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Can You Use A Griddle Pan On An Induction Hob | Neff Flexi-Induction Hob Demonstration With Griddle. The 34 Latest Answer

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You can use your flat griddle pan on all types of hob including induction, ceramic, gas, and electric as well as in the oven or under the grill.If you’ve been forgoing cast iron cookware because you have an induction burner, you need not worry. If you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s “yes!” You can absolutely use a cast iron skillet on an induction burner.There are many types of cookware that cannot be used on the induction: Aluminum or aluminum clad, copper or copper clad, aluminum foil, glass/ceramic and some stainless steel products (because these will not attract and hold a magnet).

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Can I use a cast iron griddle on an induction stove?

If you’ve been forgoing cast iron cookware because you have an induction burner, you need not worry. If you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s “yes!” You can absolutely use a cast iron skillet on an induction burner.

What pans Cannot be used on induction cooktop?

There are many types of cookware that cannot be used on the induction: Aluminum or aluminum clad, copper or copper clad, aluminum foil, glass/ceramic and some stainless steel products (because these will not attract and hold a magnet).

What kind of pans can you use on an induction cooktop?

Magnetic materials like stainless steel over aluminum, cast iron, and enamel on metal are all safe to use on an induction cooktop. However, avoid glass, ceramic, aluminum on its own, and copper. Of the materials used for induction-ready cookware, stainless steel over aluminum is the most common.

Can you use any frying pan on an induction hob?

To cook on an induction hob, you can only use pans with magnetic properties, so they can conduct electricity. All of your pots and pans must have bases of ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those that contain iron – that means steel and cast iron.

What are the disadvantages of induction cooking?

Disadvantages of Induction Cooking

The prices for induction have come down, but this cooking method is still more expensive than low-end gas appliances. Additionally, there may be an added expense if you need to invest in new cookware.

Do chefs like induction cooktops?

Chefs love induction cooking because of the extremely fast heating and precise heat control provided through a high-performance glass-ceramic surface. Also, induction technology warms the pan and not the surface or surrounding area, so very little heat escapes into the room.

Can you damage an induction hob by using wrong pans?

Keep contact. Induction cooktops doesn’t work if there is no contact with the pan. This is the reason why you have to use cookware with thick plain non-deformable bases. If the base is too thin it can lose its shape easily when cooking at high temperatures and even damage the cooktop in case of overheating.

Can you damage an induction hob?

Induction hobs tend to be damaged in one of two ways. Either the glass is scratched, which can ruin its look and lead to cracks, or it is cracked outright.

What happens if you put a non induction pan on an induction hob?

If you try to use a normal pot or pan on an induction hob, the hob ring won’t turn on. This is because a pan for an induction hob must be made from ferrous metal, or have a ferrous metal base. This completes the circuit of the hob, switches the hob ring on and allows the pan to heat up.

How can you tell if a pan is induction?

You can tell if your pan is suitable for induction cooking if it has a coil symbol on the base, or if a magnet clings firmly to the pan’s underside. If you test a pan and the magnet only sticks loosely to the base, you may find the pan does not heat as effectively.

What happens if you use aluminium pan on induction hob?

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and works perfectly with gas and electric cooktops. But when it comes to using an aluminum pan on an induction cooktop, it would not work – unless it has a base of stainless steel that can work on an induction cooktop.

How do you cheat on an induction hob?

if the substance you’re cooking in the small pot has a lower cooking temperature than another substance in your kitchen, putting that other substance in the large pot will aid heat transfer. For example if you’re melting chocolate at 113F in the small pot, putting some water in the large pot will help transfer heat.

Can I use my old pans on an induction hob?

Well, any pan that is made from some form of ferrous material should be OK. Cast iron cookware is fine, as is 18/10 stainless steel, but stainless steel, aluminium, copper, glass or hard anodised will not work unless they have an induction plate built into the base.

Can I use stainless steel on induction?

Stainless Steel – Durable and easy to clean, stainless steel pots and pans are a great choice for induction cooking, however cooking results can sometimes be uneven. Not all stainless steel is magnetic so you will want to perform the magnet test to be sure.

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Does cast iron work on induction cooktops?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s “yes!” You can absolutely use a cast iron skillet on an induction burner. It’s a common myth that you can’t use cast iron on induction burners, which likely stems from a misunderstanding of how induction cooktops work.

How does an induction burner work?

Induction stovetops have a coil of copper wire beneath a glass ceramic plate (this is what you set your cookware on). When you turn on your stove, an alternating electric current passes through this wire, which in turn creates a fluctuating magnetic field above the burner. When you place an iron or pan on top, this field creates many smaller electric currents within the metal, which heats up your cooking vessel. (This is the magic of induction: your pan heats itself up from within.) Thanks to the magnetic heating process, cooking on an induction burner gives you much more even heat and can eliminate hotspots on your cooking surface. Pots and pans also heat up more quickly on an induction burner, so be careful (more on this below).

Since induction burners rely on a magnetic field to generate heat, they’ll only work with cookware that’s made of ferrous metals (that is, metals that contain iron). Cast iron and most stainless steel pans work well on induction, but copper or aluminum won’t, unless it’s been specially built to work with induction. (Not sure if a pan will work with induction heating? Try putting a magnet on the bottom of it; if the magnet sticks to the pan, you’re good to go.) This magnetic field also extends a few millimeters beyond the surface of the burner, so it doesn’t matter if your skillet has a heat ring, it’ll still work just fine. This is especially true for our pans, since they have a heat ring that’s less than 1.5 mm thick.

