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Advice | Blaise Zabini X Listener | Blaise Zabini X Reader The 192 Top Answers

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I hope you guys enjoy this fanfic! Excuse my horrible accents. I love you guys and hope you have a fantastic rest of your Friday! BTW: check out the author and the artist, both of them are amazing. They will be linked down below.
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Date Published: 10/15/2022

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— Slug Club Party (Blaise Zabini x reader) – Slytherweasley

Blaise doesn’t like attention on him mostly but he loves showing you affection so he can get over that to show you his appreciation for you.

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Amortentia- Blaise Zabini x Female Reader – Kody

Blaise- Blaise Zabini. “For Hufflepuff’s you two are quite nasty” Draco spoke, a grin playing on his lips. The boy Hufflepuff rolled his eyes “ …

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how much i love you//blaise zabini x reader – remmyswritings

how much i love you//blaise zabini x reader I’M BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to writing, but i’m back and …

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BLURRY | Blaise Zabini x Reader – Truyện – Novel Online

An x-reader fan-fiction about a romance between J.K. Rowling’s character Blaise Zabini and you.] An average third-year Slytherin, you’ve had just about …

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Advice | Blaise Zabini x Listener
Advice | Blaise Zabini x Listener

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Who did Blaise zabini end up marrying?

He just wouldn’t leave certain people to the wolves the Ministry had become. In April of 2000, Jonothan died mysteriously as well. Blaise thought that with six children and being a widower seven times would keep men away, and it did, for a while. Until May of 2002 when she married Harrison Greene.

Who is Blaise zabini crush?

7. Blaise’s first crush was on Professor Snape. He never acted on it. The man was too noble—Blaise knew he would never stoop to sleeping with a student.

Was Blaise zabini mentioned in books?

Blaise Zabini is a character from the Harry Potter books. Blaise is a Slytherin in Harry Potter’s year, and is mentioned in the sorting scene in the first book as the final student to be sorted. Prior to Half-Blood Prince there was no other mention of Blaise in the books, causing much fan speculation.

What is Blaise zabini full name?

Blaise Zabini
Actor Louis Cordice
Born September 1979 – August 1980
Died N/A
Family unknown
7 thg 1, 2021

Did Blaise like Draco?

He also did not seem to respect Draco Malfoy very much. Blaise was prejudiced against Muggles, Muggle-borns, and those who were accepting of them.

Who did Daphne Greengrass marry?

She took her O.W.L.s in 1996 at the same time as Hermione Granger. She has a younger sister, Astoria Greengrass, who eventually married Draco Malfoy. She has a nephew, Scorpius by this marriage. Daphne married Daniel Potter in 2000, and their son Fergus Potter was born in 2002.

Did Blaise Zabini have a child?

Blaise Zabini had two kids after the war; Elphias and Cerelia Zabini. They both were in Slytherin but Cerelia was always the nicer of the two. She ended up befriending Scorpius in their first year.

Who does Pansy Parkinson marry?

Pansy later married Blaise Zabini, with whom she had a daughter and a son, named Carmen and Marco Zabini. They were happily married and died in love.

Who does Luna marry?

What is Blaise Zabini mother name?

Mrs Zabini (fl. 1980) was a witch and the mother of Blaise Zabini. She was famously beautiful, and married seven wizards who each died in mysterious circumstances, leaving her with a large amount of gold from each.

Is Dean Thomas Black in the books?

Overview. Dean Thomas is a Gryffindor in Harry’s year, who shares a dormitory with Harry, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Seamus Finnigan. Although there is no particular description in the UK editions of the book, in the US edition it is mentioned that he is a black Londoner.

Who did Draco lose his vcard to?

Pansy Parkinson

Draco lost his virginity to her on the Yule Ball night in fourth year and since then Draco and Pansy had been sexual partners. Pansy found out Draco’s feelings for Hermione sometime at Hogwarts and the two were assumed to break up around the end of the War.

Who did Pansy lose her vcard to?

