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Can You Take A Ferry From Ireland To Wales | Dublin Irland To Holyhead Wales Stena Line Ferry Crossing 2021 25683 People Liked This Answer

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There are daily ferries from Ireland to Wales. You can bring your car and there are no baggage restrictions. Ferry travel offers more flexibility in terms of luggage, timing and comfort and you can even bring your pets.Dublin to Wales ferry information:

Dublin is connected to Wales via the port of Holyhead. On average, there are 10 crossings each day between Dublin and Wales, which are operated by Irish Ferries and Stena Line. Crossings from Dublin to Holyhead usually take around 2 hours.The Holyhead-Dublin route links Wales and Ireland. Presently, two companies operate ferries on this route. These are Irish Ferries and Stena Line, and a total of 63 sailings are available every week. The average duration of the journey between the two cities is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

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Dublin Irland to Holyhead Wales Stena Line ferry crossing 2021 – Can you take a ferry from Ireland to Wales, details of this topic

Four hours Stena Line Ferry crossing from Dublin to Holyhead and showing it around as a truck driver in 2021 Covid time .

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Dublin Irland to Holyhead Wales Stena Line  ferry  crossing 2021
Dublin Irland to Holyhead Wales Stena Line ferry crossing 2021

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Can I take a ferry from Dublin to Wales?

Dublin to Wales ferry information:

Dublin is connected to Wales via the port of Holyhead. On average, there are 10 crossings each day between Dublin and Wales, which are operated by Irish Ferries and Stena Line. Crossings from Dublin to Holyhead usually take around 2 hours.

How long is the ferry ride from Wales to Dublin?

The Holyhead-Dublin route links Wales and Ireland. Presently, two companies operate ferries on this route. These are Irish Ferries and Stena Line, and a total of 63 sailings are available every week. The average duration of the journey between the two cities is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Is there a ferry from Rosslare to Wales?

The Rosslare Fishguard ferry route connects Ireland with Wales. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Stena Line. The crossing operates up to 14 times each week with sailing durations from around 4 hours 30 minutes.

Are there any ferries from Ireland to UK?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Ireland and England operated by 1 ferry company – P&O Irish Sea. The Dublin to Liverpool ferry crossing operates Weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 8 hours 0 minutes.

Is there a ferry from Cork to Wales?

There is no direct connection from Cork to Wales. However, you can take the bus to Waterford Bus Stn, stop 355051, take the bus to Rosslare Europort, stop 355501, take the walk to Rosslare, take the car ferry to Fishguard, take the walk to Fishguard Harbour, then take the train to Cardiff Central.

Do you need a passport to go to Wales from Ireland?

There are no routine passport controls in operation for Irish and UK citizens travelling between the 2 countries. However, you must show identification to board a ferry or an airplane, and some airlines and sea carriers only accept a passport as valid identification.

Do you need a passport from Dublin to Holyhead by ferry?

Irish Ferries recommends all passengers bring a passport with them. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries, but some form of (photo) identification is however required.

Do you need a passport to go to Wales?

Visas & Immigration

As part of the United Kingdom, there are no border controls when entering Wales from within the UK and you will not require a passport to travel between parts of the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

Do you need passport for ferry?

A valid form of photo ID will be enough on most domestic ferry sailings, or you won’t need any ID at all to check-in. You can find information on what form of ID you’ll need to travel in your confirmation email.

Is there a ferry from Wexford to Wales?

There is no direct connection from Wexford to Wales. However, you can take the drive to Rosslare, take the car ferry to Fishguard, then take the drive to Cardiff.

Can you get a ferry to Wales?

There are 2 popular ferry operators for Wales. These are Stena Line and Irish Ferries.

How long is the ferry from Wexford to Wales?

The Rosslare Fishguard ferry route connects Ireland with Wales. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Stena Line. The crossing operates up to 14 times each week with sailing durations from around 4 hours 30 minutes.

Can you get a ferry from Cork to UK?

The best way to get from Cork to England without a car is to bus and car ferry which takes 18h 12m and costs .

How do I get from Ireland to UK?

There are several ferry options for travelling between the UK and the island of Ireland: you can choose a fast ferry or slow ferry, travel by foot or as a car passenger to Dublin, Cork and Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland, or Larne and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Can you get a ferry from Northern Ireland to England?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Northern Ireland and England operated by 1 ferry company – Stena Line. The Belfast to Liverpool Birkenhead ferry crossing operates Weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 8 hours 0 minutes.

Travelling to Wales from Ireland

There are two ferry companies offering a crossing from Dublin:

The Irish Ferries Dublin to Holyhead service offers up to four sailings a day, taking three hours and 15 minutes to three hours 30 minutes, with an easy 30 minute check in. SailRail tickets are also available on the Holyhead/Dublin services and you can bring your bike. If you want to travel faster, the Dublin Swift service to Holyhead takes two hours 15 minutes.

The Stena Adventurer and Stena Estrid superferries have a crossing time from three hours 30 minutes on the Dublin to Holyhead route, with up to four sailings a day. The whole family can enjoy a break in Wales, including your pets at no extra charge.