Why does my pan even have a heat ring?

On the bottom of your Field Skillet, you’ll notice a thin, raised ring that lifts the pan a little bit off the surface of your cooktop; this is a heat ring. Heat rings are actually an ode to vintage cast iron and cooking appliances. When wood-fired stoves were invented, they had circular openings (called “eyes”) in the top that look similar to our modern burners. These openings were usually covered with a metal coverpiece when not in use, and could be removed for maximum heat delivery when cooking. Heat rings helped create a seal when pans were placed over these openings, preventing smoke from drifting into the house.

Even with today’s modern stovetops, heat rings play an important role in stabilizing cast iron pans. Here’s the reality: it’s impossible to make a perfectly flat pan, so we (and every other pan manufacturer) engineer specifications to get our skillets as close to flat as possible. If a pan isn’t close to flat, this becomes especially obvious on any glass-topped stove, whether induction or electric. However, heat rings allow us to manufacture our pans extremely close to flat. (Without a heat ring, you’re more likely to have a wobbly skillet, so beware of cast iron pans that don’t have them.)

Even without these added practical benefits, heat rings add a subtle nod to the vintage designs that inspired our modern cast iron cookware. Part of why we included a heat ring is simply because it looks great; we’re very intentional about the design of our pans, and they wouldn’t be the same without a heat ring.

How to use cast iron on an induction stovetop:

Cooking in cast iron is pretty much the same when using an induction burner versus any other cooking surface. However, there are two key tips that are worth calling out:

Brand Names of Cookware Compatible with Induction Cooktops

Brand Names of Cookware Compatible with Induction Cooktops

Compatible cookware for induction cooktops should be made of:

magnetic stainless steel

enameled steel*

cast iron (works well but may scratch the glass unless it is porcelain coated)*

a combination of these materials

* Painted or enamel bottom cookware is not recommended. If the enamel coating in on the bottom of the pan, it may fuse to the glass during cooking and lead to glass chipping.

For best results, use a pan that matches the element size. Pans should have a flat bottom and be at least 5 inches across the bottom . Cookware larger than the element ring may be used; however, heat will only be created above the burner.

The key to testing workable cookware is that a magnet must be able to stick and hold to bottom of pan. There are many types of cookware that cannot be used on the induction: Aluminum or aluminum clad, copper or copper clad, aluminum foil, glass/ceramic and some stainless steel products (because these will not attract and hold a magnet).

The following are some suggestions for brands of cookware that may be able to be used with induction cooktops. This is not an exhaustive list, so we recommend checking with the manufacturer if the product label does not indicate that it can be used with induction.

Chantal: enamel on steel with glass lid.

Kristaal : similar to and made by Chantal.

All-clad stainless : stainless steel with aluminum core(available through gourmet shops).

: stainless steel with aluminum core(available through gourmet shops). Nordic ware (advance performance) : porcelain enamel on carbon steel black in color (available through discount stores).

porcelain enamel on carbon steel black in color (available through discount stores). Magnalite Professional Stainless Steel (MPS ) : stainless steel w/ copper core. Also, Magnalite Professional Excalibur will work (available through department stores or call 1-800-767-5160 to order.) Note: Magnalite ‘Professional’ (dark color aluminum) will not work. It must be Magnalite ‘Professional MPS’ for it to work properly.

: stainless steel w/ copper core. Also, Magnalite Professional Excalibur will work (available through department stores or call 1-800-767-5160 to order.) Note: Magnalite ‘Professional’ (dark color aluminum) will not work. It must be Magnalite ‘Professional MPS’ for it to work properly. LeCruset : porcelain enamel on cast iron. (available through gourmet shops, department stores and discount stores).

: porcelain enamel on cast iron. (available through gourmet shops, department stores and discount stores). Amway’s Queen cookware : stainless steel. (available through Amway distributor) Note: The 10″ skillet is of different material and will not work on the induction cooktops.

: stainless steel. (available through Amway distributor) Note: The 10″ skillet is of different material and will not work on the induction cooktops. Salad Master cookware : stainless steel .Cannot use the “five star” line (available through gourmet shops and some department stores).

: stainless steel .Cannot use the “five star” line (available through gourmet shops and some department stores). Magnalite Classics : lighter weight than MPS, stainless steel.

: lighter weight than MPS, stainless steel. Asta : enamel on steel.

: enamel on steel. Regal Ware : Stainless steel (available through discount stores).

: Stainless steel (available through discount stores). Duncan Hines : Stainless steel.

: Stainless steel. Silit (german): steel. Makes a pressure cooker (available through gourmet stores).

(german): steel. Makes a pressure cooker (available through gourmet stores). Bra : stainless steel (available through gourmet stores).

: stainless steel (available through gourmet stores). Lustre Craft : stainless steel (Lustre Craft- 1-800-800-2850).

: stainless steel (Lustre Craft- 1-800-800-2850). Wagner Ware : cast iron. Be careful it can scratch.