6. Pansy lost her virginity to Adrian Pucey in her fourth year; she was drunk on wine from the Yule Ball and had been abandoned by Draco in the middle of the party, only to be scooped up the suave older boy, eager for an easy catch.

What color are Blaise zabini’s eyes?

Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Blaise Zabini
Blaise Zabini
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Related Family Famous mother
Loyalty Slytherin House

Blaise Zabini/Reader – Works

“I was starting to question if you were going to back out,” his cool and overly confident tones travelled down the corridor towards me as I walked down the otherwise silent corridor, the thin heel of my mustard patent shoes tapping on the concrete stone flooring as I walked towards him. “If you thought that was the case; I would argue you don’t know me at all well, and that would be quite pitiful on your part seeing as this isn’t our first late evening encounter,” I countered, a small smile playing at my lips as I stopped ahead of the Slytherin Prince’s second in command. I didn’t need to look over him properly – or to any extent for that matter – to know he would be smirking, wearing that same smirk that he now reserved for me, “are we going to stand out here all night or did I just suffer needlessly walking from the common room to here?”

*1st POV

** hiatus in coming

*** hope you enjoy this fic 🙂

Blaise Zabini

The Debate over Blaise Zabini

The character of Blaise is one of the most confusing in the fandom because so few details were stated in canon. Until shortly before Half-Blood Prince came out, even his sex had not been confirmed by J.K. Rowling. His gender was an especially hot topic of debate, as many fans had strong opinions on whether “Blaise” was a masculine or feminine name. Though discussion of his possible physical appearance was not uncommon, race was almost never mentioned: he was widely assumed to be white. In 2004, J.K. Rowling confirmed that Blaise was male in response to a Portuguese translator’s inquiry.[1][2] Previously, translations of the books were inconsistent as to whether Blaise was male or female.[3] Canon Blaise backlash After the release of Half-Blood Prince, many fans refused to change their views of the character from what they had already established for themselves; others stopped using him in their fic or reading fic with him as a major character.[4][5] This was generally attributed to racism in fandom, though many fans insisted that it was just difficult for them to let go of a fanon characterization they had spend years cultivating. As of 2012, some fans continue to portray Blaise as a white character, especially in roleplays, fanart, and other images on Tumblr, sparking continued discussion of whitewashing.[6]

Fanon Blaise

Characterization & Common Tropes

Pre-HBP Before Blaise appeared in Half-Blood Prince, there were no confirmed details about his character aside from his name and house placement, so fans felt especially free to come up with their own ideas. Often this meant that he was more extreme than his canon companions, both in sexuality and in temperament. Before his reveal, he was often used as a replacement in fanfiction for either Harry or Draco, depending on the author. Blaise was often portrayed as a close friend or lover of Draco Malfoy, given that they are both in Slytherin and in the same year. However, he was also sometimes depicted as being outside Draco’s group of friends, often because he doesn’t agree with their prejudice against Muggle-borns. In such fics, his absence from canon was often attributed to him being very quiet—sometimes shy, sometimes calculating. Because of his name, many authors gave Blaise an Italian background, sometimes as an Italian pure-blood, sometimes as a half-Italian or Italian-descended student. This has not faded much since the introduction of canon for his character, though it is slightly less common than it had been in the past. Post-HBP Since HBP, Blaise is usually portrayed as a pure-blood, given that his mother is a witch and he is vocally disdainful of “blood traitors”. However, some fans propose that the comment was made for show, perhaps to ingratiate himself with Malfoy and the other Slytherins, and that Blaise himself is not prejudiced, making him a sympathetic character to pair with a protagonist. Sometimes he is portrayed in fanworks as being sincere in his prejudice initially but is later reformed. Blaise’s (and his mother’s) canonical good looks have occasionally led to fanworks in which Blaise is part Veela. One example of this is Maya’s Drop Dead Gorgeous, in which Blaise plays a supporting role.