Rosslare to Fishguard ferry tickets, compare times and prices

“Simply the best”

This was my first time travelling with Stena line. I brought 2 big bags thinking, im going to have to keep these on me for the few hours. When checking in I found out through Staff I could check them in. FOR FREE. Being 5 months pregnant this was just a life saver. I won’t lie, luckily I fell asleep for most of the trip however I can say the couches are really comfortable! They also didn’t sell iced coffee or tea, which I was disappointed with however, the staff honestly went the extra mile and said he would try his best to make one for me. I got a Hazlenut iced Cappuccino. It was EXQUISITE. Also met some lovely people too on board, in the outdoor area. After disembarking, the staff continuesly helped, brought my bags out for me and left me with my husband. Stena line, from now on, will always be my first choice. Thanks to all the staff and stena line for employing such kind & caring people.

‘Stena Europe’ travelled on Stena Europe

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Ferries from Ireland to England

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic, to the West of Great Britain. The island of Ireland is politically divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. The region has a rather diverse landscape with a ring of coastal mountains and low plains at the centre of the island. With three World Heritage Sites, Ireland’s outstanding natural beauty is of great interest to many tourists. Ferry travel is a popular method of getting from Ireland to England, Wales and the Isle of Man across the Irish Sea. Crossings are year round, fast and operated by a variety of ferry company across a number of routes. Despite the relatively long crossing, France is also well connected by ferry from Ireland. The ships are reasonably well appointed and as with the crossings to the UK, there are a number of operators and routes to choose from.

About England

England is the largest and most populous of the four ‘home nations’ that make up the United Kingdom.

Geographically England is defined as the region in the central and southern parts of the United Kingdom with Scotland to the North, Wales to the West and North Ireland to the West across the Irish Sea.

England can be divided into Northern England, the Midlands and Southern England with London in the South as the capital and centre of finance and culture.

Ferry travel is a very popular and well developed mode of reaching England, especially with visitors from Ireland and Northern Europe. It is an island after all.

With a choice of numerous ferry ports on offer connecting the likes of Ireland across the Irish Sea, France across the channel and Holland across the North Sea, it is no surprise that crossings to England and its numerous world class ports are managed by some of the largest, luxurious and most well-known ferry companies in operation.

Ferries from Ireland to Wales

About Ireland

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic, to the West of Great Britain. The island of Ireland is politically divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

The region has a rather diverse landscape with a ring of coastal mountains and low plains at the centre of the island. With three World Heritage Sites, Ireland’s outstanding natural beauty is of great interest to many tourists.

Ferry travel is a popular method of getting from Ireland to England, Wales and the Isle of Man across the Irish Sea. Crossings are year round, fast and operated by a variety of ferry company across a number of routes.

Despite the relatively long crossing, France is also well connected by ferry from Ireland. The ships are reasonably well appointed and as with the crossings to the UK, there are a number of operators and routes to choose from.

