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Home » Can You Use Sodastream Bottles With Drinkmate | Drinkmate Carbonate Anything Drink Maker Review + How To Use | Never Buy Bottled Soda Again! 11832 People Liked This Answer

Can You Use Sodastream Bottles With Drinkmate | Drinkmate Carbonate Anything Drink Maker Review + How To Use | Never Buy Bottled Soda Again! 11832 People Liked This Answer

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Can I use a different brand of carbonating bottle? No. Drinkmate uses a patented quick connect technology that makes it safe and easy to connect and reconnect. Only Drinkmate carbonation bottles will fit Drinkmate products.The difference in completion time is pretty minimal in terms of how long it takes to carbonate a bottle of water with a full tank. If you don’t count how long it takes to release the pressure, the Drinkmate is the clear winner.If you use another carbonating bottle from a different company, it may damage the soda maker, and the SodaStream warranty will not cover it. So, it’s better to stick with SodaStream bottles to make the machine last longer.

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In this video I review the Drinkmate Carbonate Anything CO2 Soda/Drink Maker.
DrinkMate Soda Making Kit:
SodaStream Soda Making Kit:
CO2 Refill Cartridges:

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Drinkmate Carbonate Anything Drink Maker Review + How To Use | Never Buy Bottled Soda Again!
Drinkmate Carbonate Anything Drink Maker Review + How To Use | Never Buy Bottled Soda Again!

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Is Drinkmate better than SodaStream?

The difference in completion time is pretty minimal in terms of how long it takes to carbonate a bottle of water with a full tank. If you don’t count how long it takes to release the pressure, the Drinkmate is the clear winner.

Do old SodaStream bottles work with new machines?

If you use another carbonating bottle from a different company, it may damage the soda maker, and the SodaStream warranty will not cover it. So, it’s better to stick with SodaStream bottles to make the machine last longer.

Are SodaStream bottles interchangeable?

Our bottles are available online (click on the + above) and wherever SodaStream products are sold. Our Sparkling Water Makers are compatible with different bottles: The 0.7L glass carafe is compatible with the Aqua Fizz™ and Penguin™ Sparkling Water Makers.

Does Drinkmate make glass bottles?

Glass Water Bottles 6 Pack With Sleeves and Stainless Steel Lids – 18oz Size – Leak Proof Caps, Reusable and Perfect For Travel and Storing Beverages Juice, Smoothies, Kombucha, Kefir, Tea.

Who makes Drinkmate?

iDrink Products is the company behind Drinkmate and iSoda beverage carbonation systems. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, we’re the second largest supplier of water carbonator machines worldwide. Our products include elegant appliances in various finishes, plus accessories and refillable CO2 cylinders.

What can I do with old SodaStream bottles?

If you are no longer going to use your SodaStream, you can return your empty carbonating cylinder(s) to one of your local retailers (without exchanging it for a full cylinder). There is no deposit to return as there is no deposit when a cylinder is purchased.

Why can’t you use SodaStream bottles after a certain date?

For safety reasons, SodaStream bottles expire and need to be replaced every four years since the plastic walls of the bottle weaken over time. After the expiration date, the bottle is more likely to break during carbonation, and injure people nearby.

Why can’t you put SodaStream bottles in the dishwasher?

Dishwashers use high pressure and high heat to clean dishes. With those factors, it could destroy the shape and strength of your bottle. I know it’s a lot of work, but hand washing is your only option when cleaning your SodaStream bottle.

Does SodaStream CO2 work with Drinkmate?

No. 8g CO2 chargers do not work with Drinkmate machines.

Are Drinkmate and SodaStream cartridges interchangeable?

I bought this when I bought my drinkmate. I love my Drinkmate but the designers of this outstanding product were smart enough to make the canisters interchangeable with SodaStream.

What’s the difference between SodaStream Jet and SodaStream source?

The Jet Upgrade: Source

It comes with the same bottle and cylinder as the Jet, but its defining feature is an LED indicator that shows you the level of carbonation in your water and lets you adjust according to your preferences (1 is lightly fizzed, 3 is heavily carbonated like a can of soda).

Are Sodastreams worth it?

The SodaStream syrups have way less sugar and calories than a regular can, so it’s a good place to at least start cutting back. If you love a good DIY concoction and want to stop buying cases of LaCroix every week, SodaStream might be a good option for cutting down.

Is SodaStream any good?

For years, SodaStream has dominated the world of home soda makers. After looking for any other worthy competitors, we’ve found that the company still makes machines that work better than any other store-bought option we’ve encountered.

Drinkmate FAQs


How does Drinkmate work?

Drinkmate machines are powered by compressed CO2 gas, not by electricity or batteries. They use standard threaded CO2 cylinders.

How is Drinkmate different than other drink carbonators?

Drinkmate is the world’s first home carbonation machine that let’s you carbonate any drink, not just water. The key is our patented Fizz Infuser technology. The Fizz Infuser provides a two-stage pressure release control that safely and easily allows you to carbonate virtually any drink. Other machines state they can only carbonate water, because they cannot safely depressurize beverages with sugar, flavors or alcohol in them. Drinkmate gives you better mixing of ingredients, stronger carbonation without dilution, and no mess to clean up.

Why is Drinkmate better?

Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any cold drink, not just water. There’s no limit to the possibilities with Drinkmate!

You can build a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugary sodas and avoiding preservatives and chemicals, while you still get the taste and excitement of sparkling drinks.

Our cylinders are refilled locally, and we offer an easy & effective CO2 Exchange.

At home, at school, outdoors, or at work, get creative and make your perfect drink just how you like it.

Does Drinkmate offer a warranty?

Yes. Drinkmate comes with a 2-year warranty for consumers and a 1-year for commercial use. The Drinkmate Spritzer is warranted for 1-year of consumer use and six months of commercial use.

This warranty only applies to the original buyer or gift recipient. Please keep your receipt for warranty claims. Carbonating bottles and caps are excluded from the warranty.


I cannot attach the Fizz Infuser and bottle to the unit because the white plastic tip is blocking the way. What should I do?

This is an easy fix! Watch this short YouTube video, or keep reading below:

If you see the white plastic tip sticking out and blocking the Fizz Infuser from sliding into the adapter, gently but firmly pull the black adapter down and forward until you hear a “click.” It should be at a 45-degree angle and the white plastic tip will be hidden inside. You’ll be able to slide the Fizz Infuser and bottle on.

My beverage has little or no carbonation. How do I fix this?

The CO2 cylinder may be empty. Use a new cylinder.

The CO2 cylinder may be too cold. Wait until it reaches room temperature.

Your drink may be too warm. Use cooler liquid – the colder the better.

Check to see if the CO2 cylinder is properly attached to the receptacle. If it is loose, it will not activate properly. Gently but firmly hand tighten the cylinder.

CO2 may not be mixing well with your chosen drink. Shake the bottle and allow 10 seconds for the CO2 to completely mix with your drink before releasing the pressure.

Your drink may contain lots of sugar which tends to absorb more CO2 than water. Add one or two extra bursts of CO2 and shake the bottle before releasing the pressure.

Use longer bursts of CO2.

The valves in the Fizz Infuser may be clogged or leaking (you can hear a hissing sound if it is leaking) – soak the Fizz Infuser in clean water for 15 minutes or replace it.

Foam rises too quickly while I’m carbonating or releasing pressure. What do I do?

Every drink foams differently. If foam is coming out of the Fizz Infuser when you’re releasing pressure, try these things next time you carbonate that drink:

fill the bottle only halfway to leave more room for foam

use shorter bursts of CO2

wait longer between each carbonation burst

The more you use the Drinkmate countertop machine and the Drinkmate Spritzer, the better you’ll get at carbonating your favorite drinks.

It’s difficult to remove the Fizz Infuser from the bottle after carbonating.

Excess CO2 pressure may need to be be released. Lift the chrome pressure release tab on the Fizz Infuser and wait until all the excess CO2 has been released or push the blue fast release button to release all the pressure. The Fizz Infuser should open more easily!

My Drinkmate doesn’t work because the white nozzle tip in the machine was damaged. How do I avoid that?