: cast iron. Be careful it can scratch. Made In cookware

Note: Some cookware that is lighter weight magnetic steel, has a tendency to cause rattling of the pan while cooking. These pans are not recommended.

The Best Cookware Sets for Induction Cooktops in 2022

What We Love: Beautiful brushed stainless steel, quick to heat, sauce pan’s high walls prevent splatter

What We Don’t Love: Some users say the inside bottom of the pans discolor easily from heat, can easily overcook fatty foods if not careful

This set includes all the essentials, including two fry pans, a 3-quart saucepan, and a generously sized 8-quart stockpot, plus a bonus steamer insert. It’s suitable for all cooktops, including induction, and is oven-safe up to 500 degrees, ideal for recipes like skillet lasagna. Cuisinart’s Heat Surround Technology promotes even heat distribution throughout the pan, from the bottom up to its sides. The aluminum core construction was a highlight for our staff, who put this set through its paces at our testing lab. “For a stainless steel set we were very impressed how fast this pan is able to heat up,” says Collier Sutter, our food review editor, talking specifically about the frying pan, which cooked a fried egg perfectly. This is thanks to that core that’s sandwiched by double-layered stainless steel. “This heats very evenly and quickly, and is superconductive of heat!” she raves.

And that’s not all we have to say about the stainless steel construction. The brushed exterior is durable and easy to clean (and dishwasher safe to boot). The non-reactive stainless steel interior helps to promote efficient searing and caramelization while the lids circulate and heat moisture effectively. Last but not least, the stay-cool stainless steel handles are riveted on to create a seamless, classic look. And they’re not all looks, either: “This set has slightly elevated and comfortable handles that felt safer when cooking at high temperatures, especially because your hand is further away from the heat,” Collier explains, adding that she found the weight of each piece was distributed evenly throughout the handle.

The set’s downside, however, is that because it tends to run very hot, very fast, it can easily overcook food (especially fatty food) and even start smoking, Collier says. She advises taking extra care to not overheat the cookware: “When searing a chicken, there was a point where the chicken began sticking … and slightly overcooked the skin exterior,” she explains.

“Especially if you can’t justify in your budget spending extra bucks on [a higher-end set], you can rely on this set daily for its even heating, angled comfortable handles, lighter weight, and its high-walled saucepan.” — Collier Sutter, Food and Drink Review Editor

Material: Stainless steel with aluminum core | Maximum Temperature: 500 degrees | What’s Included: 8.5-inch fry pan, 10-inch fry pan, 1.5-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart saucepan with lid, 3.5-quart sauté pan with lid, 8-quart stockpot with lid, steamer insert with lid

Which pans can you use on an induction hob?

You just got your fantastic new induction hob installed and tried to cook on it but – surprise! – although it seems to be working, your food is just not heating up.

Here’s why.

Induction hobs work differently to electric hobs, which produce radiant heat, and gas hobs, which cook thermally. These hobs work in a straightforward way. Put anything on a gas or electric hob and it’ll get hot.

Induction hobs are different.

Why don’t all pans work on an induction hob?

An induction hob works using magnetic conduction. Under the glass surface of an induction hob is a copper coil. When a pan that can conduct electricity is put on the hob, an alternating electric current passes through it and heats up the base of the pan.

The pan becomes the heat source for your food, which is why induction cooking is so efficient. You’re not wasting heat warming up the air around the pan.

But when something non-magnetic touches the hob, it just won’t warm up. You can test this by switching on the hob and placing an ice cube on its surface. It won’t melt any faster than an ice cube you leave on the counter.

(You still need to be careful with induction hobs. The surface of the induction hob will be warm from the heat of a pan when you’ve just removed one – and the pan itself will be very hot!)

Which pots and pans can you use?

To cook on an induction hob, you can only use pans with magnetic properties, so they can conduct electricity. All of your pots and pans must have bases of ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those that contain iron – that means steel and cast iron.

Pans made of aluminium, brass and copper won’t work unless they’re specially designed for induction and have a ferrous base. Stainless steel will only work if its base is made of magnetic grade steel.

A good example of cast iron is this Staub oven dish, which also works on an induction hob. It’s currently priced at £49.99 on Amazon.

How can I tell if my current cookware will work on an induction hob?

You can use the magnet test.

You can find out if your existing pans will work on an induction hob by seeing if a fridge magnet (or any other kind) will stick to the base of the pan. It has to really stick on. If there’s only a weak pull – or none at all – the pan won’t work.

Your cookware also needs a flat base so it can properly receive the magnetic charge. A traditional wok is much less effective on an induction hob. A flat-based one like this one by Skylight, which is available for £39.97, will give much better results.

What to look for when buying

If you find that you have to replace your favourite cookware, you’ll be able to choose from a range of materials: non-stick, copper core, stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron or enamel.

The difference is that the items will be designed for induction cookers and will have an induction-friendly base. Compatible cookware will always say that it’s induction friendly or feature an induction symbol on its packaging. The symbol looks like a coil.

Can I use ceramic or enamelled pans?

Surprisingly, a number of ceramic-coated and enamelled pots and pans – including those from Le Creuset – will work on an induction hob. That’s because the ceramic or enamel is covering a cast-iron pot. Not all pots and pans from this brand will necessarily work, so check before you buy.