Find your wales

One way journey

Britain Station Abbey Wood Aber Abercynon North Abercynon South Aberdare Aberdeen Aberdour Aberdovey Abererch Abergavenny Abergele & Pensarn Aberystwyth Accrington Achanalt Achnasheen Achnashellach Acklington Acle Acocks Green Acton Bridge Acton Central Acton Main Line Adderley Park Addiewell Addlestone Adisham Adlington & Farirhn Adlington (Cheshire) Adlington (Lancs) Adwick Aigburth Ainsdale Aintree Airbles Airdrie Albany Park Albrighton Alderley Edge Aldermason Aldershot Aldrington Alexandra Palace Alexandria Alexandria Parade Alfreton Allens West Allerton Alloa Alloa SST Alness Alnmouth Alresford Essex Alsager Althorne Essex Althorpe Humber Altnabreac Alton Altrincham Alvechurch Ambergate Amberley Ammanford Ancaster Anderston Andover Anerley Angel Road Angmering Annan Anniesland Appleby Appledore Kent Appleford Appley Bridge Apsley Arbroath Ardgay Ardlui Ardrossan Hbr Ardrossan S Bch Ardrossan Town Ardwick Argyle Street Arisaig Arlesey Armathwaite Arnside Arram Arrochar & Tar Arundel Ascot (Berks) Ascott-U-Wych Ash Ash Vale Ashburys Ashchurch Ashfield Ashford (Middx) Ashford Intl Ashley Ashtead Ashton U Lyne Ashurst Kent Ashurst N Forest Ashwell & Morden Askam Aslockton Aspatria Aspley Guise Aston Atherstone Warks Atherton Manchr Attadale Attenborough Attleborough Auchinleck Audley End Aughton Park Aviemore Avoncliff Avonmouth Axminster Aylesbury Aylesford Aylesham Ayr Bache Bagshot Baildon Baillieston Balcombe Baldock Balham Balloch Central Balmossie Bamber Bridge Banavie Banbury Banford Bangor (Gwynedd) Bank Hall Banstead Barassie Bardon Mill Bare Lane Bargeddie Bargoed Barking Barlaston Barming Barmouth Barnehurst Barnes Barnes Bridge Barnetby Barnham Barnhill Barnsley Barnstaple Barnt Green Barrhead Barrhill Barrow Haven Barrow In Furness Barrow Upon Soar Barry Barry Docks Barry Island Barry Links Barton On Humber Basildon Basingstoke Bat & Ball Bath Spa Bathgate Batley Battersby Battersea Park Battle Battlesbridge Bayford Beaconsfield Bearley Bearsden Bearsted Beasdale Beaulieu Road Beauly Bebington Beccles Beckenham Hill Beckenham Jn Bedford Stations Bedhampton Bedminster Bedworth Bedwyn Beeston Bekesbourne Belle Vue Bellgrove Bellingham Ldn Bellshill Belmont Belper Beltring Belvedere Bempton Ben Rhydding Benfleet Bentham Bentley (Hants) Bentley S Yorks Bere Alston Bere Ferrers Berkhamsted Berkswell Berney Arms Berry Brow Berrylands Berwick (Sussex) Berwick On Tweed Bescar Lane Bescot Stadium Betchworth Bethnal Green Betws Y Coed Beverley Bexhill Bexley Bexleyheath Bicester North Bicester Town Bickley Bidston Biggleswade Bilbrook Billericay Billingham Cleve Billingshurst Bingham Bingley Birchgrove Birchington Birchwood Birkbeck Birkdale Birkenhead Ctl Birkenhead North Birkenhead Park Birmingham (All Mainline Stations) Birmingham Intl Birmingham N St Birmingham Sn Hl Birminham M St Bishop Auckland Bishopbriggs Bishops Strtford Bishopstone Ssex Bishopton Sclyde Bitterne Blackburn Blackheath Blackhorse Road Blackpool North Blackpool P Bch Blackpool South Blackrod Blackwater Blaenau Ffest Blair Atholl Blairhill Blake Street Blakedown Blantyre Blaydon Bleasby Bletchley Bloxwich Bloxwich North Blundellsands Blythe Bridge Bodmin Parkway Bodorgan Bognor Regis Bogston Bolton Bolton On Dearne Bookham Bootle (Cumbria) Bootle Stations Bordesley Boro Green & Wrm Borth Bosham Boston Botley Bottesford Bourne End Bournemouth Bourneville Bow Brickhill Bowes Park Bowling Boxhill & Whmble Bracknell Bradford On Avon Bradford Yk (All Mainline Stations) Braintree Bramhall Bramley (Hants) Bramley W Yorks Brampton Cumbria Brampton Suffolk Branchton Brandon Branksome Braystones Cumbr Bredbury Breich Brentford Brentwood Bricket Wood Bridge Of Allan Bridge Of Orchy Bridgend Bridgeton Bridgwater Bridlington Brierfield Brigg Brighton Brimsdown Brinnington Brirkenhead H Sq Bristol Parkway Bristol Temple M Brithdir Brixton Broad Green Broadbottom Broadstairs Brockenhurst Brockholes Brockley Brockley Whins Bromborough Bromborough Rake Bromley Cross Bromley North Bromley South Bromsgrove Brondesbury Brondesbury Park Brookmans Pk Brookwood Broome Broomfleet Brora Brough Broughty Ferry Broxbourne Bruce Grove Brundall Brundall Gardens Brunstane Bruton Bryn Buckenham Norfolk Buckley Bucknell Bugle Builth Road Bulwell Bures Burgess Hill Burley In Wdale Burley Park Burnage Burneside Cumbr Burnham Bucks Burnham On C Burnley Barracks Burnley Central Burnley Manchr Rd Burnside Sclyde Burntisland Burscough Bridge Burscough Jn Bursledon Burton In Trent Burton Joyce Bury St Edmunds Busby Bush Hill Park Bushy Butlers Lane Buxted Buxton Byfleet & New H Bynea Cadixton Caergwrle Caerphilly Caersws Caldicot Caledonian Road Calstock Cam & Dursley Camberley Camborne Cambridge Cambridge Heath Cambuslang Camden Road Camelon Canley Canning Town Cannock Canonbury Canterbury (All Mainline Stations) Cantley Capenhurst Carbis Bay Cardenden Cardiff Bay Cardiff Central Cardiff Queen St Cardonald Cardross Carfin Cark & Cartmel Carlisle Carlton Carluke Carmarthen Carmyle Carnforth