Be sure to slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY to the end before locking it down. There is a magnet in the fizz infuser that should allow it to easily slide on the machine without forcing it. If the Fizz Infuser is halfway on and you try to lock it down, the white tip will be damaged. Once damaged, your Drinkmate won’t be able to perform normal CO2 infusion.

This rarely happens and you can prevent it with a bit of care and patience.

Slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY in on a 45 degree angle Then gently but firmly push the Fizz Infuser and bottle down to it’s locked position – ready for to carbonate your drink!

Drinkmate models

What is the Drinkmate OmniFizz Countertop?

The Drinkmate OmniFizz machine is the first home carbonation system that allows you to quickly add sparkle to virtually ANY cold beverage you desire. Not only can you carbonate water, all Drinkmate models let you make sparkling juice, iced tea or coffee, sport drinks, wine, cocktails, flat soda and even beer.

Click here to watch the Drinkmate OmniFizz How-To Video

Click here for the Drinkmate OmniFizz Product Manual

What is the Drinkmate Spritzer?

The Drinkmate Spritzer is a portable carbonated water maker that you can use outdoors. It fits in a kitchen drawer, a glovebox, or an RV drawer. It’s the best soda maker when you’re on the go!

You can carbonate virtually any drink – wine, tea, cocktails, juice – AND water!

The Spritzer uses a 3oz CO2 cartridge that conceals perfectly inside of the Spritzer. Exchange your empties in our Drinkmate CO2 exchange program.

Click here to watch the Drinkmate Spritzer How-To Video

Click here for the Drinkmate Spritzer Product Manual

What is the difference between the Drinkmate Machines?

The Drinkmate OmniFizz carbonation machine is best for home-use and for those who plan to use it in a kitchen/bar area. The Drinkmate Spritzer functions similarly to the countertop, but uses smaller CO2 cartridges and is meant for portable use, or if you have limited counter space.

CO2 Cylinders

Where can I exchange empty cylinders?

How many bottles can my CO2 cylinder carbonate?

When carbonating water the 60L cylinder can carbonate up to 60 liters, while the 10L (3-oz) cylinder can carbonate up to 10 liters.

Your results can vary depending on how you use the machine with different beverages and your desired level of sparkle. We suggest that you keep a spare cylinder or two at home so you can switch out an empty cylinder for a full one whenever you need to.

Can I use other brands of cylinders in the Drinkmate?

Yes, Drinkmate accepts other brands of standard threaded cylinders, and we can accept these in our CO2 Exchange as well. There are exceptions- some of our competitors have a one-off machine with a specific cylinder style that will only fit that particular machine– these will not fit in the Drinkmate. And vise versa, Drinkmate cylinders will not fit this one-off machine.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions on this.

Can Drinkmate accept 130L CO2 cylinders?

No, Drinkmate machines do not accept the 130L size. Drinkmate accepts the 60L CO2 Cylinder, which is sold in major chain stores.

What CO2 cylinder options are available for Drinkmate Spritzer?

Spritzers can accept 10L and 60L cylinders, with the 10L as the optimal size for portability. If using a Drinkmate Spritzer with a 60L cylinder, please note:

There are some slight variations on the pin height on the 60L cylinders, and if it is slightly too high, the pin on the cylinder and on the Spritzer will engage with each other without the button being pressed, causing CO2 to begin to release. When this happens, if you just slightly loosen the cylinder until the CO2 stops, then there will be a gap between the two pins and the CO2 will only escape once the button is released.

Is the CO2 in Drinkmate cylinders safe?

Yes. Drinkmate uses beverage grade CO2 from U.S. and Canadian suppliers. This meets strict quality requirements, with a tracking/recall system in place if there is ever a problem. It’s 100% safe for you to make delicious sparkling drinks.

Can I refill the Drinkmate cylinders myself?

No! We urge you not to do any unauthorized or third-party filling. We don’t support anything other than using approved CO2 supply options. We have no control over the quality of the CO2 provided and the cylinders could be damaged.

Can I remove the copper valve on the cylinder? What is the little hex bolt on the cylinder?

Only authorized parties should attempt to alter the structure of the CO2 valve. Unauthorized tampering of the valve assembly is dangerous and you should not attempt it. Tampering with the hex bolt on the side of the cylinder risks disabling the safety function. Under no circumstances should you try to make alterations to the cylinders.

Can I use a 8g CO2 charger in my Drinkmate machine?

No. 8g CO2 chargers do not work with Drinkmate machines. 8g CO2 chargers are only for handheld soda makers, and they are not refillable.


Fizz Infuser

Why do I hear a hissing sound when I lift the chrome tab on the Fizz Infuser? What is the blue button underneath for?

The chrome tab is for slow pressure release. Once you lift it up, CO2 discharges slowly, allowing the pressure to go down without over foaming.

The blue button is for faster release of CO2. Some beverages like water don’t require you to use the slow release valve. You can use the blue quick release button right away.

However, you should always press the blue button to make sure pressure is completely reduced before removing the Fizz Infuser.

Never try to force the Fizz Infuser off. It could cause a mess if you remove it with a pressurized bottle.

Why can’t I get the Fizz Infuser and bottle off the Drinkmate machine?

To remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle, tilt the bottom of the bottle forward. Grab the Fizz Infuser or bottle and pull them gently but firmly outward and up to a 45-degree angle. The Fizz Infuser fixture should then easily slide off the Drinkmate.

Should I clean the Fizz Infuser? How?

The Fizz Infuser should be rinsed with room temperature or warm (not hot) water right after each use of sparkling anything other than water. Flip the slow release valve (chrome tab) up so water can run through the inside. This is especially important if your drink over foams into the Fizz Infuser.

We suggest you soak the whole Fizz Infuser in clean water each month for 10 minutes to keep it fully cleaned. Caution: The Fizz Infuser can NOT be washed in a dishwasher.

Can I store the Fizz Infuser inside the fridge or freezer?

No! There are many mechanical parts inside the Fizz Infuser, like spring coils and valves. Cold storage could cause those parts to malfunction.

For cold storage of drinks, use the cap provided with each bottle.

The foam level rose up high and came out the top of the Fizz Infuser. Is this a problem? How can I avoid this?

Some beverages, like beer, will foam up much more than others. However, over foaming through the Fizz Infuser is not a problem, just be sure to thoroughly rinse the Fizz Infuser when it happens.

To avoid over foaming next time, try shorter and fewer bursts of CO2, then shake the bottle before releasing pressure. Shaking it will allow more CO2 to be dissolved into the beverage and lower the pressure.

If the drink isn’t fizzy enough, you can lock it back into the Drinkmate and add more CO2. You have control over how much CO2 you use!

Drinkmate Bottles

Are Drinkmate bottles BPA free?

Yes. Drinkmate carbonating bottles are made from BPA (Bisphenol-A) free PET-food grade plastic.

Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?

The bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation. Like any other plastic, natural aging will degrade its durability. To keep it safe, bottles must be replaced once they reach their expiration date. If the bottle has been deformed due to misuse (like accidentally washing it in the dishwasher), scratched, or exposed to heat before the expiration date, it must be replaced.

Keep in mind that some bottles will be used more than others. If your carbonating bottles appear to be in good condition, you may use them right up to their expiration date.

Can I store the bottle with carbonated drink in the car on a hot summer day?

NO! There is a maximum storage temperature mark (+ 40C/120F) on each bottle. Never store the bottle above that temperature. It is better to store the bottle at room temperature or in the fridge. The plastic ages much faster under hot temperature. You may have to replace your bottles sooner if you expose them to high temperatures.

Can I use a different brand of carbonating bottle?

No. Drinkmate uses a patented quick connect technology that makes it safe and easy to connect and reconnect. Only Drinkmate carbonation bottles will fit Drinkmate products.

How do I clean my carbonating bottle?

Carbonating bottles should be cleaned by hand with room temperature or warm (not hot) water. The bottom cap of the Drinkmate brand carbonation bottles is also removable (by twisting), so you can easily clean the entire bottle.

Remember: Drinkmate PET carbonating bottles can NOT be washed in the dishwasher.

Using Drinkmate

Does Drinkmate recommend shaking the bottle after it is removed from the machine?