Amazon has some great induction-friendly cookware options. If you’re feeling spendy, we’d recommend this cast iron frying pan from Le Creuset. It comes in a number of colours and is currently retailing at £109.19, down from an RRP of £130.

For a slightly more budget-friendly option, you can get this enamelled ProCook casserole dish for £69. It can be used in the oven or on the hob.

What about non-stick pans?

There is plenty of induction-friendly cookware with non-stick surfaces around.

If you need to replace an entire set of pots and pans, you can get the five-piece set of Tefal non-stick cookware shown in the top picture (comprising three pots and two pans) for £93.99, down from an RRP of £120.

For a more budget-friendly option, this three-piece set of frying pans from Nuovva is only £34.99. They have a non-stick coating, wooden handles and copper sides.

For more advice on getting the most from your induction hob, have a look at our article on how to clean it.

Can you use a griddle pan on an induction range?

Griddle pans are a popular option, especially if you live in a condo and/or don’t have access to a grill to cook food on. One concern people have if they buy an induction range, is if their griddle pans will still work. Let’s explore this.

Two things to worry about using your griddle pan on an induction range

There are two things you need to worry about to see if your griddle pan will actually work. The first one is the issue of ALL cookware and induction, meaning, is it compatible with an induction range. If you have a heavy cast iron griddle top, then cast iron is magnetic and will be compatible with your induction range. If you have an aluminum one, then most likely, it will not work and you would have to get a new one.

Now, if we know that our griddle pan is made of cast iron, the next question is shape. Why does shape matter? The griddle pan I used to use, had two sides to it with large lips along the edge. One side was ridged, the other was flat. But the lips along the edge are what become the issue because the lips hold the pan off the grill. Our griddle, at least with my induction range, needs to make contact with the range itself.

So you may need to get a new griddle to go on your range. The following griddle is one I found that is induction compatible and it is inexpensive, $50. The only issue, is it is a flat top and not ridged.

Bridging the burners

The last thing you will need to do all depends on how your range works. Our KitchenAid range has what is called a bridge function. This allows us to place the griddle from front to back, hit the bridge button, and it will active both burners and allow you to heat the longer griddle pan. In fact, I find this works even better than with gas or regular radiant ranges in heating up everything.

Short answer – will it work?

The short answer is yes you can use your griddle pan, but only if it is the correct one. Many griddle pans are not shaped to work properly, or are not made with the correct metals (ferrous) that actives the induction cooktop.

The 7 Best Griddles For An Induction Cooktop In 2022

There is a lot to love about induction cooktops — they heat up and cool down faster than electric coils, they’re energy-efficient, and they’re easy to clean. But since induction cooktops rely on a magnetic field to create heat, that means you’re somewhat limited in the types of cookware you can use on your stovetop. For instance, when you’re shopping for the best griddles for induction cooktops you’ll need to buy one that’s made with a magnetic material in order to work with induction heat. Of course, finding a griddle made out a magnetic material isn’t too hard; you have your pick between cast iron, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum options — there are even ceramic griddles made with aluminum so they work with induction.

Even though the materials that work with induction cooktops are all magnetic, they tend to vary in some significant ways, and each option has its own pros and cons. For example, cast iron griddles are generally the most affordable of the three choices, and are great entry-level griddles if you’re just starting out. But, if you plan to cook foods that can cake on to a pan and stay there, a ceramic griddle is the easiest to clean. Meanwhile, experienced cooks may want to invest in a thick, durable stainless-steel griddle.

And beyond just materials, you’ll also want to consider size. For example, if you know you’ll be cooking pancakes for the whole family on Sunday morning, a double burner griddle will let you cook twice as much food at a time. And if you’re looking for the best multipurpose tool to save space in your kitchen, consider a dual-purpose combination griddle and grill.

With all of this in mind, here’s an in-depth look at some of the best griddle pans for induction cooktops that you can buy.

1 The Most Affordable: A Cast Iron Griddle Great For Cooking At High Temperatures Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle Amazon $18 See On Amazon If you’re looking for an affordable, entry-level griddle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value than this Lodge 10.5-inch cast iron option. While you’ll have to hand-wash it in order to avoid rust, cast iron is generally less expensive than stainless steel and is safer than non-stick for cooking foods like meat, pancakes, or pizzas at high temperatures. (Note: while it’s possible to cook eggs and more delicate foods like crepes in cast iron, it can require scrubbing with a scouring pad to fully clean.) This particular griddle comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, which helps make it non-stick without any synthetic coatings. Another thing to consider about this griddle is that cast iron can be heavy to hold, so keep that in mind if you’re the type of cook who enjoys tossing or swirling their pans. One fan raved: “Quality is good, pre seasoned, flat base, works on induction, right size ( 10.5 inch) perfect for our south Indian style dosas , not too heavy, easy to handle with less maintenance! Also works for pancakes, paratha, quesadilla all cooked over medium flame. […] Works like a Charm!”