Communties & Resources

♓︎ — Slug Club Party (Blaise Zabini x reader)

Slug Club Party (Blaise Zabini x reader)

Warnings: none

Summary: Blaise notices y/n at slug club and for the first time takes a liking to her. She is perfect for him and everyone in his life would approve of her, he just needs her to like him as much as he does.

Blaise first noticed you when you joined slug club, he learnt that you were in his year and a Slytherin yet he hadn’t noticed you before. As each meeting would go on he would listen to you in particular. You were perfect for him, you keep to yourself, borderline shy but you can make conversation, you’re in Slytherin and single. But more importantly he had to make sure his mother would approve. You were a pureblood, rich and your family is powerful, if you were in slug club you would be smart and well known.

He still hadn’t said a word to you so he needed a way to talk to you. He had noticed you were in his potions class so maybe if he could get Snape to get you to be his potions partner for a project it might work. He didn’t plan on telling anyone he fancied you especially because he doesn’t trust easily especially women. His mother remarried multiple times, love means nothing to Blaise, he’s never fancied anyone before.

Pansy was first to conspire with Draco, after noticing Blaise staring at you multiple times she asked Draco if he had noticed and the both of the agreed it was big that he actually fancied someone.

“Hey Blaise, what’s your obsession with that girl?” Pansy speaks up after Potions class “What girl?” He acts oblivious to Pansy’s questions. “That weird Slytherin that hangs out with the Ravenclaws” Draco says “I don’t have any obsession with any girl” “How do you know her?” He realised they weren’t going to give up.

“Her name is Y/n, she’s in slug club and she’s really nice and smart” the two of them chuckle “You fancy some girl because she’s nice and smart?” “No, there’s much more to her” “Tell us. We are interested, Blaise” Draco says.

They make it into the Slytherin common room and sit on their usual couch. “She’s the only girl that I thought was really attractive without needing to know her, she’s the girl that you can look at and notice something that makes her even more beautiful than before.” Pansy and Draco look at each other in shock, Blaise has never expressed this about anyone. “And she is smart in so many ways” “Does she fancy you?” “I’m not sure she knows who I am, if she does she probably doesn’t care about me.”

“Hold on, have you talked to her before Blaise?” Draco asks “No I’m working on that one” “You’re in love with some girl you’ve never spoken to” “I’m not in love with her.” You and Daphne walk in together “Daphne, come here” Pansy calls them over, you weren’t sure if you should go over with her but she takes your hand and drags you over.

“Hi Pans” she smiles “Who’s your friend?” “Y/n, this is Pansy, Draco and Blaise” You smile and wave “How long have you been at Hogwarts?” Draco asks “Since first year, I have changed quite a bit since then.” “Well thank you” Pansy says “Blaise?” Draco says “Uh yeah nice to meet you” “You too.”

You and Daphne walk away “That was odd” you say “Don’t mind them, they’re probably interested in who you are.”

“That was terrible Blaise” “I couldn’t say anything!” “We need to find another way.”

Blaise’s wishes of a potions assignment have come true except Snape picked the partners “Y/l/n and…” his heart starts to race “Parkinson” he was unhappy but at least he would still have a chance to talk to her.

You walk over to Pansy “Y/n!” Pansy says excitedly “Hi” you smile kindly “I’m so happy we are partners” You couldn’t tell if this was fake or she was genuinely happy, it seemed she was genuine.

“You remember Blaise” Pansy says “Yeah of course” you absentmindedly play with the rings on your fingers. “I love this one” she points out the emerald one “I got that from my parents after getting sorted into Slytherin.” “What do your parents do?” “My father is a healer and my mother is an unspeakable” Pansy gasps “Wow, I’ve never known an unspeakable before. Do you know what she does?” “No I’m not allowed to know.”

After school Pansy would invite you to sit with her to do your potions assignment. Her friends were all very accepting of you. Blaise started to talk to you the most, even at slug club meetings the two of you would sit beside each other.