Yes. After the carbonation process, some CO2 stays in the air space above the beverage. Shaking will help blend that CO2 with your drink for better carbonation. Do your shaking after you remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle from the machine but before you flip the slow release tab.

How many times should I push the carbonation button?

This varies based on your personal preferences and the type of drinks you are carbonating. Experiment with different levels of carbonation for different drinks and you’ll find what tastes best to you.

If you want maximum fizziness, it would be best to add bursts of CO2 until you hear the “whoosh!” of gas releasing through the Fizz Infuser.

Some drinks are more difficult to carbonate because they produce more foam. With these types of drinks use slower injection rates. Push the carbonation button only part of the way down. Try short bursts rather than long ones – don’t just press the carbonation button until you hear the CO2 release.

If I keep pushing the carbonating button down for a long time, what will happen?

The Drinkmate Fizz Infuser includes safety valves to prevent over pressurization. At some point you’ll hear the whooshing sound of gas escaping. You could continue to press the button, but that would waste CO2. If the carbonation level isn’t high enough, remove the Fizz Infuser and bottle from the Drinkmate machine and shake it while it’s still pressurized. This will allow you to increase the carbonation level without using more CO2.

We recommend using consistent, short pulses of CO2. With time, you’ll learn to get the optimum level of carbonation for your favorite drinks.

How do I make a sparkling cocktail with Drinkmate?

We’re glad you asked! Drinkmate has developed some excellent suggestions for cocktails and other drink Recipes.

The beauty of the Drinkmate and Spritzer is the complete control you have over carbonation and pressure release while making your cocktails or other cold drinks. You can develop your own craft concoctions. Some drinks generate more foam than others, but there’s really no limit to the possibilities.

Please share your best drink recipes with us so everyone can enjoy them!

How much does it cost to carbonate?

Each 60L (14.5-oz) CO2 cylinder sparkles up to 60L of beverages. This number can vary depending on the level of carbonation you use. If you’re carbonating water, the cost of making 1L (34 oz) of sparkling water will be only about $0.30 – 0.35 after the initial purchase. Drinking home carbonated water will pay off quickly compared to drinking pre-bottled water from the grocery store.

Is there any beverage I can’t carbonate with Drinkmate?

We love to say that you can carbonate any beverage. However, take special care if sparkling pulped juice because the pulp can potentially plug the Fizz Infuser. We recommend filling the bottle only halfway.

With care, you can carbonate drinks that contain pulp or even chunks of fruit. Just make sure that when you depressurize, try not to allow the foam to reach to the Fizz Infuser tip. Then, after you’re done carbonating, soak the whole Fizz Infuser in water to completely clean it.

An Honest Comparison of Drinkmate vs SodaStream Aqua Fizz with Side-by-Side Video

I have always enjoyed a good bubbly drink. I started out with Coca-Cola when I was a kid (strictly regulated by my mom), and then I slowly graduated to sodas with less sugar, like Izze. Eventually I landed on kombucha, but that was expensive and I drank so much of it that I worried it actually had a negative effect on my gut rather than the intended positive effect.

Then I discovered Spindrift, sparkling water flavored with actual fruit juice rather than that zero-calorie stuff. It’s the only sparkling water I’ve ever liked, and I finally understood what the big deal was about seltzer water. I haven’t missed soda or kombucha since. But I noticed that our recycling bin was always full, and I started feeling the weight of the waste we were creating by drinking literally cases and cases of this stuff per month, even though we were recycling all the cans.

I finally decided to invest in an at-home carbonated beverage maker, and after a lot of research, I decided to go with Drinkmate. About a month ago, I ended up switching over to the SodaStream Aqua Fizz. Here’s my experience with both machines, why I decided to switch from Drinkmate to SodaStream Aqua Fizz initially, and why I decided to switch back again.

This content may contain affiliate links for products I use and believe in. If you subscribe or make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some money at no extra cost to you. I deeply appreciate your support so I can keep doing what I love — providing helpful content to readers like you! Thank you!

Video of Drinkmate and SodaStream operating at the same time

A quick video showing the Drinkmate (left) and SodaStream Aqua Fizz (right) operating at the exact same time. Video by author and Anthony Nielsen

In the video above, each device’s bottle was filled to its maximum capacity. The CO2 canisters in each were brand new. The difference in completion time is pretty minimal in terms of how long it takes to carbonate a bottle of water with a full tank.

If you don’t count how long it takes to release the pressure, the Drinkmate is the clear winner.

After 10 months with the SodaStream, the 2 major reasons that pushed us to dig the Drinkmate out of the closet were the following:

Operating difficulties Machine maintenance

The video above shows that the SodaStream is actually pretty comparable to to Drinkmate when it comes to making a bottle of carbonated water. But the operating difficulties come when the tank is not as full, and it’s a lot harder to tell on the SodaStream when the tank is nearing empty for a couple reasons. First of all, you can’t see the bottle as you’re carbonating. Second, when the tank is not completely full, carbonating the bottle takes a lot more than 3 quick presses like in the video, but it’s not a predictable number. Sometimes I would stand there and press 7 times to give it a chance before finally deciding to switch out the tank. And the tanks were never totally empty as with the Drinkmate, so that was wasteful too.

In terms of maintenance, I don’t know if you can hear it in the video since we have sound for both machines, but when the SodaStream finishes the cycle, you can hear a little gurgle. That gurgle is water getting into the mechanism at the top, which is not supposed to happen. This happens when you press the button for too long, but if you don’t push the button down long enough, it takes forever to carbonate the bottle. The SodaStream is super finicky, and after 10 months of regular use, I still haven’t figured out the sweet spot — and not for lack of trying.

What ended up happening with the SodaStream was that we dreaded making water. It became a bit of a thorn in our sides, the thing that no one wanted to do, which meant we used it less and the bottles were usually sitting empty. Plus, because of the carafes are smaller than the Drinkmate’s plastic bottles, if both of us wanted sparkling water, one of us would have to fill both carafes to give us each a full glass. We would also buy other carbonated drinks (like ginger beer) to top up the glasses instead of carbonating the second carafe.

Granted, using other carbonated beverages was my husband’s brilliant idea, but it might be defeating the purpose of the drink maker: you’re adding cost, waste, and sugar.

Image by Drinkmate If you don’t have the time or patience for a finicky switch, try the Drinkmate instead of the SodaStream. If you’re not sold yet, read the full comparison below. $110 at Amazon $100 at Walmart

The full comparison is below with a few updates.

Quick comparison of Drinkmate Sparkling Water Maker versus SodaStream Aqua Fizz

I created a table below to compare the different features of Drinkmate and SodaStream Aqua Fizz. The green or bold text indicates the one that I consider to be the winner of that category.

The CO2 canisters are interchangeable, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Drinkmate and use SodaStream CO2, which is what we did for about a year.

Category Drinkmate Sparkling Water Maker SodaStream Aqua Fizz Premium Price $100 (1 plastic bottle, 1 60L CO2 canister) $136 (2 glass carafes, 1 60L CO2 canister) Liquids Any beverage Water only Machine size 16″H x 8″D x 5″W 21.3″H x 10.2″D x 6.3″W Ease of use Hold button until hissing sound Press button in short bursts until buzzing sound Ease of cleaning Bottles are hard to clean, machine needs very little cleaning Bottles are easy to clean, machine is difficult to clean Bottle material, care BPA-free, food-safe PET, hand wash only Glass, dishwasher safe Bottle lifespan Up to 3 years Only needs replacement if damaged Bottle capacity 1000 milliliters (33.8 ounces) 620 milliliters (about 21 ounces) CO2 exchange Receive gift card for next purchase Discount upon purchase Accessories Other bottle sizes available None Green or bold text indicates the one I consider to be the winner of that category. Prices are as of the published date of this blog.

Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Photo by author; Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

The Drinkmate is made of mostly plastic. It doesn’t need electricity, so you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen or whatever room you choose.

You attach the carbonator nozzle to the bottle, slide it into the slot, then push the entire bottle towards the machine. Once that’s all set, you just press and hold the button on the top of the machine until you hear a hissing noise, and that’s it! Pull the bottle towards you, give it a little shake, then release the pressure valve before opening the bottle. Pour and enjoy or screw on the cap for later.