Carnoustie Carntyne Carpenders Park Carrbridge Carshalton Carshalton Beech Carstairs Cartsdyke Castle Bar Park Castle Cary Castleford Castleton Manchr Castleton Moor Caterham Catford Stations Cathays Cathcart Cattal Causeland Cefn Y Bedd Chadwell Heath Chafford Hundred Chalkwell Chandlers Ford Chapel En Le Frh Chapelton Devon Chapeltown Yorks Chappel & W Coln Charfield Charing (Kent) Charing X Glasgow Charlebury Charlton Chartham Chassen Road Chatelherault Chatham Chathill Cheadle Hulme Cheam Cheddington Chelford Ches Chelmsford Essex Chelsfield Cheltenham Spa Chepstow Cherry Tree Chertsey Cheshunt Chessington N Chessington S Chester Chester Le St Chester Road Chesterfield Chestfield & S Chetnole Chichester Chilham Chilworth Chingford Chinley Chippenham Chipstead Chirk Chislehurst Chiswick Cholsey Chorley Christchurch Christs Hospital Church & Oswald Church Fenton Church Stretton Cilmeri Clacton Clandon Clapham High St Clapham Junction Clapham Yorks Clapton Clarbeston Road Clarkston Claverdon Claygate Cleethorpes Cleland Clifton Down Clifton Manchr Clock House Clunderwen Clydebank Coatbridge Ctl Coatbridge Sside Coatdyke Cobham & Stoke D Codsall Cogan Colchester (All Mainline Stations) Collingham Collington Colne Colwall Colwyn Bay Combe (Oxon) Commondale Congleton Conisbrough Connel Ferry Cononley Conway Park Conwy Cooden Beach Cookham Cooksbridge Coombe Cornwall Copplestone Corbridge Corkerhill Corkickle Corpach Corrour Coryton Coseley Cosford Cosham Cottingham Cottingley Coulsdon South Coventry Cowden (Kent) Cowdenbeath Cradley Heath Craigendoran Cramlington Craven Arms Crawley Crayford Crediton Cressing Essex Cressington Creswell Crewe Crewkerne Crews Hill Crianlarich Criccieth Cricklewood Croftfoot Crofton Park Cromer Cromford Crookston Cross Gates Crossflatts Crosshill Crosskeys Crossmyloof Croston Crouch Hill Crowborough Crowhurst Crowle Crowthorne Croxley Green Croy Croydon Stations Crystal Palace Cuddington Cuffley Culham Culrain Cumbernauld Cupar Curriehill Custom House Cuxton Cwmbach Cwmbran Cynghordy Dagenham Dock Daisy Hill Dalgety Bay Dalmally Dalmarnock Dalmeny Dalmuir Dalreoch Dalston Cumbria Dalston Kinglnd Dalton Cumbria Dalwhinnie Danby Danes Court Danzey Darlington Darly Darnall Darsham Dartford Darton Darwen Datchet Davenport Dawlish Dawlish Warren Deal Dean (Wilts) Dean Lane Deganwy Deighton Delamere Denby Dale Denham Denham Golf Club Denmark Hill Dent Denton Deptford Derby Derby Rd Ipswich Derker Dersingham Devenport Devon Dewsbury Didcot Parkway Digby & Sowton Dilton Marsh Dinas Mid Glam Dinas Powys Dingle Road Dingwall Dinsdale Dinting Disley Diss Dockyard Devonpt Dodworth Dolau Doleham Dolgarrog Dolwyddelan Doncaster Dorchester (All Mainline Stations) Dore Dorking Stations Dormans Dorridge Dove Holes Dover Priory Dovercourt Dovey Junction Downham Market Drayton Green Drayton Park Drem Driffield Drigg Droitwich Spa Dronfield Drumchapel Drumfrochar Drumgelloch Drumry Duddeston Dudley Port Duffield Duirinish Duke Street Dullingham Dumbarton Ctl Dumbarton East Dumbreck Dumfries Dumpton Park Dunbar Dunblane Dunbridge Duncraig Dundee Dunfermline Qm Dunfermline Town Dunkeld Dunlop Dunrobin Castle Dunston Dunton Green Durham Durrington Dyce Dyffryn Ardudwy Eaglescliffe Ealing Broadway Earlestown Earleswood W Mid Earley Earlsfield Earlswood Surrey East Boldon East Didsbury East Dulwich East Farleigh East Garforth East Grinstead East Kilbride East Malling East Tilbury East Worthing Eastbourne Eastbrook Easterhouse Eastham Rake Eastleigh Eastrington Ebbsfleet Int Se Ebbw Vale Parkway Eccles (Manchr) Eccles Road Eccleston Park Edale Eden Park Edenbridge (All Mainline Stations) Edge Hill Edinburgh Edmonton Green Effingham Jn Eggesford Egham Egton Elephant & Cstle Elgin Ellesmere Port Elmers End Elmstead Woods Elmswell Elsecar Elsenham Essex Elstree and Borehamwood Eltham Elton & Orston Ely Emerson Park Emsworth Enfield Lock Enfield Stations Entwhistle Epsom Epsom Downs Erdington Eridge Erith Esher Essex Road Etchingham Etruria Euxton Bal Lane Evesham Ewell East Ewell West Exeter Central Exeter St Davids Exeter St Thomas Exhib Ctr Glasgow Exmouth Exton Eynsford Failsworth Fairbourne Fairfield Fairlie Fairwater Falconwood Falkirk Stations Falls Of Cruachn Falmer Falmouth Docks Falmouth Town Fambridge Fareham Farnborough (All Mainline Stations) Farncombe Farnham Farningham Road Farnworth Fauldhouse Faversham Faygate Fazakerley Fearn Featherstone Felixstowe Feltham Feniton Fenny Stratford Fernhill Ferriby Ferryside Ffairfach Filey Filton Abbeywood Finchley Rd & F Finsbury Park Finstock Fishbourne Ssex Fishergate Fishguard Hbr Fiskerton Fitzwiliam Five Ways Fleet Flimby Flint Flitwick Flixton Flowery Field Folkestone (All Mainline Stations) Ford Forest Gate Forest Hill Formby Forres Forsinard Fort Matilda Fort William Four Oaks Foxfield Foxton Frant Fratton Freshfield Freshford Frimley Frinton Frizinghall Frodsham Frome Fulwell Furness Vale Furze Platt Gainsborough 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Park Guide Bridge Guildford Guiseley