You didn’t know why but you’d fallen for him, the way he talks sends shivers down your spine and every time you see him you can’t help but smile. He is the most attractive guy you’ve met. He is so out of your league, but it’s nice to think maybe one day you two could go on a date.

The potions assignment came to an end, you and Pansy showed Snape your assignment and that was it. Blaise feared that you would just leave and go back to the way it was. But you weren’t giving up new friends so fast, especially friends in your house and well respected friends.

After potions it was the end of classes for the day. You have a slug club meeting tonight for dinner, you spent a bit of time in the common room then you went to your dorm to get ready.

You meet Blaise in the common room before the two of you walk over together. “You’re not going to leave us are you?” He asks “No, you guys have become good friends, I’ve never had a friend group in Slytherin before.” “Well I’m glad because I want to know if you’ll go on a date with me to Hogsmeade this weekend?” “I’d love to” “Great” the both of you try to hide your excitement.

The date went so well, Blaise took you everywhere you wanted and paid for everything despite you telling him it wasn’t necessary. The two of you hold hands walking back to Hogwarts. You walk into the common room and everyone is there waiting for the two of you. Pansy almost jumps off the couch to see you “How did it go?” She asks “It was really good” “Did you ask her to the party yet?” Blaise rolls his eyes at Pansy “I was going to, Y/n do you want to go to Slughorn’s party with me?” You smile “Yes, that would be perfect.”

Your mother sent a dress for next weekend for the party, you were so excited to be going with Blaise, you had no idea who you would have asked to be your date if he hadn’t of asked. Pansy helped you get dressed for the party, she mostly gushed over the two of you dating. “You two are perfect, he should just ask you to be his girlfriend already” she continues while doing your hair while you do your makeup.

There’s a knock on the door, Pansy opens the door while you quickly put on your shoes. You walk to the door to see Blaise standing there in dress robes, you blush at the sight of him, he stands tall and put his hand out, he has an expensive watch on his wrist and the rings on his fingers look just as expensive. You take his hand, his hand considerably larger than yours but it fits perfectly together.

“Have fun, I’ll talk to you two tomorrow” Pansy waves goodbye and we walk out of the dorm room. “You look quite beautiful” he says and kisses your hand “Thank you Blaise, there are no words that can describe how good you look.”

You walk into the party, it looks much better than you expected. Slughorn greets the two of you “I’m very glad the two of you came tonight” he says “Thank you for inviting us” “Anytime Miss Y/l/n.”

Blaise gets us some drinks and we stand around talking to various important people in the wizarding world. You and Blaise were one of the last people to leave the party around 12am. You walk into the common room “Come sleep in my dorm, I don’t want the night to be over just yet” you agree.

The two of you quietly sneak into his dorm where his dorm mates are asleep. He gives you his hoodie and helps you unzip your dress, letting it fall to the floor. You unclip your bra putting it with your dress and throwing his hoodie over you, the smell of his cologne still lingers on the hoodie. While he gets changed you neatly fold your dress and put it on the ground for the time being. He wraps his arms around you and kisses your cheek. You turn around and smile up at him, the two of you get into his bed cuddling up to each other.

You bury your face in the crook of his neck and his arms wrap perfectly around you. The two of you fall asleep until the late morning. His dorm mates were already awake and no doubt made a big deal of you sleeping there with him.

“Good morning” he kisses your forehead “Good morning Blaise.” “I should’ve asked you yesterday but do you want to be my girlfriend?” “Yes please” he smiles and presses his lips against yours. The two of you walk into the empty common room and cuddle until everyone comes back.

Everyone teased him for a while about the public displays of affection. Blaise doesn’t like attention on him mostly but he loves showing you affection so he can get over that to show you his appreciation for you.

Kody — -Amortentia- Blaise Zabini x Female Reader


Kody: BLAISEEEEEEE DADDY- im sorry. yeah yeah i’m changing the canonical storyline- cry about it. I’m also fully aware Amortentia does not work like this lmao.