One more benefit of this machine over the SodaStream Aqua Fizz is that you can see what’s going on in the bottle when you hold the button down, so it’s easy to tell when you’re out of air. It still blows bubbles, but they look different.

We chose this one specifically because it could carbonate any beverage. At first, we took advantage of that feature and carbonated everything we could think of. One of the reviews said not to carbonate almond milk (it clogged the nozzles), so we didn’t try that, but everything else was fair game. You have to be careful with sugary drinks since they tend to foam up more, but monitor the bubbles as you press the button, release if they get to high, and you’ll be fine.

This was fun at first, but in real life we found that, most of the time, we only used it for water and generally added flavoring afterwards. This was to keep our bottles clean because honestly we’re pretty lazy about anything that needs hand washing.

We found that the bottles didn’t hold carbonation as well as the SodaStream carafes, but it was mostly fine because we drank them pretty quickly anyway. One bottle was enough to fill two of our drinking glasses (16oz wide-mouth Ball canning jar).

3 reasons I switched from Drinkmate

Drinkmate is a fine carbonated beverage maker. I don’t have any complaints other than the these 3 reasons that I decided to make the switch:

Plastic bottles

Since the whole point of this was to reduce our waste, I’m opposed to replacing the plastic bottles every 2-3 years. I suppose it’s not a TON of waste to replace 2 bottles every 2 years, but it’s not like I could reuse or resell them since they would be expired and are not supposed to be used anymore. They are marked as recyclable, but I’m trying to reduce our overall plastic usage even if it’s recyclable.

Hand-wash only sucks

Much like with my rule about not buying clothes that need dry cleaning, I generally shy away from kitchen items that can’t go in the dishwasher (exceptions are made for knives, cookware, and a few other tools). Items that are hand wash only are usually not allowed in our kitchen because that usually means we either A) don’t use it or B) don’t clean it as often (see #3 below).

Bottles require disassembly to clean

See that plastic part at the bottom of the bottle? I assume it’s to keep the bottle stable when you’re carbonating, but it detaches from the bottle. It’s fallen off a few times randomly, but the worst part is that it’s another place that water gets into and must be cleaned. If you don’t clean it, this is what happens:

Photos by author; Drinkmate bottle build-up

Of course this can easily be avoided by washing and drying thoroughly, but I didn’t notice until it got to this state. Plus, it’s an extra thing to clean and dry on this item that already 1) is hand wash only and 2) requires a bottle brush to clean properly.

Should you buy the Drinkmate Sparkling Water Maker?

Image by Drinkmate If none of the negatives above bother you, the Drinkmate might be for you instead of the SodaStream. The main reason I chose the SodaStream was because I prefer the glass carafes, but the Drinkmate is easier to use. If you don’t mind plastic, hand washing, and replacing the bottles every few years, I’d use the Drinkmate for sure. $110 at Amazon $100 at Walmart

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

Photo by author; SodaStream Aqua Fizz

The SodaStream Aqua Fizz is definitely premium compared to the Drinkmate. The Aqua Fizz is still mostly plastic except the bottom part that you set the bottle into is metal. Like the Drinkmate, it doesn’t need to be plugged in.

This carbonated water maker operates differently than the Drinkmate. Rather than attaching the carbonator nozzle directly to the bottle, you place the filled glass carafe into the cup on the machine, then lower the top and lock it by turning the lever to the left. Use short pulses of the button on the top until you hear a buzzing noise that tells you it’s done. Unlock the top, add your flavoring as desired, then pour or twist on the cap for later.

One drawback is that you can’t see what’s going on in the bottle while you’re carbonating. For example, if your CO2 canister is empty, it’s hard to tell. Instead you have to go by sound or waste your time pressing the button until you’ve pressed it 7 times and finally figure out that it should have carbonated by now.

Are SodaStream Aqua Fizz’s glass carafes worth it?

One major concern I had with switching to the Aqua Fizz was the smaller carafe size, which is almost 10oz smaller than the Drinkmate’s bottles. We need to carbonate both carafes to fill two 16oz drinking glasses for a meal, for example. This does result in more refills of the carafes, but that does not equate to more CO2 since the glass carafes are smaller. We’ve used the same amount of CO2 in one month with the Aqua Fizz that we used with one month with the Drinkmate.

I’ve also noticed that the glass carafes keep carbonated much better than the Drinkmate bottles. My husband had to tighten the Drinkmate bottles almost to a point where I couldn’t open them, but the SodaStream bottles can be closed normally and still hold the fizz better. But holding carbonation longer is a bit of a moot point since the carafes need to be refilled so often.

Cleaning the carafes is a breeze. We just toss them in the dishwasher whenever we run it. It’s definitely my favorite part of the SodaStream, and I like not having to worry about when the bottles will expire, washing them by hand, or having to fiddle with that extra plastic bottom.

The biggest issue I’ve found so far with the SodaStream is not with the glass carafes but the metal cup on the machine.

Photo by author; inside of the SodaStream Aqua Fizz cup

When you refill your bottle with water to carbonate, you’ll inevitably get water on the outside of the bottle unless you use a funnel every time. Sure, no problem — just wipe it up with an absorbent cotton towel. Not exactly.

When we first got the machine, we were holding the button down too long because we were used to the Drinkmate. That forced water into the top of the machine, which would then leak out and dribble into this cup. As long as we use short pulses as directed, we haven’t had the same dribbling issue, but I’ll keep this updated if I start experiencing that issue again.

If the cup does need to be wiped out every once in a while, I don’t mind — except that it has this plastic thing on the inside to hold the bottle in the proper position. You can remove it and hand wash it, but it has that white plastic part in the bottom of the cup that traps moisture and builds up gunk. I used a cotton swap to wipe it out, but it doesn’t get clean enough for my taste.

Image by SodaStream The SodaStream Aqua Fizz isn’t a perfect machine, but I prefer the glass carafes. If you’re trying to reduce waste and only want to carbonate water, it’s a great choice for homemade sparkling water. $136 at Amazon $136 at Walmart

Closing thoughts

Neither of these carbonated drink makers are perfect, but they both carbonate water just fine.

Ultimately, I chose to keep the Drinkmate Sparking Water Maker because it’s so much easier to operate and keep clean. I wanted so badly to eliminate the waste of replacing plastic bottles every few years and have dishwasher-safe glass carafes, but the it turned out the benefits of the SodaStream weren’t worth the drawbacks after all.

How Big Are SodaStream Bottles & Are They Interchangeable?

January 12, 2021 • Informational

Like any leading brands of soda makers, there are numerous SodaStream models, each having different specs and SodaStream bottles. The majority of SodaStream machines have carbonating bottles that hold one liter of water. Other models utilize half-liter bottles and 620-ml glass carafes.

Read on to learn more about SodaStream bottles’ dimensions and whether or not you can use them interchangeably.

How Many Oz is a SodaStream Bottle?

As mentioned, most SodaStream models feature a 1-liter bottle, which is equivalent to 33.8 ounces. This amount is decent if you want to make a big batch of sparkling water or drink at home.

Furthermore, half-liter bottles should be about 17 ounces. In contrast, this amount is ideal for those trying to keep their soda intake to a minimum. Both bottles are made from BPA-free plastic. Glass carafes, on the other hand, measure about 20 ounces and are dishwasher-safe.

How Tall is a SodaStream Bottle?

SodaStream bottles can either be plastic or glass. Plastic bottles can be slim or standard. Slim ones are usually 11 inches tall, while the standard ones are 9 inches tall. Both are the 1-liter kind.

The bottles are specifically designed to suit the soda maker machine’s height. The half-liter plastic bottles are 8 inches tall, and the glass carafes are about 10 inches.

Are SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable?

Yes, but with limitations. Let us know once and for all whether you can use other bottles for your SodaStream model.

Compatible with the following SodaStream machines:

Compatible with the following SodaStream machines:

Compatible with the following SodaStream machines:

Can I Use Other Bottles with my SodaStream Machine?

It is highly recommended to use only SodaStream bottles with your SodaStream machine because they have specific heights and capacities intended for this brand alone.

Some models can use more than one bottle type, but they have to be from SodaStream. These bottles can be reused for up to three years and should be replaced after this period, except the glass ones, which can be used indefinitely.