Gunnersbury Gunnislake Gunton Gwersyllt Gypsey Lane Hackbridge Hackney Central Hackney Downs Hackney Wick Haddenham & T Py Haddiscoe Hadfield Hadley Wood Hagley Hairmyres Hale Halesworth Halewood Halifax Hall Green Hall In The Wood Hall Road Halling Haltwhistle Ham Street Hamble Hamilton Central Hamilton West Hammerton Hampden Pk Ssex Hampstead Heath Hampton (London) Hampton Court Hampton In Arden Hampton Wick Hamstead Birmngm Hamworthy Hanborough Handforth Hanwell Hapton Harbrough Harlech Harlesden Harling Road Harlington Beds Harlow Mill Harlow Town Harold Wood Harpenden Harrietsham Harringay Harringay Grn La Harrington Harrogate Harrow & Wldstne Harrow-Hill Und Hartford Hartlebury Hartlepool Hartwood Harwich Intl Harwich Town Haslemere Hassocks Hastings Hatch End Hatfield & Stnfh Hatfield (Herts) Hatfield Peverel Hattersley Hatton Havant Havenhouse Haverfordwest Hawarden Hawarden Bridge Hawkhead Haydon Bridge Haydons Road Hayes & Harlingtn Hayes (Kent) Hayle Haymarket Haywards Heath Hazel Grove Heacham Headcorn Headingley Headstone Lane Heald Green Healing Heath High Level Heath Low Level Heathersage Heaton Chapel Hebden Bridge Heckington Hedge End Hednesford Heighington Helensburgh (All Mainline Stations) Hellifield Helmsdale Helsby Hemel Hempstead Hendon Hengoed Henley In Arden Henley On Thames Hensall Hereford Herne Bay Herne Hill Hersham Hertford (All Mainline Stations) Hessle Heswall Hever Heworth Hexham Heyford High Brooms High St Glasgow High Wycombe Higham (Kent) Highams Park Highbridge Highbury & Isltn Hightown Hildenborough Hillfoot Hillington East Hillington West Hillside Hilsea Hinchley Wood Hinckley (Leics) Hindley Hinton Admiral Hitchin Hither Green Hockley Hollingbourne Hollingwood Holmes Chapel Holmwood Surrey Holton Heath Holyhead Holylake Holytown Homerton Honeybourne Honiton Honley Honor Oak Park Hook Hooton Hope (Clwyd) Hope Derbyshire Hopton Heath Horley Hornbeam Park Hornsey Horsforth Horsham Horsley Horton In Rbdale Horwich Parkway Hoscar Hough Green Hounslow Hove Hoveton &Wroxhm How Wood Howden Howwood Sclyde Hubberts Bridge Hucknall Huddersfield Hull Humphrey Park Huncoat Hungerford Hunmanby Huntingdon Huntly Hunts Cross Hurst Green Hutton Cranswick Huyton Hyde Central Hyde North Hykeham Hyndland Hythe Essex Ibm Halt Ifield Ilford Ilkley Ince & Elton Ince Manchr Ingatestone Insch Invergordon Invergowrie Inverkeithing Inverkip Inverness Invershin Inverurie Ipswich Irlam Irvine Isleworth Islip Iver Ivybridge Jewellery Quartr Johnston (Dyfed) Johnstone Sclyde Jordanhill Kearsley Manchr Kearsney (Kent) Keighley Keith Keledon Kelvindale Kemble Kempston Hardwk Kemsing Kemsley Kendal Kenley Kennett Kennishead Kensal Green Kensal Rise Kensngtn Olympia Kent House Kentish Town Kentish Town Kenton Kents Bank Ketnsham Kettering Kew Bridge Kew Gardens Keyham Kidbrooke Kidderminster Kidsgrove Kidwelly Kilburn High Rd Kildale Kildonan Kilgetty Kilmarnock Kilmaurs Kilpatrick Kilwinning Kinbrace Kingham Kinghorn Kings Langley Kings Lynn Kings Norton Kings Nympton Kings Park Kings Sutton Kingskerswell Kingsknowe Kingston Kingswood Kingussie Kintbury Kirby Cross Kirk Sandall Kirkby In Ashfld Kirkby In Furn Kirkby Merseyside Kirkby Stephen Kirkcakdy Kirkconnel Kirkdale Kirkham & Wesham Kirkhill Kirknewton Kirkwood Kirton Lindsey Kiveton Bridge Kiveton Park Knaresborough Knebworth Knighton Knockholt Knottingley Knucklas Knutsford Kyle Of Lochalsh Ladybank Ladywell Laindon Lairg Lakenheath Lamphey Lanark Lancaster Lancing Landywood Langbank Langley Berks Langley Green Langley Mill Langside Langwathby Langwith W Thorn Lapford Lapworth Larbert Largs Larkhall Laurencekirk Lawrence Hill Layton (Lancs) Laytonstone H Rd Lazonby Lea Hall Leagrave Lealholm Leamington Spa Leasowe Leatherhead Ledbury Lee (London) Leeds Leicester Leigh (Kent) Leigh On Sea Leighton Buzzard Lelant Lelant Saltings Lenham Lenzie Leominster Letchwrth Gn Cty Leuchars Levenshulme Lewes Lewisham Leyland Leyton Mid Rd Leytoonstone H Road Lichfield City Lichfield T V Lidlington Limehouse Lts Lincoln Lingfield Lingwood Linlithgow Liphook Liskeard Liss Lisvane & Tnhill Little Kimble Little Sutton Littleborough Littlehampton Littlehaven Littleport Liverpool (All Mainline Stations) Livingston North Livingston South Llanaber Llanbedr Llanbister Road Llanbradach Llandaf Llandanwg Llandecwyn Llandeilo Llandovery Llandrindod Llandudno Llandudno Jn Llandybie Llanelli Llanfairfechan Llanfairpwll Llangadog Llangammarch Llangelynin Llangennech Llangynllo Llanhilleth Llanishen Llanrwst Llanwrda Llanwrtyd Llwyngwril Llwynpia Loch Awe Loch Eil Out Bnd Lochailort Locheilside Lochgelly Lochluichart Lochwinnoch Lockerbie Lockwood London (All Mainline Stations) London Fields London Rd Brghtn London Rd Guilfd Long Buckby Long Eaton Long Preston Longbeck Longbridge Longcross Longfield Longniddry Longport Longton Looe Lostock Lostock Gralam Lostock Hall Lostwithiel Loughborough Loughborough Jn Lowdham Lower Sydenham 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Best way to travel from Dublin to Wales in 2022