Request: you can make the summary short and less revealing for more fun hehe. Also it’s totally up to you, dear! Only if you feel comfortable with it and no pressure! I hope you had a great weekend and drink more water ily <3 - 💐 House: Hufflepuff Possible Triggers / Warnings: Slight slut shaming in the beginning, Draco being a little shit, ☼-☪-☼ you had been alone most of your life with your parents being on constant business trips from the ministry that would last for months on end. You were practically raised by your nanny, but she couldn’t teach you everything. You became socially awkward. you never had any friends back at home which meant you had no experience communicating with people your age. You were walking awkwardness basically. It came at no surprise when you were sorted into Hufflepuff, even though both your parents were Slytherins- they weren’t disappointed in you though. you had just managed to scramble by through your first four years of school. Four long years without any friends, but you didn’t mind. You could get by just by yourself. You were a strong independent woman and knew how to get yourself out of sticky situations. unless it was stuck up Hufflepuff’s- then you were screwed one fine day in your fourth year you were heading to the quidditch field so you could go watch the game. Slytherin against Hufflepuff. They were both tied at two wins against each other so you were eager to see who would win. You wore a brown buttoned sweater with a nice pear of tan overalls. the fallen leaves under your foot made a satisfying crack noise as you walked along the field. The cheers and other various sounds of students were definitely drawing nearer. You popped another flavour bean into your mouth when a harsh push came to your shoulder, causing the box of flavour beans to fall. you watched as they spilled out onto the grass with a look of solemn in your eyes “Dang- that was my last box” you mumble before a couple of snickers were heard in front of you. You look up to see three students wearing their regular Hufflepuff robes with there own casual clothes underneath. “Drop something?” one asked. A girl with light brown bobbed hair and green eyes spoke. You nod once “Uh yeah, just my flavour beans. I- uh i can just buy new ones” you spoke, already starting to clam up “Your a hufflepuff aren’t you? Why aren’t you wearing yellow?” the girl asked somewhat accusingly. alert alert. Confrontation detected. Activate escape protocol 17B you didn’t answer and went to walk past them when another one of the three, a blond boy with blue eyes pushed you back to where you were standing. Shit. You fold your arms over your chest, looking at the ground “Your one of those Slytherin groupies are you, a house traitor?” the brown haired girl accused. you opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. This made the two Hufflepuffs more annoyed “What? Cant speak? Let me guess, your like those Draco fangirls. Sweetie. Your def not pretty enough for him” she adds, making the boy aside her laugh. did she just say def? Have you ever even talked to Draco Malfoy? Not the time to be thinking about that. “I uh-” before you could speak anymore the girl held up her hand “Don’t even try to defend yourself, Slut” you went wide eyed. No one has ever been so nasty to you. “I’ve never seen two Hufflepuffs go at one of their own, before” a girls laugh came from behind you. She had black shoulder length hair and bangs with brown eyes. Pansy Parkinson. In front of her was two boys dressed in Slytherin Quidditch uniforms. You quickly identify the platinum blond boy with pale skin as Draco Malfoy. The hair was always a dead give away and the other boy was slightly taller then him with dark skin. He was very handsome for a boy your age. What was his name again? Oh! Blaise- Blaise Zabini. “For Hufflepuff’s you two are quite nasty” Draco spoke, a grin playing on his lips. The boy Hufflepuff rolled his eyes “Yeah whatever Malfoy, what’re you going to do. Tell your father?” that struck a nerve in the young Malfoy as he went to lunge at them until Blaise put a arm out, blocking Draco. “Now, Now. Let’s not get physical. You see, me and my fellow housemates overheard your very deplorable conversation with this what seems like sweet girl. Honestly, how can you bully someone who can’t even get a word in?” Blaise spoke in such a proper way that you almost couldn’t tell he was insulting them. the girl and boy were silent as he spoke for a while until the girl spoke