If you use another carbonating bottle from a different company, it may damage the soda maker, and the SodaStream warranty will not cover it. So, it’s better to stick with SodaStream bottles to make the machine last longer.


No matter what type of SodaStream you have, you can use different SodaStream bottles according to their compatibility. Most SodaStream bottles measure one liter, the standard amount of any beverage, and is enough to serve five people at most.

Did you find this topic helpful? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Is Drinkmate Better Than Sodastream?

I’ve been looking at getting a new machine to carbonate drinks and was wondering whether Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream.

I looked at the pros and cons of each and here’s what I found.

As a general rule, a Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream. The main differentiating factor between them is that a Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any liquid. However, with a Sodastream you can only carbonate water. In regards to price, and usability they are virtually identical, therefore, a Drinkmate is better.

The main reason is that a Drinkmate uses a different technology on the cap of the bottle that you fill with liquid that allows you to carbonate drinks other than just water.

In this article, I will review and explain whether you can use Sodastream bottles with a Drinkmate, what kind of CO2 canisters a Drinkmate can use, whether you can refill you can use SodaSense canisters with a Drinkmate, and if a SodaSense is worth it.

Can You Use SodaStream Bottles With Drinkmate?

I’ve got an old Sodastream machine so I was curious whether the bottle that you put the liquid in can be used with a Drinkmate.

A SodaStream water bottle can not be used with a Drinkmate machine. However, you can use the Sodastream CO 2 canisters with a Drinkmate. The limitation is that you can only use the 60L CO 2 canisters and none of the other sized CO 2 canisters.

That’s according to an official message from the makers of Drinkmate on Amazon (source: link).

Interestingly, Drinkmate will also give you a credit for empty Sodastream CO 2 canisters as well.

So, if you’d rather have the official Drinkmate canisters then I would go ahead and exchange your Sodastream canisters with Drinkmate.

Sodastream though does not recommend using any other CO 2 canisters with a Sodastream.

I also have an article here on SodaStream bottles and Aarke carbonators. and also here on whether you can use regular bottles over Sodastream bottles.

Drinkmate 60L CO 2 Cylinders

I was interested in more info about how the crediting system works when you exchange your CO 2 canisters with Drinkmate.

Here’s a rundown about how it all works.

Drinkmate 60L CO 2 cylinders cost $30 each, and you get a $12.50 rebate when you return a CO 2 cylinder to Drinkmate. Therefore, each 60L cylinder costs $17.50 each – when you subtract the rebate.

One difference between Drinkmate and Sodastream is that you can exchange your CO 2 canisters at various stores around the country such as Walmart and Target.

Whereas, with Drinkmate you need to order new ones online and have them shipped.

When you order new ones, though, they’ll send you a return box, and prepaid postage label so you can send your empty CO 2 canisters back to Drinkmate.

They say that you should be careful when you open the new box that contains the Drinkmate CO 2 canisters because it can be reused to send empty CO 2 canisters back to Drinkmate.

That way you can reuse the box rather than buying a new one, and you’ll probably also need to buy some padding.

The box that replacement canisters come in is specially designed and the old canisters fit neatly and snugly inside it.

So, it’s typically much easier to reuse the box that new canisters come in.

SodaSense Refills for Drinkmate

I’m also interested in using some SodaSense CO 2 canisters with my Drinkmate, but I was wondering whether Drinkmate will also give me a rebate for my SodaSense CO 2 canisters.

I looked into it and here’s what I found.

Drinkmate will give you a rebate for SodaSense CO 2 canisters, however, only the 60L bottles. You can send them to them in the post and they will give you a $12.50 credit per 60L bottle.

The easiest way is to order a new CO 2 canister with Drinkmate – as the Drinkmate CO 2 canisters work with a SodaSense.

When you do that you’ll get a box and postage for free to send them your empty SodaSense CO 2 canisters.

Is SodaSense Worth It?

SodaSense was another brand of soda maker I was looking at and wondered whether they work well and if they’re worth it.

Here’s what I found.

As a general rule, a Drinkmate is worth it. The main difference between a Drinkmate, Sodastream, and SodaSense is that a Drinkmate and SodaSense can carbonate virtually any liquids. But, with a SodaStream, you can only carbonate water. In terms of price, they are all roughly the same at about $100.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost comparison:

Brand Average Price Range SodaSense Sensei $99 SodaStream $81 to $100 Drinkmate $70 to $100

When I was trying to decide which to choose, whether they could carbonate most liquids or only carbonate water was the major factor.

But, there were some other factors, which I’ll explain below.

Here’s a table that shows the distinguishing features between SodaSense, Drinkmate, and SodaStream:

Brand Distinguishing features SodaSense Sensei Can carbonate most liquids not just water SodaStream Been around a long time, and very trusted Drinkmate Can carbonate most liquids not just water

As you can see one of the advantages of SodaStream is that it’s been around a long time, and it’s had more than enough time for people to see how good or bad it is.

And the general consensus is that it’s a very good machine.

Other soda machine companies have needed to recall some of their CO 2 canisters because they became defective.

Although this is an understandable issue because SodaStream has been around for such a long time, in my opinion, they’ve had time to iron out all the kinks in their machines.

How the machine looks

Then beyond that, the main thing was how each machine looked.

You may prefer the design of one of the soda machines over the other.

For example, I personally think the Sodasense and Drinkmate look virtually identical.

However, the Sodastream looks much different, and I prefer the design of the Sodastream machine.

But, at the end of the day which machine you think looks the best is a matter of personal preference.

Is Drinkmate Compatible With SodaStream?

Since I was thinking about getting a new Drinkmate, I wanted to know whether a Drinkmate bottle and/or the CO 2 canister will work in a SodaStream.

The Drinkmate CO 2 canister and the bottle for the liquid are not compatible with a SodaStream. Technically the Drinkmate canisters can work with a SodaStream, however, Sodastream strongly advises not to use other CO 2 canisters with a Sodastream for health and safety reasons.

However, you can use SodaStream CO 2 canisters with a Drinkmate, and they will exchange them.

Does CO 2 Come With Drinkmate?

I’m looking at getting a Drinkmate, and wanted to know if it comes with the CO 2 canisters or whether you need to buy them separately?

As a general rule, a Drinkmate comes with a CO 2 canister. However, you can also buy a Drinkmate machine separately. The cost for a Drinkmate machine on its own is equivalent to the price of a Drinkmate machine with a CO 2 canister when you factor in the cost to buy a CO 2 canister on top of the cost to buy just the Drinkmate machine on its own.

Here’s a breakdown of the average price difference:

Drinkmate Product Average Prices Drinkmate machine only $75 Drinkmate machine with CO 2 canister included $110 CO 2 canister on it’s own $30

As you can see $110 minus $30 for the CO 2 canister comes out to $80.

Therefore, it’s actually slightly cheaper to buy just the machine only and buy the CO2 canister separately.

The one caveat is that Drinkmate only sells CO 2 canisters in sets of 2.

And the price is $60 for 2x 60L CO 2 canisters.

So, you need to buy two in order to get one.

The good news is that Drinkmate and some of the other soda machine makers recommend having 3 CO 2 canisters on hand.

That way you’re less likely to run out completely.

And as a result, you don’t need to wait for the new CO 2 canisters to arrive in the post.

How Long Does a 60L CO 2 Cylinder Last?

So, a 60L CO 2 canister is a good size because you can use other brands of CO 2 canisters on a Drinkmate.

But, how long does a 60L CO 2 cylinder last?

A 60L CO 2 canister will make approximately 60 liters of soda. An average person that drinks a lot of soda will drink around 1 to 2 liters of soda a week. Therefore, a 60L CO 2 canister will last around 6 months to a year for 1 person.

However, if you have other people in your household, you’ll likely use a lot more.

A general rule of thumb is that 1 person will use a 60L canister in 6 months.

You can divide that by the number of people that use it.

For example, if you have a family of 4 you should divide 6 months by 4. Which is 1.5 or 1.5 months.

I put this info in a table, to make it easier to see:

Number of people using the soda maker How long a 60L canister will last 1 6 months 2 3 months 3 2 months 4 1.5 months 5 36 days 6 30 days 7 25 days

However, that’s making the assumption that one person will drink 2 liters of soda a week. 1 cup of soda is equal to 250 mL. Therefore, if you drink 2 cups of soda a day then you would drink around 2 liters of soda a week.