Cardiff Castle Cardiff Castle (Welsh: Castell Caerdydd) is a medieval castle and Victorian Gothic revival mansion located in the city centre of Cardiff, Wales. The original motte and bailey castle was built in the late 11th century by Norman invaders on top of a 3rd-century Roman fort. The castle was commissioned either by William the Conqueror or by Robert Fitzhamon, and formed the heart of the medieval town of Cardiff and the Marcher Lord territory of Glamorgan. In the 12th century the castle began to be rebuilt in stone, probably by Robert of Gloucester, with a shell keep and substantial defensive walls being erected. Further work was conducted by Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester, in the second half of the 13th century. Cardiff Castle was repeatedly involved in the conflicts between the Anglo-Normans and the Welsh, being attacked several times in the 12th century, and stormed in 1404 during the revolt of Owain Glyndŵr.

Cardiff Bay Cardiff Bay (Welsh: Bae Caerdydd) is the area of water created by the Cardiff Barrage in south Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It is also the name commonly given to the areas of the city surrounding the Bay. The creation of Cardiff Bay is now widely regarded as one of the most successful regeneration projects in the United Kingdom. The Bay is supplied by two rivers (Taff and Ely) to form a 500 acre freshwater lake around the former dockland area south of the city centre. The Bay was formerly tidal, with access to the sea limited to a couple of hours each side of high water but now provides 24-hour access through three locks.

Millennium Stadium The Millennium Stadium (Welsh: Stadiwm y Mileniwm), currently known for sponsorship purposes as the Principality Stadium (Welsh: Stadiwm Principality), is the national stadium of Wales, located in Cardiff. It is the home of the Wales national rugby union team and has also staged games of the Wales national football team. Initially built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup, it has gone on to host many other large-scale events, such as the Tsunami Relief concert, the Super Special Stage of Wales Rally Great Britain, the Speedway Grand Prix of Great Britain and various music concerts. It also hosted six FA Cup finals and several other high-profile football fixtures while Wembley Stadium was being redeveloped.

How To Catch The Dublin to Holyhead Ferry: A Comprehensive Guide!

So you are finished in Ireland and now looking to catch the Dublin to Holyhead Ferry? The best option will be the to take the Dublin Wales Ferry or more specifically the Dublin – Holyhead ferry route.

Ferries from Dublin connect Ireland with Wales and are currently operated by 2 ferry companies; Irish Ferries and the Stena Line. From our research, they are more or less the same so I would go with the cheaper option/best sailing times that best suit you, but Irish Lines is generally a little more luxurious and happening…if that matters.

Irish Ferries has recently introduced a new ferry, the W.B. Yeats, and even though it is a vast improvement – it is not quite enough to stop us wishing there was a bridge, like between Anglesey and the Welsh mainland.

For specific policies, we refer to Irish Ferries as we had our experience with them, but as far as we can tell, most services are similar, have similar policies – and of course both leave and depart from the same place.

How To Catch The Ferry Dublin to Holyhead Wales?

The Irish Ferries service departs 4 times per day taking just 1hr 49 mins while the Stena Line service also makes crossings up to 4 times per day with a much slower duration from 3 hr 21 mins. If my maths is correct [and it often isn’t!] that is a total of 56 crossings per week on Ferry From Dublin to Wales.

Best to triple check with the Irish ferries timetable in case things change before you head to the Dublin ferry port. And don’t get your passport or identification. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries – but some form of identification is required.

If you are traveling around Europe and in possession of a valid International Rail Travel Cards ( Eurail & Interail) Irish Ferries offer a 30% discount on the standard foot passenger rates (adult or child) on both Ireland/Britain/Ireland routes and Ireland/France /Ireland routes.

Discounts apply only to standard foot passenger fares and are not applicable to a special offer or discounted fares that may be available from time to time.

In order to claim the reduction you just need to make your booking online and pay in full – then e-mail your booking reference number and your rail pass number through to them and they will reimburse back to your credit card.

I recommend comparing prices online beforehand of the Dublin to Holyhead ferry. Check both directly with each line and for specials on a ferry price comparison website. We found that Irish Ferries was the cheapest, and most convenient on the Dublin to Holyhead line, and so booked the cheapest price we saw [which was directly on their website].

You should also be aware for Ireland /Great Britain Routes foot-passenger bookings are 100% cancellation charge with no refund given after booking. Car bookings have differing cancellation terms, so pay attention when booking if you think this could be relevant to you.