up once more “Oh so she’s one of your play things, Zabini?” she questions with a smug look. Blaise’s neutral expression switched into a disgusted one “I don’t have play things. I actually have respect for other woman” Blaise didn’t let them get another word in before he stepped in front of you “Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?” he asked, using his hand to lift your chin and inspect your face. Touching- “No” you say in a meek voice. He nods once with a small smile “Good, now let’s go” you tilt your head sto side. Go? “Um- go where?” you ask. Blaise gestures towards the quidditch field “The game of course. Me and Malfoy here have to get ready and you and Pansy will meet Theo in the Slytherin bleachers to watch the game of course.” as he spoke, Pansy skipped to your side, linking arms. “Yeah! We can watch them make fools of themselves. Now lets go new friend!” Pansy said excitedly before practically dragged you towards the bleachers, leaving Draco and Blaise alone. The young Malfoy turned towards Blaise with a puzzled look “Since when did you involve yourself with Hufflepuffs?” Blaise rolled his eyes before walking off, not answering his housemate ☼-☪-☼ 7th year after that day you became part of Blaise’s friend group. He’d talk to you as much as he talked to Theo, Pans, or Draco. Ask you how your day was, invite you to sit with him at lunch and even sneak you into the Slytherin house at times. some people found it strange. A slytherin spending so much time with a Hufflepuff, but as stated Blaise didn’t care much of opinions hat didn’t come from his friends, but all his friends adored you. Case closed. It was around the end of sixth year is when your feelings changed from platonic to romantic. you no longer saw him as your best friend that saved you from a bunch of nasty Hufflepuff’s all those years ago. You now saw him as someone you wanted to be with, all the time. To hold his hand, have him hold you, for him to just call you his. You fell hard. but there was this fear, this fear that it would ruin everything you had with him. It was too great a risk, so like any normal person. You kept quiet as mouse and refused to let anyone know your feelings. Except for Pansy of course, but she found out on her own. Then told Draco, who told Theo. everyone knew except Blaise actually it was lunch and the Slytherins were waiting for you to arrive, Draco cleared his throat, getting the attention of the rest of them “I have a terribly good idea” he says, making Blaise look at him curiously “And that is?” he asked, leaning in to here what his housemate had to say. Draco reaches into robe and pulls out a pink heart shaped bottle. “What in the hell? Why do you have a love potion?” Pansy asked with a amused chuckle. “Well- Y/n confessed to me that she had a crush on someone, but was too afraid to tell them. So i’m going to slip this into her drink to move her along” Pansy and Theo both look at each other knowingly. They know full well that little ferret was lying. Y/n told Pansy first. What was he playing at? “That is so wrong on so many levels, Malfoy” Blaise spoke up first, looking at him in distaste. “Hey! She told me that she wished she was more confident so she could tell this person there feelings. I’m being a good friend!” Draco retorted, another lie. Blaise face drops a little “Who even is this person she’s confessing to. It better not be some low life Gryffindor” Blaise grumbles. Pansy’s eyebrow wiggles “Is that jealousy i here, Zabini?” she teases. Blaise rolls his eyes before looking back at his plate “Y/n can like whoever she want’s” he grumbles. “Really? ‘Cause your stabbing your steak” Pansy asked, leaning over across the table. Blaise was indeed repeating jabbing at his food with his fork “I will use the slug-vomiting charm on you” he spoke, gritting his teeth. Pansy just smiled innocently “Cursing Pan’s i see” a voice came from behind him. Blaise turned his head around to see you, holding a textbook “Sorry i was late, got caught up” you take a seat next to Blaise, seeing a full plate and water put out for you “Thanks for saving me some food?” you say with a small smile. “I did actually, because i’m your favorite” Draco gives you a sweet smile, one that you laugh nervously at “Uh- sure?” you reply. ☼-☪-☼ once finished your food, you reached for the cup of water and took a sip. As you go and place it down you notice that they were all staring at you? “What?” you ask and Theo gives you a smile “Feel any different?” he