2 The Easiest To Wash: A Ceramic Non-Stick Griddle For Cooking Delicate Foods GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Ceramic Nonstick Griddle Pan Amazon $72 See On Amazon While non-stick griddles are similar to skillets, a square-shaped griddle like this 11-inch GreenPan griddle has the advantage of having a larger surface area than a round skillet of a similar size. The anodized aluminum base allows this pan to function on an induction cooktop, while the non-stick ceramic interior (which is infused with diamonds for durability) ensures than omelettes, flaky fish, and cheesy foods can easily slide out and onto a plate once you’re done. Unlike some nonstick cookware, this griddle is actually safe to use at pretty hot temperatures and is rated to withstand oven and broiler temps up to 600 degreed Fahrenheit. Hand-washing the griddle and using non-metal utensils will also ensure that this griddle last as long as possible, and hand washing should be super simple since the nonstick coating is so slippery. That said, this product is also dishwasher-safe for convenience. And for those worried about the chemicals in non-stick coatings, you’ll be happy to know that this product is free of lead as well as cadmium, and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in general. If you’d prefer, GreenPan also has a grill pan to offer from this line. One fan raved: “We bought this pan because we have an induction cooktop and needed a pan that would cover our large burner and be able to cook multiple plant-based burgers or sausages at one time (for family dinners or breakfast). After cleaning it up, which barely took any work at all, it looks like a we had just taken it out of the package for the first time! Literally, the food slid right off the surface! This is exactly what we wanted.”

3 The Best Stainless Steel Option: A 5-Ply Griddle That’s Super Durable Chef’s Secret T304 Stainless-Steel 11-Inch Square Griddle Amazon $48 See On Amazon If you want something durable and easy to care for, it may be worth investing in this griddle from Chef’s Secret, thanks to the versatile nature and superior thick, five-ply construction. Unlike other induction-friendly materials, you can perfectly prepare nearly anything with a stainless steel griddle, regardless of the temperature needed. It’s also better than its cast-iron counterparts for searing foods and preparing acidic vegetables like tomatoes, since it doesn’t leave behind a metallic taste. Stainless steel is also naturally non-stick if you heat it up beforehand and coat it with a small swirl of oil. One fan raved: “I have been looking for an Induction square griddle FOREVER. I can finally cook my bacon in a pan that it fits in! This griddle works perfectly on my largest Induction burner space and spreads the heat evenly making it easy to cook on. It cleans easily as well and has fast become my favor pan to use!!!”

4 The Largest: A Massive Griddle That’s Perfect For Big Meals Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle Amazon $60 See On Amazon This extra-wide Cuisinart non-stick griddle is 10 by 18 inches, so it will over two burners, enabling you to prepare twice as much food at a time. (This can come in super-handy when you want to efficiently produce stacks of pancakes or cook an entire meal with one pan.) Its stainless-steel construction with a non-stick interior is also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean once you’re done. One fan raved: “This pan delivers on the non-stick promise: I’ve stopped using butter or oil completely when cooking with this pan, as they just bead off the surface anyway, and seem to make no difference to the cooking. Pancakes come out of this perfectly smooth and evenly cooked, and clean-up is exactly as easy as the instructions that come with it say: pour in some warm soapy water when you’re finished cooking, let it cool down, wipe out, towel dry. Done in one minute flat. Pancakes, bacon, eggs… all these things I’ve been cooking for years, but this pan makes them so much easier, and a breeze to clean.It works beautifully across two zones on our induction cooktop.”

5 The Best Multitasker: A Dual Purpose Grill & Griddle Combo Lodge Reversible Grill and Griddle Combo Amazon $30 $29.97 See On Amazon If storage space is an issue in your kitchen, you may want to consider a two-in-one griddle and grill combo like this Lodge reversible cast iron one. It measures 16.75 inch by 9.5 inch, and its versatile design features a griddle on one side and a grill on the other, giving you the choice of a perfectly smooth or textured cooking surface on two burners. Like other pre-seasoned cast iron griddles, this one must be carefully hand-washed in order to avoid rusting. One fan raved: “I was not sure how well this would heat on our induction stove because of the way the griddle sits un-level from the grill mark side. But I was surprised that it heated so quickly and cooks evenly with No problem. I love cast iron when cooking and it’s perfect for induction stoves. The griddle is great and I’m more than satisfied with my purchase. I Highly recommend this product.”

6 The Best Copper-Coated Pan: A Triple-Ply Griddle With A Durable Coating NutriChef Nonstick Copper Griddle Amazon $34 See On Amazon This 11-inch griddle pan is another great choice for anyone who likes to cook delicate foods like eggs or fish because it has a nonstick coating, which is PFOA-free. It also has a triple-ply design with an aluminum core that distributes heat well, and a copper coating that is durable. This pan can work on any surface, including induction, but can only withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve finished cooking with this pan, you can hang it from the ergonomic handle made from stainless steel because it has a convenient hanging hole. You can either purchase the griddle by itself, or as part of a cookware set. One fan raved: “These work great. The non stock surface works better than any I’ve ever used. You must not use metal utensils so you don’t scratch the surface! We have an induction surface and they are perfect for it.”

7 The Best For Crepes: A Round, Non-Stick Griddle ESLITE LIFE Crepe Pan Griddle Amazon $34 See On Amazon This magnetized griddle pan can be used for all sorts of foods, but it’s especially great for making crepes. It has a round design with slightly raised edges, and it’s nonstick, so you can easily spread the batter around. This pan is made from 4.5 millimeter thick cast aluminum with a magnetized base, so it works well with induction stove tops. The griddle part of the pan has a granite-style pattern, while the handle is made from heat-resistant bakelite with a woodgrain pattern. One fan raved: “Best pancakes ever! Even and perfectly consistent cooking, works well on induction, pancakes are fool proof! My husband, a picky chef, loves this pan.”