Good travel insurance should cover most cases of unforeseen circumstances, though they offer a flexibility ticket option that allows you access to reduced cancellation fees.

They leave from Dublin ferry port which is close to the city center and Port-to-Port takes just 1hr 49mins. Check-in for the ferries from Dublin close just a half hour before boarding as well so travel times are minimized, so you have more time to take photos of flower potted alleyways!

Getting from the Dublin Ferry Port to the city center (or vice versa) isn’t too difficult – you can take a uber / cab or, like we did, take the Irish Ferries Express Bus Transfer which serves Dublin Port 7 days a week.

The fare is €3 for an Adult and €1.50 for a Child. Adult return is €5 and child return is €2.50, payable on board. For the inbound services, the coach meets all Irish ferry arrivals and drops you off at either Connolly or Westmoreland Street in Dublin City (close to all the fabulous Dublin Pubs).

Heading to the terminal, services operate from the Mortons Bus Stop located on Westmoreland Street daily at 07:00hrs, 13.30hrs & 19:00hrs.

There is also a regular city public bus service which operates between the city center and Dublin Ferryport, the #53, which starts and terminates at Talbot street. Standard bus fares apply to this service and free travel passes may be used.

Be sure to collect your ferry ticket and check-in when you arrive at Dublin Ferryport on your day of travel. When you make a booking, an email confirmation will be sent to you with your booking reference but this is not a travel ticket, but it will be needed to exchange for your ticket on departure.

The latest check-in time for Irish Ferries on this route is 30 minutes before departure when traveling on foot or by car.

Other Useful Things To Know When Booking Irish Ferries

If you have an electric car, you should book specifically onto the Dublin – Holyhead Cruise Ferry: mv Ulysses as recharging point available onboard. The charge points available are only POD Point Type 1 chargers and pre-booking is required to ensure you reserve your space next to the charge point. You should also check-in one hour in advance of your sailing time if you require an electric car charging point. With an electric car you also scoot around seeing all the famous locations from movies set in Ireland without any guilt about the enviromental impacts!

All prices on board Ireland/Britain Routes are in Euro although Irish Ferries accept both Euro and Sterling as payment. Onboard currency exchange rates apply for payment by sterling, and money changing facilities are available on board all 3 ships serving these routes to make your life easier – though typically with higher commission / surcharge rates.

You can bring as much hand luggage as you can comfortably carry, but it must be packed in a suitcase or bag. No boxes or loose items are acceptable as hand luggage. One small piece of hand luggage will be permitted to be carried with you – the rest will be checked through their luggage handling facility. Remember each item of checked in luggage must not weigh more than 22kg and you will not be able to access these items during the crossing.

Where is Holyhead?

Holyhead is situated on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales and if your driving is served by the A55 and A5 road networks, quickly linking you to the rest of the U.K.

Holyhead also has an excellent rail service direct from the terminal providing connections to rail stations throughout Britain. Holyhead port and train station are part of the same building – simply follow the signs within the terminal to get to the train platform.

This means if you are coming on one of the ferries from Dublin in the morning you can finish the day pretty much anywhere in the United Kingdom just with public transport! – Though in this part of the world public transport might not be the best option!

If you are travel planning before or after the Dublin to Holyhead Ferry you might also like:

Dublin to Wales Ferry Travel Tips

Dublin to Wales Ferry Travel Tips

The summer holidays are nearly upon us, and Wales’ natural playground is beckoning holiday-goers far and wide to come and make the most of its expansive countryside, golden strips of sand, delicious ice-cream, awe-inspiring castles and magnificent mountain ranges!

Following the success of the government’s vaccination programme, the tourism industry is beginning to gear back up again, particularly for staycations in the UK due to lingering uncertainty around foreign travel and quarantine regulations.

Just a stone’s throw away across the icy waters of the Irish Sea, holiday-goers arriving into Wales from the Republic of Ireland can reap the rewards of a long Welsh summer, without facing a lengthy quarantine period upon arrival. Given Dublin’s well-connected ferry routes to and from mainland Wales, it’s been a no-brainer for Irish residents dreaming of a hassle-free, relaxing getaway that is also extremely affordable.

Whilst the novelty of jetting off and escaping reality for a break in the sun means many travellers naturally gravitate towards flying as their main mode of travel, it is no myth that navigating the airport process can be a daunting and tricky affair – especially with little ones in tow. By choosing to hop on the ferry, not only can you soak up the stunning scenery of Wales from a unique vantage point, but as you propel out into open waters, you can leave behind the stresses of pre-booking airport parking, time-consuming security screenings, luggage allowances, waiting around (which can be exhausting in itself!), and unpleasant stuffy cabins.

Here at Welsh Rarebits, we want your holiday in Wales to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We’ve put together our top tips for travelling to Wales from Dublin by ferry to remind you that getting there is half of the fun – not half of the battle!

Dublin to Holyhead

Taking approximately three hours and 30 minutes each, Irish Ferries and The Stena Adventurer and Stena Estrid super ferries are the two major companies offering ferry crossings from Dublin to Holyhead. Taking you directly into Holyhead, the major Irish Seaport located on the Isle of Anglesey, both services run up to four sailings a day, giving you the flexibility of time depending on your proximity to the Dublin port. Even better still, checking in for the ferry crossings couldn’t be easier, taking just 30 minutes and closing just 30 minutes before boarding to minimise travel times. Get to Dublin early enough in the day, and you’ve got time to grab a bite to eat and wander around Dublin’s many quaint cobbled streets before hopping aboard!