asked. You purse your lips together and slowly shake your head “No, i feel alright” Draco huffs and places his head in his hand. You look over at Blaise who had went back to eating his food. You notice something on the corner of his mouth and grab the napkin on your table. Reaching up you wipe away the food on the corner of his mouth. Blaise flinches and grabs your hand “What’re you doing?” he asked, gazing down at you. You snicker a bit at his reaction and gently tug your arm out of his grip “You had something on your mouth, didn’t want it to mess up your handsome face” you reply. Pansy chokes on her water, which turns into a coughing fit. Blaise stared at you blankly, just blinking mindlessly while Draco punched the air. ☼-☪-☼ now, mind you. A typical love potion last up to 24 hours, but Draco being the idiot he was accidently poured half the bottle into your drink. So it was safe to say it was going to last more than a day. “Your a bloody fool, Malfoy!” Blaise exclaims. “I didn’t mean to pour half of it! Someone bumped into me!” Draco retorts while both Theo and Pansy eat a box of flavour beans they were sharing, just casually watching the chaos unfold. “That my be true, but you still served it to her! You took advantage of her vulnerability!” Blaise shouts back. Draco’s face fell, yeah could be a little prick sometimes, but he also cared about you deeply. He couldn’t tell Blaise he was your crush, but he could try to make it right. “I’ll make the antidote, but it will be a couple days” Blaise nods “Sorry for shouting” he says. Draco nods once before leaving the hallway. “Hey guys” jeez- you just snuck up on people. Blaise steps towards you “Shouldn’t you be heading to charms class?” he asked, crossing his arms “What? Do you have her schedule memorized?” Pansy questions with a small laugh. Blaise exhales deeply “I have a copy of it actually. Anyway-” he says and turns his attention back to you. “What do you need?” he asks, his tone changing to a more calm one. “Can you walk me to class?” you ask. Blaise raises a brow “Why?” he asked, not that he would have a problem . “I want to spend more time with you” you spoke very nonchalantly. You almost wondered how you even spoke those words yourself. Blaise looks stunned for a moment, before a smile made a way to his face. This was just the potion talking, you were spewing nonsense he thought “As do i? Let’s get going shall we” you smile brightly and grab his a=hand, interlocking your fingers. Blaise gives you a small nod before covering his mouth with his hands. Both Pansy and Theo watch them walk away “5 galleons Blaise confesses to Y/n by the end of this whole ordeal” Pansy points, chewing on a flavour bean. Theo watched along her and nods “Your on, 10 galleons they both end up being friends again” ☼-☪-☼ it has been TWO days and Draco still hasn’t made the antidote. He claimed it was because he had to gather all the supplies without Snape around, which was probably true. Blaise had started to kind of- sort of- maybe- like the attention you were giving him. oh yeah- surprise! Blaise had had a crush on you even longer then you did, he just knew how to keep his composure around you. It was easy for him, but it didn’t make him any less terrified of what would happen if those feelings were revealed. currently, you were both sitting in the courtyard, studying on a bench, your choice. “I think that’s enough for the day. I’m surprised you asked me for my help. You usually never ask me for any academic advice” Blaise spoke, knowing full well why she asked him. The love potion. you look up at him, closing the textbook in your hands “Well, you and Draco are the smartest people i know, but i prefer your company more” you smile lightly as you begin to cram the textbook into your bag. Blaise feels his heartbeat pick up once again. It’s just the love potion. It’s just the love potion. It’s just the love potion. Think rationally Zabini! “I’m glad to hear that” he nods once. You both stand up from the bench and the curiosity gets the better of him. “So, what people have you’ve been talking too the past couple days?” he wanted to know if you had actually been talking to your crush. So he could murder them talk to them man to man/woman. You shrug your shoulders “Just you guys, who else would i be talking to?” you spoke “Oh! i have an exam to take in potions! i’ll see you at dinner!” you spoke with haste before leaning up to kiss his cheek “Bye Blaise!” and with that you ran off towards the