Well, there you have it, most of the main points about whether a Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream, as well as, other interesting info about different topics related to soda makers.

Will sodastream bottles work with drinkmate? Explained by FAQ Blog

Will sodastream bottles work with drinkmate?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

Score: 4.7/5

66 votes

You can also use compatible brands of 60L CO2 cylinders, including SodaStream. You can safely use these CO2 Cylinders without impacting your warranty.

Are SodaStream and DrinkMate CO2 the same?

The SodaStream soda maker is both a little shorter and a little wider than the DrinkMate. This is because the latter soda maker requires a little extra height to fit a few more parts into its apparatus for CO2 infusion. They both weigh about the same and even have a similar, sleek appearance.

Is DrinkMate or SodaStream better?

Both SodaStream and Drinkmate have been reviewed by various publications, and the outcome has been overall positive for both brands. An article from Wirecutter chose SodaStream as the overall winner, but also lauded DrinkMate for its ability to carbonate drinks other than flavored water.

How long do DrinkMate bottles last?

DrinkMate Bottles let you make and store different drinks. This twin pack of 2 bottles includes fizz-preserving caps, and may be used for up to 3 years.

Who makes Drinkmate?

iDrink Products is the company behind Drinkmate and iSoda beverage carbonation systems. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, we’re the second largest supplier of water carbonator machines worldwide. Our products include elegant appliances in various finishes, plus accessories and refillable CO2 cylinders. Customer Questions & Answers


Yes, I do it all the time. You need a 5lb or larger CO2 tank and an adapter (you can search Amazon for “soda stream adapter”). Ideally you should get a CO2 tank with a siphon tube, but you can also hold your CO2 tank upside-down when you refill the soda stream CO2 tanks. Otherwise, you’ll likely only get about 3-4oz of… see more Yes, I do it all the time. You need a 5lb or larger CO2 tank and an adapter (you can search Amazon for “soda stream adapter”). Ideally you should get a CO2 tank with a siphon tube, but you can also hold your CO2 tank upside-down when you refill the soda stream CO2 tanks. Otherwise, you’ll likely only get about 3-4oz of CO2 in your soda stream tank. see less

Yes, I do it all the time. You need a 5lb or larger CO2 tank and an adapter (you can search Amazon for “soda stream adapter”). Ideally you should get a CO2 tank with a siphon tube, but you can also hold your CO2 tank upside-down when you refill the soda stream CO2 tanks. Otherwise, you’ll likely only get about 3-4oz of CO2 in your soda stream tank.

Mark · March 28, 2019

are Drinkmate bottles interchangeable with Sodastream? : SodaStream

Not talking about the co2 cartridge, but the actual bottle used to hold fluid for carbonation. Are they interchangeable?

Drinkmate Expands Convenient Online CO2 Exchange Program to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Drinkmate Expands Convenient Online CO2 Exchange Program to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Recycle and Refill Program Now Includes SodaStream and SodaSense Cylinders

Ann Arbor, MI – Earth Day 2021 – Just in time for Earth Day 2021, Drinkmate, a leader in the home carbonation category, is expanding their convenient online Recycle & Refill CO2 exchange program that allows consumers to easily exchange their empty CO2 cylinders from home. Drinkmate now accepts empty cylinders from SodaStream and SodaSense brands. They also now offer a CO2 exchange box and return label for customers exchanging multiple cylinders. The expansion of the Recycle & Refill program is Drinkmate’s latest eco-friendly initiative to preserve the earth’s resources by reducing plastic bottle use.

Plastic bottles are not biodegradable and usage negatively impacts the environment by overflowing landfills, requiring high amounts of fossil fuel for production, and covering the ocean surface with plastic products, which endangers wildlife. What’s more, the tremendous amount of plastic bottle waste that is dumped into oceans ends up getting inadvertently consumed by marine life, making its way into the human food chain. Drinkmate’s goal is to provide consumers with a convenient, fun, and healthy way to reduce overall plastic bottle use.

Drinkmate’s online CO2 exchange program provides customers with a prepaid return label to use to send their empty cylinders to the Drinkmate facility in exchange for full CO2 cylinders. Once received at the facility, customers receive a gift card to be used for replacement cylinders. Empty cylinders are inspected, cleaned, and refilled for future use. To acquire a free shipping label for empty cylinders, consumers simply email [email protected]

“It’s always been our goal to provide customers with a product line that enables them to easily make their own carbonated beverages, which can significantly reduce plastic bottle waste while also providing a healthier alternative to packaged bottled soda and water,” said Douglas Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Drinkmate. “Our online CO2 exchange Recycle & Refill program makes home carbonation even simpler by replacing empty cylinders easily and quickly. For Earth Day 2021, we have expanded this program to accept competitor bottles from SodaStream and SodaSense, which we hope will encourage more and more people to exchange and refill empty cylinders.”

About Drinkmate

Drinkmate’s mission is to allow consumers to get creative in discovering new beverages, drink healthier and have fun, while reducing plastic bottle waste. Its proprietary technology allows the consumer to carbonate any kind of beverage safely and quickly. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company serves as the global headquarters for the Drinkmate brand with operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. For more information, please visit

Are SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable? – Here’s What You Need To Know – My Budget Recipes

SodaStream is a leading brand among many soda makers, with different kinds of SodaStream bottles boasting a variety of specs, sizes, and varieties.

The bottles come with the SodaStream drink maker, which amazingly allows you to create your custom sparkling water or carbonated beverage. Then, the machine dispenses the drink into their bottles, which have been designed to fit perfectly with the drink maker.

SodaStream bottles have a tight seal that prevents carbonation from leaking out of your bottle and come in different designs, sizes, or types. In this guide, we would be answering some questions you might have about SodaStream, specifically whether it’s interchangeable.

What Are the Different Types of SodaStream Bottles?

SodaStream has different types of bottles in its selection, and they all differ from each other in terms of size, material, and designs.

Many of the SodaStream bottles come in different colours, including red, orange, green, and yellow. Although the colour doesn’t influence the durability or quality of the bottle, you can pick based on your personal preferences.

Although there are some dishwasher-friendly bottles, most of them have to be washed by hand, using soap and water. You can fill the bottle with soapy water through the small opening, leave it for a while and then rinse it.

When choosing a SodaStream bottle, you have to decide the machine it’s compatible with, the size, and how you would maintain it.

Default Plastic SodaStream 1 Liter Bottles

This is the most basic SodaStream bottle that you can find, made of plastic and with the typical 1-liter size. The size can carry a good amount of soda to keep you for a long time, so you won’t have to refill it regularly.

Although this isn’t the highest quality SodaStream bottle in the series, it is BPA free so this assures that there are no harmful compounds or chemicals in the plastic. It is compatible with most soda machines.

Plastic SodaStream 0.5 Liter Bottle

For a smaller sized SodaStream bottle, you can choose the one that comes in 0.5 liters. The smaller bottles would be ideal for those who want to reduce their soda intake and for children. It’s also a brilliant way to trick yourself into thinking you drank an entire bottle of soda when you only got half.

It is similar to the 1-liter bottle above. The plastic 0.5-liter bottles can be bought in packs of two, so you spend less money and can buy more bottles for your soda machine, especially if you’re sharing the machine with friends or your family.

Stainless Steel SodaStream Bottle

The stainless steel SodaStream bottle is another type, and as the name implies, it is made of stainless steel. This material assures you of durability and hypoallergenic friendliness. Stainless steel doesn’t rust easily and can last for a long time under heavy use.

It maintains its shape after a long time, unlike plastic. The stainless steel SodaStream bottle cap and bottom are made of stainless steel, while the middle is made of BPA-free plastic. Apart from the Crystal and Penguin soda machines, this SodaStream bottle is compatible with all other machines.

Secondary Version Stainless Steel SodaStream Bottle

This is also made of stainless steel, but the design is a bit different from the previous one. This SodaStream bottle is slimmer and more stylish than the previous one, but its compatibility with soda machines is limited.

