can I Pair with Diamond Earrings?

While a diamond’s clear color means it matches everything, throwing too much jewelry in the mix can be a big faux pas.

When you’re trotting out your diamonds, simplicity is key. Give your earrings a chance to shine by keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal.

You can create a modern look by choosing silver jewelry in bold, contemporary styles. Check out the most popular silver jewelry designs.

Another option is to go sweetly old-fashioned with hints of gold. Take a look at the newest gold jewelry models.

Be wary when pairing diamonds with other gemstones. While they can look fantastic, it’s a look that can go over-the-top very quickly. Plus, your diamonds may outshine your other jewelry, making it look cheap.

If you want to pair your diamonds with other gems, consider pieces that also incorporate diamonds.

The jewelry you pair with your diamonds also depends on where you’re wearing it. You should be more cautious with necklaces, but may be able to get away with wearing gemstone bracelets or rings. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

Click here to see a selection of great gemstone jewelry.

What Types of Hairstyles Work with Diamonds?

The hairstyle you choose depends on whether you want to feature your earrings or incorporate them into your look.

Make your diamond earrings the star of the show by wearing your hair slicked back in an updo.

Go for a romantic, glamorous look by curling your hair and pinning it back from your face.

If you’re looking to wear your earrings without drawing too much attention to them, you can always wear your hair down.

What Outfits Work with Diamond Earrings?

While the sky really is the limit when it comes to diamond earrings, you can help them shine with a few simple style choices.

Pair your earrings with an all-black ensemble to give them a little extra sparkle. They’ll contrast with the dark hue for a gorgeous look.

You can also make your earrings shine by wearing a neckline that shows a little skin. A v-neck or boat neck top looks fantastic with diamond earrings.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Give your diamonds the spotlight they deserve the next time you wear them out by following a few of these stylistic hints.

Do you sleep and shower in your Diamond Stud Earrings?

I would recommend not sleeping in them because over time they can stretch your holes out I think and the trouble to repair ear piercings is just not worth the time, money and energy. Better to be proactive and not allow any damage to occur rather than fix it after it does. Also, it is so much easier to keep clean when you remove before bed/shower etc. As soon as I come home I remove all my jewelery as I find it more comfortable and it does keep my jewels cleaner.

If the screwbacks are a pain to remove why not consider changing them to pushbacks or something easier to remove that is still secure?

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