Just a handful of the various perks of travelling by ferry include: no baggage restrictions, flexibility in terms of timing and comfort, being able to bring pets aboard and, of course, you can bring your car!

Whilst travelling around Wales without a car is simple enough and boasts many wonderful experiences by way of scenic railway lines, coastal bus services and public footpaths, those looking to cover a lot of ground at their own pace will be thankful for their car. And for those that want to explore Wales’ extensive network of cycling routes and all the thrilling scenery to be seen from the saddle, Irish Ferries also offer SailRail tickets for their Holyhead/Dublin services which allows you to bring a bike aboard.

Irish Ferries: Top Travel Tips

Preparing for a holiday, whether a short weekend getaway or an extended sabbatical naturally throws a small amount of stress into the mix, along with the excitement! Knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding travelling to your destination, so here’s a few things to bear in mind before booking with Irish Ferries:

Unlike taking a flight, you can bring as much hand luggage as you can manage to carry onboard. And when we say hand luggage, this doesn’t include loose items which aren’t accepted unless contained in a suitcase or bag. You can carry one small piece of hand luggage onboard but the rest must be checked into the luggage handling facility and not weight more than 22kg.

Whilst all prices are shown onboard in Euro, Irish Ferries accept both Euro and Sterling as payment, which is great if you’ve got any loose bits of change to use up on the journey home!

If you have an electric car, you should check in an hour in advance of your sailing time to access a charging point onboard. You will need to book specifically onto the Dublin – Holyhead Cruise Ferry and pre-book the POD Point 1 chargers to ensure you secure a spot next to the charging point.

Holyhead and Beyond

Forming the northwest tip of Wales, Holyhead is the largest town on Holy Island, Anglesey, and is widely renowned as the ferry port that links Wales to Ireland. After you’ve docked up at Holyhead and received your luggage, it’s well worth spending an hour or two stretching your sea-legs during a walk around the local area. You could take a stroll up to the St. Cybi Church in the town centre or spend the day breathing in the fresh sea air (if you haven’t already had enough of it!) on a coastal walk at the Breakwater Country Park.

After a bite to eat at one of Holyhead’s many fantastic eateries, it’s time to let the holiday fun begin! With quick links to the A55 and A5 road networks, you can access the rest of the UK or hop on the train service directly from the ferry terminal to your final destination.

If you’re taking a late ferry crossing, Anglesey has some wonderful and accommodating places to stay and spend a night recuperating ahead of your Welsh adventure! Just half an hours drive away from Holyhead ferry terminal, the stunning state-of-the-art Tre-Ysgawen Hall Hotel & Spa is an exceptional period property on the Isle of Anglesey that guarantees an indulgent experience for all its guests.

Book your stay at Tre-Ysgawen Hall Hotel & Spa…

However you decide to travel to Wales, here at Welsh Rarebits we’ve got a huge selection of places to stay when you get here. Whether you’re looking for a seaside escape, rural retreat or pet-friendly accommodation providers, we’ve got some something for everyone.

Discover our unique collection of places to stay in Wales…

Ferry to Dublin and Holyhead

Travel by ferry to Dublin and Holyhead and get away the easy way to Ireland and Wales. Enjoy the best travel experience on the Irish Sea onboard the Stena Adventurer or Stena Estrid Superferries travelling 8 times daily between Dublin and Holyhead in only 3 hours 15 minutes.

Holyhead to Dublin – travel in style

Pack up the car and travel by ferry to the heart of Dublin. Sit back and relax onboard, enjoy a great meal, a drink at the bar or if you want to treat yourself why not pick up a bargain in our Duty Free Shop? Ireland’s capital, Dublin is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The culture is electric and the city is renowned for its poets and playwrights, artists and musicians.

Things to do in Dublin

Where do you start? With its many museums, stunning sights and great shopping a short break to Dublin by ferry is an ideal break away. Explore the Guinness Storehouse and enjoy a pint of the famous “Black Stuff” or if whiskey is your preference visit the famous Jameson Distillery. Enjoy the craic in Temple Bar, stroll through St. Stephen’s Green and immerse yourself in history in the world-famous Trinity College and its stunning libraries.

Dublin to Holyhead – it’s easy by car

Travel to Holyhead by car and bring all you need to go hiking, biking or sightseeing around North Wales and beyond. The Island of Anglesey is renowned for its amazing coastline and the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Birmingham are all within easy reach.

Things to do in and around Holyhead

Kayaking, powerboating and beachcombing are all part of the appeal of Holyhead and North Wales. Enjoy some top class restaurants, beautiful towns and villages and a warm and friendly welcome.

With no baggage charges taking the ferry to Dublin and Holyhead is easy so pack it all in and enjoy a car-cation with Stena Line today.

Ferries to Wales, ferry tickets and ferry prices at

Find Ferries to Wales with

Book and set sail from any of the 2 ports that travel to Wales by ferry easily with Offering tickets from 2 different ferry companies with a choice of up to 3 destination ports in Wales, covers all the major Ferries to Wales!

Too see more detailed ferry information, simply enter your preferred route in the ‘Ferry Ticket Search’ box, select the number of passengers and hit the search button!

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