Food for Fort: A griddle pan for an induction hob. Plus I hate my fan oven

I am changing my hob to an induction and have been trying to source a griddle pan. The only ones available seem to be very, very heavy (Le Creuset). The one I have is Tefal with a red dot in the middle, and it works brilliantly but won’t do for induction. Any suggestions?

I quite like the heft of my cast iron, but I know what you mean. The trouble is that normal lightweight materials – stainless steel, aluminium – are not magnetic, so won’t react with induction hobs. However, there is the BBC Ready Steady Cook Bistro Griddle Pan which, it is claimed, is suitable for induction hobs (£22, from Russell Hobbs also does one that is lighter than the cast-iron variety (£40, from

I hate my fan oven. It cooks far too fast, dries food out, needs to be turned down almost to nothing for stews, spatters fat and still cooks faster on the top shelf than the bottom. Do other people like fan ovens or am I a freak?

Having avoided fan ovens like the plague for most of my cooking life, I, too, am currently adjusting to life with one. I would agree with some of your criticisms. But it’s not without its advantages: it is efficient – so efficient, in fact, that you can reduce the temperature for a recipe by about 20C, and shorten cooking times by 10 minutes or so per hour. Not much use, I agree, if you want long, slow cooking for a stew or low-temperature roasting, but every little helps, as someone once said.

Best Griddles & Teppanyaki Grill Plates for Induction Hob reviewed

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In case you’re wondering whether or not you can cook teppanyaki-style foods on an induction hob, the answer is yes, you can.

Induction heating is a very interesting and unique way of heating ferromagnetic metals, which has a lot of benefits.

Induction heating comes from electromagnetic induction and when famous Serbian genius inventor, Nikola Tesla, first discovered that the electric field from an electromagnetic field could be extracted using his AC machine (the AC generator), physicist Michael Faraday wondered if the reverse was achievable.

Indeed Faraday cracked the electromagnetic induction and thanks to him we now have the induction hob, the computer hard drives, electrical transformers, induction motors and generators, Eddy currents, back EMF (electromotive force) and other applications for it.

My favorite one is this Castey Fundix Volcano tray. I’ve never seen a Teppanyaki plate more durable.

Let’s take a look at the top choices real quick, and after that, I’ll get into more detail on each of these:

Best Teppanyaki Induction plates & griddles reviewed

When induction hobs became a household appliance so too did teppanyaki griddles that are compatible with them.

Manufacturers jump aboard a newly created market niche that has a huge potential for profits and growth, and today there are hundreds of brand names that sell cast iron and stainless steel pans, pots, and grills for all sorts of cooking requirements.

Induction hobs provide all the benefits without the disadvantages of most cooking hobs like the gas burner stoves and electric stoves.

Below are some of the top quality brands of teppanyaki grills suited for induction cooking:

Overall best Teppanyaki for induction: Castey Vulcano Tray

(view more images)

This is a lightweight non-stick cast aluminum tray from Castey Vulcano that allows you to cook using virtually no oil and can be used as a pan on your hob or as a tray in your oven.

Enjoy cooking tons of various teppanyaki-style recipes on it, then put it in the dishwasher and clean it with a clean cloth with a few swipes and no problems!

Once placed on top of the induction hob the heat is evenly distributed across the tray pan surface makes cooking easy and fast.

It also has a heatproof soft-grip silicone-coated handles that are safe to grip even when you place it in the oven!

Check it out here on Amazon

Best stainless steel teppanyaki for induction: Chantal SLT60-48

(view more images)

A simple stainless steel teppanyaki induction compatible grill plate that’s perfect for whatever teppanyaki recipe you may want to prepare.

Sleek silvery-chrome finish that highlights the colors of the food recipe you’ll cook in it. Easy to use, versatile, safe, and easy to clean after you’re done with your kitchen escapades.

Stainless steel design guarantees instant heating the moment you put this on top of the induction hob and therefore allows you to cook your recipes with zero time wasted!

It’s available here on Amazon

Best budget stainless steel griddle for induction: Cuisinart

(view more images)

The Cuisinart griddle comes with Triple Ply Construction. This professional finish gives it a stainless steel exterior. If you have a big family with a big appetite, this is the griddle for you.

It measures 10 inches by 18 inches. The extra-large size is perfect for preparing large meals. The hard and wide exterior is easier for managing heavy ingredients while cooking. It is designed with an upright rim to keep your kitchen drip-free.

The steel handles keep the grip cool even on the induction cooktop. Cuisinart griddle comes with Heat Surround Technology. This evens out the heat distribution until the sidewalls of the cookware. For cleaning, just put in the dishwasher.

You must be careful with the non-stick surface. Be gentle with the wooden utensils or use a silicone spatula like one of these to avoid any scratching.

From yummy pancakes to grilled steaks, this spacious double burner can prepare anything.

Check the latest prices here

Best reversible iron griddle: Lodge Cast Iron

(view more images)

The favorite of induction hobs is a cast iron grill and the Savisto Non-Stick Griddle Pan has a reversible feature that allows you to cook food on either side of it.