It is only compatible with the Play, Source, and Power models of SodaStream. It isn’t compatible with the One Touch machine like the plastic models.

Stainless Steel SodaStream 0.5 L Bottle

If you want to reduce your soda intake but also want a stainless-steel bottle, you can go for the stainless-steel Soda Stream 0.5 liters bottle. It is just as stylish as the other bottles, except that it holds less soda.

Carbonating Plastic SodaStream Bottles

SodaStream also has different kinds of carbonating plastic bottles, and what is unique about them is that they might be made of BPA plastic, but they are also dishwasher safe. It’s not advisable to use your soda maker machine in the dishwasher, but the bottles are usually had to clean properly with your hand.

So, regular soda drinkers would benefit from having a SodaStream bottle that can be cleaned with the dishwasher. The plastic won’t melt under high temperatures when used in a dishwasher because it’s stronger than normal plastic bottles.

Glass SodaStream Bottles

SodaStream also makes glass bottles apart from the plastic and stainless steel, and although they last longer than the plastic versions, which is three years, they can’t be used by children because they can break when dropped.

The glass bottles also have a 1-liter or 0.8-liter capacity, and they can be used in a dishwasher. Glass is less likely to be broken or bend under the heat of a dishwasher.

The sparkling water machines are compatible with different kinds of bottles.

· The 0.8-liter Glass SodaStream Bottles can be used with the Penguin and Aqua Fizz makers.

· The 0.5-liter carbonating plastic SodaStream bottles are compatible with One-Touch, Splash Play, Power, Fizzi, Genesis, and Source makers.

· The 1-liter plastic SodaStream bottles can be used with Fizzi, Genesis, Source, One Touch, Splash Play, and Power makers.

· The 1-liter carbonating plastic SodaStream bottles are used with the One Touch, Genesis, Source, Power, Fizzi, Jet, Source, and Cool sparkling watermakers.

Are SodaStream Bottles All the Same?

No, they aren’t. Since we have already explored the different kinds of SodaStream bottles that you can use, it’s evident that they aren’t all the same. The bottles can either be plastic, glass, or stainless steel and also come in different sizes.

SodaStream bottles also differ in color and have different features. The main reason why these bottles are different is the machines they are compatible with. While some are widely compatible with all SodaStream machines, like plastic bottles, others can only be used with certain machines. There are different types of SodaStream machines, used to make sparkling water or soda.

The main SodaStream models include Aqua Fizz, One Touch, and Fizzi. Plastic SodaStream bottles are compatible with One-Touch, but not stainless steel. Before buying any SodaStream bottle, you should consider the different factors like how much soda you drink and which machine you’re buying. You also have to look at how often you would use the bottle.

So, in conclusion, SodaStream bottles are different, and you have to find one that meets your needs rather than buying the first one you see.

Why Not All SodaStream Bottles and Machines Are Compatible

Although SodaStream has different kinds of bottles and machines, not all of them can be used with each other. The reason is that they all differ in their design and construction. Some SodaStream machines have a carbonate nozzle design that can only be used with particular bottle openings, and so you can’t use an alternative bottle with it.

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

An example of this kind of machine is the Aqua Fizz, which has a closing apparatus that locks in the glass carafe bottle. The lower opening of the glass SodaStream bottle would be locked and if it doesn’t lock, it won’t carbonate.

Apart from this, you might not be able to use some of the SodaStream 0.5L bottles with particular machines because they are too small. You might decide to hold the bottle to the nozzle with your hand, but this is unsteady and would require you to be very careful if you don’t want to make a mess.

Are SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable with Other Brands?

The answer to this question is that it depends. If the question was whether all SodaStream bottles are interchangeable, the answer will be no, because some of the machines are designed to be used with one specific type of bottle. The main plastic bottles you get when you buy SodaStream machines can be used with other types of machines.

SodaStream bottles can be interchangeable with other brands if the latter’s bottles can fit into the carbonation nozzle. If yes, then you can use it normally, although you would have to watch it closely to make sure the water does not overflow.

SodaStream bottles have a particular design that fit in their machines and the carbonation that you need. If you’re using another brand’s bottle, you would have to calculate when to stop the bottle from overflowing and how much carbonation is best.

Also, some customized soda machines only fit bottles of a particular shape, size, or height because of how the carbonator nozzles were designed. This approach is followed to prevent customers from buying other kinds of bottles and using them with their machines. You would have to purchase the brand’s bottle to use the machine properly.

SodaStream Dishwasher safe 1L

You would have to figure out the bottle that matches your machine, even if it’s not a SodaStream bottle. If your SodaStream machine accepts different kinds of plastic bottles, you can look for high-quality bottles that would make your machine seem more stylish and also last for a long time.

You might need to use another bottle if your SodaStream bottles have run out. But, SodaStream bottles are perfect for SodaStream machines, because they have predetermined measurement lines that make them easier to use. You can also use your SodaStream bottle for other soda machines, although you also have to check if it fits.

Here are some compatible soda makers and SodaStream bottles. If these SodaStream bottles can be used with these machines, this means that you can also use their bottles with your SodaStream machines.

· The DrinkMate machines can be used with SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinders.

· SodaStream bottles work with AARKE machines because SodaStream first mass-produced their carbonators.

· KitchenAid machines are compatible with SodaStream.

· Some SodaStream bottles also work with Soda Siphon.

Benefits of Using SodaStream Bottles for SodaStream Machines

There are few differences between SodaStream and other kinds of bottles. As expected, SodaStream has some advantages over alternative bottles. Even SodaStream manufacturers state that you should use recommended bottles with their machines.

Here are the advantages of using SodaStream bottles for their machines, and not alternatives.

Easy Use

It’s very easy to use a SodaStream bottle with a corresponding machine because the bottles have markings on the exterior, which indicate how far you should fill with cold water. With the help of the markings, you don’t end up overfilling the bottle with water. If there’s too much water, it would completely overflow once you add carbonation.

This would affect your carbonation quality and also cause a big mess. But with the SodaStream bottle, the markings allow you to leave a small space on top for the extra carbonation to collect. It would reduce the pressure on the bottle and reduce the risk of damage.


When you use a SodaStream bottle with the corresponding machine, you are also protected by the warranty. This is the same as using SodaStream bottles for other kinds of machines. But, DrinkMate would not void your warranty even if you use a SodaStream bottle with their machine.

Original Sodastream Three Pack 1 Liter Carbonating Bottles

Although SodaStream machines are highly durable, they can still suffer or break while you’re using them. If they break, SodaStream would replace it because they manufactured it. But if they didn’t manufacture the bottle you’re using, you can’t claim a warranty.


Using a non-SodaStream bottle for a SodaStream machine is also hard and risky because the former doesn’t have the design that the latter needs. The SodaStream bottles are designed to fit perfectly into the carbonating nozzle, and there is also a snap that would keep them in place during the carbonation. This makes using non-SodaStream bottles difficult – you won’t know how to keep them in place.

You can also find a water bottle or container that fits right with the carbonating nozzle of your SodaStream machine. For most SodaStream machines, you can’t even carbonate without locking the bottle, so you won’t be able to interchange the bottles with another brand. Even with this, it’s a good safety measure that protects you.

If you find a bottle that fits perfectly with your SodaStream bottle, you can place it in the machine and carbonate the water. But you should leave some space on top when making your drink so that it won’t overflow or damage the machine. After using an alternative bottle for your machine a few times, you’ll become good at measurements and preventing overflows.

But if your alternative bottle doesn’t fit with the SodaStream machine, you would have to hold it while making your drink. The upside here is that you get to monitor the process to see if it’s going well, and you know when to add fizz to the water.

Interchanging SodaStream bottles with other brands might be tricky, but if you find one that fits perfectly, you can use it. Keep in mind that you might make some mistakes at the beginning, especially with the lack of measurement, but it would be easy to get the hang of it.

Why You Might Need to Replace your SodaStream Bottle

If you’re thinking of interchanging your SodaStream bottle with another brand, it might be because of particular reasons. For one, the SodaStream bottles have an expiry date because of the pressure that carbonation places on the bottle. After going through carbonation a couple of times, the bottle becomes damaged by heat and less durable.

If it reaches the expiry date, you might need a new bottle. And if you don’t have any SodaStream bottles around, you can look for other bottles that can fit.