Designed with healthy eating in mind, the plate uses channels and a drip tray to drain fats and oils away from your food. The end result is healthier and fat-free food.

The iron molecules is guaranteed to instantly react with the electromagnetic induction from the hobs, which will let you start cooking at a much earlier time compared to gas burner stoves.

The durable design means that you can enjoy a lot of cooking activities in the kitchen or outdoors for a very long time before replacing it.

The review for the best griddle for induction cooktop will be incomplete without the Lodge Cast Iron griddle. It is one of the most affordable 2-in-1 griddles out there.

It measures 16.75 inches by 9.5 inches. The size makes it easy to store but still spacious for cooking. The griddle was designed as completely flat. So, you can use it on any induction cooktop.

The Lodge iron reversible griddle comes pre-seasoned and is non-stick. You can use it for decades without losing any taste from your food. It gives a choice between a smooth or ribbed texture for whatever meal you decide to cook.

The griddle can rust due to the iron. As long as you carefully hand wash it, it will be fine.

So, the Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Griddle is a great buy for you if you want a multi-tasking griddle.

Check the latest prices here

Also, take a look at these built in teppanyaki grills

Best enameled cast iron grill plate: Le Creuset

(view more images)

Very durable and strong plate. This grill plate is made of enamelled cast iron and can withstand high temperatures.

The pan also has a wear-resistant layer so that the grill pan lasts for a very long time. You can use the grill with all heat sources and it’s dishwasher safe as well.

Again an A-quality plate at an excellent price, very durable, and resistant to high temperatures

Do you think durability is especially important and should the plate have a strong structure? Then this Le Creuset grill plate might be a good choice.

The material of this plate is enamelled cast iron and is well resistant to the high temperatures that you probably need when preparing your Teppanyaki meals.

This layer protects the plate well against scratches. This grill, just like our number one, can also be used with various heat sources, including induction.

Furthermore, the lifespan of your hob has also been considered: the bottom of the grill has a smooth structure, which prevents damage to the hob.

Nicely ribbed on top for a professional effect

The plate has a ribbed surface that serves to transport fat, so that you can prepare all meals on the grill as healthy as possible.

In addition, the ridges also immediately give the food a “Master Chef” appearance: by turning the food a quarter turn after a while, a diamond forms on the food.

Nice if you have a dinner with friends or family!

Just like our number one, this grill plate is also suitable for the dishwasher. The plate works best on medium heat, when the pan is well heated.

Before grilling the food, grease it with (vegetable) oil, for example. The food should be turned as soon as it comes off the bottom.

Classic quality from Le Creuset The French brand

Le Creuset has been a household name in the development of cast iron frying pans and casseroles since 1925.

They are there for the real cooking enthusiasts by offering beautiful and comfortable products of high quality and aim to combine a beautiful design with high performance in the kitchen.

The keywords that describe this brand perfectly are A-quality, stylish and ease of use.

Whether you want to prepare a dinner for two or for a large group of friends: Le Creuset is there for every occasion with the best cooking utensils.

Check it out here on Amazon

Best non-stick griddle for induction: Nordic Ware Two

(view more images)

With a price as low as $xx on Amazon, you are getting a steal. The heavyweight aluminum gives it a sleek but durable design.

It measures 17 inches by 10 inches approximately and weighs 2.2 pounds. It is wide enough to fit two burners. This lightweight griddle is also easy to carry and store. The size fits all standard camp stoves. So, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking.

The griddle’s non-stick surface lasts longer than most. This is because of durable PFOA-free non-stick coatings that stay for years. It is completely flat, so you do not have any grooves that would require rigorous cleaning.

The griddle is easy to use and maintain. Whether you use it as a baking tray or grill, this double burner is a money saver.

Check the latest prices here

How Induction Heating Works

Electromagnetic induction works exactly the opposite way an electrical generator works.

You see an electrical generator has a permanent magnet metal core spinning around a coil of wires with hundreds and even thousands of loops of copper wires around the core.

Each time the magnetic flux hits the coils electrons are excited (ejected) from the atoms of the magnetic core and are captured by brushes, which then becomes your household electricity.

With electromagnetic induction, however, the process is reversed and a coil of copper wires are assembled in a concentric circle and electrical energy is passed through it, thus creating a magnetic flux or field perpendicular to the coils.

Now the coils or the magnetic field itself will not produce any heat whatsoever; however, once you place a ferromagnetic metal plate (or in the case of an induction hob – an iron bottom induction plate), then the magnetic field will react with the iron in the plate.

But since iron is a poor conductor of electricity, then the electrons in the magnetic field from the coils – due to their very high excited state with the added high frequency charged through the coils – creates a lot of friction with the molecules on the iron bottom of the induction plate.

It is these frictional forces acting upon the induction plate that causes the heat and it heats up the food inside the plate much faster compared to a normal gas cooktop stove.

What is an Induction Hob?

An induction hob is a large household electrical appliances that use electromagnetic induction heating to provide heat and cook food.

Often most induction plates are lined with iron at the bottom part and as such electromagnetic induction is able to heat up the whole bottom section of the induction plate or any other cooking utensils in mere seconds or minutes depending on how high you set the temperature at.

All other cooking hobs cook food through convection, but the induction hob’s ring does not radiate heat, instead, it emits electromagnetic flux.