If you use the glass SodaStream bottles and they unexpectedly break, you would also need an alternative bottle to keep your soda. Regardless of the damage that the bottle suffers, if you have a good, non-SodaStream alternative, you can easily interchange it with the SodaStream bottle.

Are SodaStream Accessories Interchangeable with Other Brands?

Apart from the bottles, you can also purchase certain accessories from SodaStream. These accessories don’t usually affect the durability, quality, or capacity of the bottles. They only add some sort of extra function or aesthetics to your SodaStream bottle.

For instance, you can buy extra caps for your SodaStream bottle, especially if you misplace the caps that the bottle came with. It’s also a helpful accessory if your bottle is used by kids because they can misplace caps very easily.

Also, the SodaStream slim bottles allow you to purchase an insulating sleeve at extra cost. The sleeve is removable, so you can remove them when putting the bottle in the machine, and then you can put it back once it’s done. The sleeve would keep the soda cold throughout the day.

SodaStream accessories can be used with other brands, and vice versa, as long as it fits. For instance, you can use the sleeve for the SodaStream slim bottles on similar bottles from other manufacturers, like the AARKE bottles since they were first mass-produced by SodaStream. They might also be compatible with some DrinkMate bottles.

As for the bottle caps, you can also use them with similar brands like DrinkMate, AARKE, KitchenAid, and Soda Siphon bottles. If you can find the right fit for your non-SodaStream bottle, you can use the accessories perfectly.

Review: DrinkMate Carbonator

Early last year, an editor asked me to review and rank home carbonators—those countertop machines that turn chilly water into lovely seltzer. Research quickly revealed an industry in chaos. Some brands were plagued with deservedly horrible reviews or simply didn’t sell. One, with a tendency to explode, was recalled. SodaStream made carbonators that some people liked and had politics that some didn’t. It got so complex, I needed a spreadsheet to keep track of it all.

I soon wrote back to the editor, advising against doing a story.

I’ve owned a SodaStream Fountain Jet for several years and have found it to be a reliable machine for carbonating water. Say, an 8 out of 10 on the WIRED scale. With large, exchangeable CO2 canisters, it’s more environmentally friendly than buying plastic bottles of store-bought fizzy water, or the tiny, individual-use chargers like those used with old-school seltzer bottles and whipping siphons.

My beef is that it only carbonates water. Carbonate anything else and you’ll not only void your warranty, you’ll understand exactly why. Try to pull a bottle of, say, orange juice from the machine and it will instantly fill with foam and launch sticky juice into the guts of the machine, an unholy mess that can only be avoided by waiting (and waiting) for the foam to die down.

For bartenders and cocktail aficionados, carbonating more than water is an exciting prospect. It means everything can be carbonated, not just the soda water poured into the drink. It also adds a pleasing nip of acidity and—busy bartenders love this—it can all done ahead of time.

Due to all this, bartenders like Jeffrey Morgenthaler in Portland, Oregon, used a Twist ‘n’ Sparkle (the one with a tendency to explode), long after it was recalled simply because there wasn’t a better option out there. People learned the clumsy process of sloooooooowly venting pressure out of their SodaStream bit by bit to keep the foaming to a minimum. It was a mess, and it was slow, but it worked. The drinks were good.

Back in early 2015, one of the foundering brands on my spreadsheet was the iSoda carbonator. Now rebranded as the DrinkMate, it looks and acts quite a bit like a SodaStream. Rather amazingly, the DrinkMate uses SodaStream’s CO2 tanks, which you swap out at participating retailers. This is understandable, as it lets a small company like iDrink (DrinkMate’s manufacturer) skip figuring this part out, but at SodaStream’s standard—and somewhat pricey—$15 for the 30 liter refill, it’s a shame.

For bartenders and cocktail aficionados, carbonating more than water is an exciting prospect.

The key difference is a collar, which iDrink calls the “fizz infuser,” that is on top of the bottle and comes right off with the bottle when you slide it out of the machine after carbonating. Many things happen at this point in the carbonation process, particularly one that differentiates the DrinkMate from its competition, so let’s pause here for a brief Moment of Science.

Carbonating is the act of cramming carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid, supersaturating it by using pressure. The colder the liquid, the better this works.

Like fans streaming out of a stadium after a buzzer beater, when you initially open a pressurized container of carbonated liquid, the contents rush to come to equilibrium with the world around them. This effect is much more pronounced when it’s something other than water in the bottle. Stuff like juices, wines, cocktails, or beer wreaks foamy havoc inside—and outside—a SodaStream if you open it quickly.

Try to remove a SodaStream bottle filled with, say, carbonated wine and you can very easily paint the walls, the ceiling, the inside of the machine, and yourself with it. You can get around this by finessing it off, controlling the pressure release by letting little bursts of air out, then waiting for the foam to subside, and doing it over and over again until you can coax it off without the foam overflowing. It’s slow and inelegant, but it usually gets the job done.

This is where the beauty of DrinkMate kicks in: that collar/fizz infuser has both a slow and fast release valve, allowing what’s inside to work its way back to equilibrium in an orderly manner. To go back to the stadium example, a fast release (SodaStream’s only option) is like someone yelling “Fire!” while everyone stampedes toward the doors. DrinkMate’s slow release, on the other hand, is like everyone filing toward the exits in an orderly fashion.

Once you’ve poured carbonated liquid into a glass, bubbles form around what’s called nucleation sites—imperfections in the glass or a bit of microscopic dust in the liquid—that, say, leave an enticing trail of bubbles in a glass of Champagne. A rough-surfaced ice cube will cause more intense bubbling. Mentos, with all their micro-craters, create chaos in Coke or any other carbonated drink.

Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker REVIEW — Carbonate ANY Beverage!





The Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker is a fun new kitchen appliance that will carbonate literally almost any drink! Not only can you carbonate water to make your own sparkling water and soda, but unlike other machines that can only carbonate water, this Drinkmate will carbonate almost any beverage!

I am so excited for this fun new kitchen appliance to play with this summer! The Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker will carbonate any beverage. It goes without saying that you can carbonate water and make your own sparkling water and sodas, but unlike other machines that can only carbonate water, the Drinkmate can carbonate any drink!

Drinkmate vs Sodastream — What’s the difference?

The Drinkmate and the Sodastream are similar appliances, however the Sodastream can only carbonate water. Sodastream specifically says on their website to only carbonate water in the Sodastream machine.

On the other hand, the Drinkmate can carbonate any beverage like coffee, tea, juice, wine, sodas that have gone flat, and more.

Can I carbonate orange juice in a SodaStream?

Sodastream does not recommend that you carbonate anything other than water in their machine. However with the Drinkmate you can carbonate any beverage. Yes, you can really carbonate juice with the Drinkmate!

Do SodaStream bottles work with Drinkmate?

The bottles are approximately the same size as the Sodastream bottles, but unfortunately they aren’t compatible. You can’t use Sodastream bottles in the Drinkmate.

However you can use the same standard CO2 cylinders as the Sodastream. All brands of 60L CO2 cartridges in North America work with both machines.

Is there an alternative to SodaStream?

The Drinkmate is a much better alternative to Sodastream because it does everything Sodastream does but also so much more. With the Drinkmate you can actually carbonate wine and make your own sparkling wine!

Does the Drinkmate need to be plugged in?

No, it does not need to be plugged in or charged. There’s no cord, so it’s easy to put away and store so it’s not taking up valuable kitchen counter space. You can also take it outside and use it in the backyard for barbecues, or take it with you to a pot luck or friend’s house. It’s small, lightweight, and portable.

Homemade Sparkling Peach Juice

What drinks can I carbonate?

Drinkmate is the first home carbonated water maker that can add sparkle to virtually any cold beverage you desire. The possibilities are as endless!

Can you imagine drinking a sparkling ice coffee this summer? Or sparkling iced tea?

You could carbonate freshly squeezed orange juice for a healthy orange soda. Or what about watermelon juice??

I would love to try carbonated Gatorade or Kool-aid!

You could also make your own sparkling wine or apple cider.

What drink would you carbonate first??

Where to Buy:

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker on Amazon

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below! We’ll do our best to help.

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