So if you touch it while cooking your food you will feel nothing as the only thing that heats up is the iron plate.

As early as the 1990s induction hobs had already been circulating the US Patent Office, but investors did not realize its potential yet.

One significant event in history that highlighted the amazing abilities of induction hobs was when back in the 1950s one of General Motors’ subsidiaries – Frigidaire – built prototypes tech platform demonstrators and was shown heating a pot of water with a newspaper placed between the stove and the pot, to demonstrate the convenience and safety.

However, this technology would not be fully appreciated until the 1970s and slowly induction hobs started flooding the US market until its success today.

Pros and Cons of an Induction Hob

As with all kitchenware, the induction hob is not without flaws, but it has a lot of benefits also considering the amazing technology behind it.

One notable difference between the induction hob versus the other hobs like the gas stove is that it is safer to use as even if you accidentally placed a paper towel or other combustible items in its rings it will not ignite and start a fire.

If you keep reading below, you will actually find that all the pros are worth the cons of the induction hob.



The induction hob is probably the fastest cooking machine that can raise the temperature of water to its boiling point or 100° Celsius and this video proves it beyond any doubt.

It beats the gas burner by a mile when it boiled the water in the pan in just 2.5+ minutes on the cooktop.

2. Responsiveness

It’s a common incident when you cook something with water and boil it for a few minutes to a few hours and all of a sudden when you come back to check on your casserole and the water in it has overflowed spilling all over the hob.

This does not happen with induction hobs as heats the pan directly it is quite responsive to the rise and fall of temperatures as you make adjustments to it.

As a matter of fact, induction hobs are better than gas stoves in some aspects.

3. Energy Efficiency

If you’re read the basics of thermodynamics, then you would know that energy transfer means energy converts into so many things all around us.

For instance, thermal energy like fire transfers heat via convection using air as a medium thus in almost all occasions the surrounding area near the heat source also becomes warmer than the general temperature outside of the influence of the heat source.

This warming of the surrounding is called “heat loss” and it is quantified as inefficiency in the production and use of energy (in this case the fire from the gas stove/gas hob).

However, when it comes to induction hobs very little heat is lost and therefore, by design, it is very energy efficient.

When you cook in the induction hob you will not feel any warmth in the surrounding area like you would with a gas hob and that’s because the induction ring of the hob will only heat the iron plate of the pan.

This means that you will only ever use as much energy as you need to heat your food and a much smaller amount of energy is wasted.

Here is a YouTube video demonstration with an induction plate cut in half where they tested to cook an egg in it.

It showed half of the egg that fell inside the plate easily gets cooked while the other half that fell directly on the hob remains gooey and never got cooked.

You’ll save energy and will be charged very little on your monthly electric bill for the induction hub, plus you’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint too!

Read more: the best teppanyaki grills for your home

4. Easy to Clean

As induction hobs are a flat surface, they are very easy to clean. All you need is some soapy water and a cloth. Job done!

5. Easy to Use

Cooking food with an induction hob is as simple as pressing a button and depending on how much heat you’ll need for your stainless steel induction plate/pot/pan, then you simply need to adjust the temperature settings.

You can also cook multiple recipes in a flex induction or zoneless hob as almost the entire surface of the hob has active pads (with copper coils) that radiates electromagnetic flux.

It’s perfect for your teppanyaki recipes!



If you’re the kind of person that sees a big difference between a $10 – $50 price variation when comparing brass burner gas stoves and induction hobs, then yes, you would equate this as a disadvantage in terms of your financial capacity.

However, if you’re an opportunist and weigh in all the benefits that the induction hob has, then you wouldn’t mind all those extra costs as you will save more money in the long run.

2. Pans

The only thing that’s not very likable about induction hobs is that in order for you to be able to cook your favorite dishes with it is that you’d need an induction-compatible pan set of cookware also.

However, your pan set may already be suitable for use with induction if it’s made from magnetic stainless steel or cast iron. In case you’re unsure whether you have ferromagnetic pans or not, all you have to do is stick a magnet bar with them.

If they stick with the magnet, then they are induction compatible.

3. Installation

Since induction hobs not only use electricity to power themselves but also increase the frequency of the electrical current that they use, they need to be installed with a specific electrical requirement.

Induction hobs need to be connected to a dedicated line of 6mm cable that runs with a 31 amperes circuit breaker, or a 10mm cable with a 45 amperes breaker if the isolator switch does not come with a 13 amperes socket.


It is not easy to identify the best griddle for induction cooktop. Whichever griddle you choose, there is a certain basic criterion they must fulfill – durability, easy to use and maintain, and non-stick.

What you cook and the way you cook it matters when looking for a griddle. Each of the five griddles come with a feature that makes them different. If you know what kind of cooking you want, any of these can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Also read: the best shichirin grills you can buy

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Reversible grill pan & griddle for induction hobs? : Cooking

I’m looking at buying a reversible grill pan / griddle combo in the near future, but in the UK gas hobs are slowly being phased out. My experience of electric hobs has not been good so I’ll probably be cooking on an induction hob in the future.

On the few sites that list it, reversible grills don’t work on induction hobs 1 2.

I assume this is because these pans have a rim that prevents the hob from getting close enough to induce a current.

Does anyone know of any reversible grills that work on induction hobs?

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