entrance. Blaise held up his hand for a moment before exhaling “She’s- been only- talking to us? Who the hell is her crush then?” he thought aloud before picking up his things and walking away. both Pansy and Theo pop up from behind the bushes “For a genius student, he sure is a idiot” Pansy spoke, eating the last bit of her cauldron cake. Theo nods “I thought Draco would be done with the antidote already?” he says. Pansy grinned evilly. “Yeah…he should, but i keep hiding the ingredients. Blaise needs more time to realize she’s into him” she spoke, wiping her mouth off. Theo gasps and wacks her shoulder “That’s cheating! and you ate my last cauldron cake!” he sighs, crossing his arms. “Yeah? Cry about it Nott” ☼-☪-☼ “It’s done!” a loud shout came from the dorm hallways of the Slytherin house towards the common room. Draco came running towards them, panting like a dog. “What’s done?” Pansy asked, sitting next to Theo eating a bowl of popcorn. No- they don’t know where she got it either. “The antidote for Y/n’s love potion. It took so long because i kept misplacing everything. All we need to do is sneak it into her drink at dinner tonight” he explains. Blaise shot up from the loveseat he was sat on reading a book and snatched the vile from Draco. “Hey! What the hell?!” “I’m not lying to Y/n anymore then i have to. I’ll catch up with you guys later” Blaise said before walking out the portrait door. “Alright that’s our cue!” Pansy and Theo stood up “What’re you guys doing?” Draco asked with a confused expression on his face. “Spying on Blaise and Y/n to make sure they confess to each other” Theo explains, walking away with Pansy. Draco blinked a couple times before shaking his head “Guys that is such an invasion of there privacy and trust, they are our friends and we should be respectful……i’m coming with you” bestie things i guess ☼-☪-☼ Blaise had just made it out the dungeons when he bumped into someone “Watch where your- oh Y/n. Why are you down here?” he asked. You chuckle and push away from him “I was going to see if Pansy wanted to have another sleepover, why are you out here? Dinner hasn’t started yet” Blaise thinks of his next words before holding up the vile “I need you to drink this Y/n” “What why?” “Just do it” “But-” “If you trust me you will. I would never harm you” “…Okay” you grab the vile from his hand and pop the cork off. You look at the vile then Blaise who nods once. Exhaling, you pour the strange liquid down your throat, twinging at the unfamiliar taste. You feel almost a swirl around your chest before you look at Blaise again “What was that?” Blaise places his hands on your shoulders, your face heating up slightly. Once again you were back being unnerved by this guy, but you didn’t notice “How do you feel about me Y/n?” he asked, making your E/c eyes widen a bit. “I’m sorry- come again?” he sighs deeply and looks you in the eye. Ooo eye contact, scary. “the same i did yesterday?” you say vaguely. because who the hell asks that kind of question. Blaise lets go of your shoulders and rubs his face with his his hands. He was frustrated. “Y/n, how do you feel about me?” you shrink at his gaze. The first thought that ran through your mind was that Pansy had snitched to him that you were in love with him “I’m so sorry- i didn’t want to tell you because i thought you would think i was weird!” you spurt out, confusing Blaise just a tad more. “What are you talking about!?” “Pansy told you about my crush on you didn’t she!?” “Your what!?” oh if the world could swallow you whole now “Oh merlin- i thought that’s what she told you!” you shout before trying to activate escape protocol 17B again and walk away. Blaise almost thought about letting you leave but you liked him! he was terrified you didn’t! but you do! So, why would he let you leave!? he reaches back and grabs your arm, stopping you from walking any further “I get it. You don’t want to be friends anymore” you spoke sadly. Blaise stepped towards you, but you looked down at your feet instead of him “Your right, i don’t want to be friends anymore Y/n” you felt your heart shatter. That was until one of his long arms wrapped around your waist and other pointed your chin up to look at him “I want you to be mine and i, yours” he spoke, a slight grin on his lips. Say what now? did Blaise Zabini just confess to you? “Oh…” “Is that all you have to say to that? I just spilled my heart out to you” “What- what should i say?” “Yes?…No?” “Oh! yes- yes. Definitely yes! ” “That’s a relief. I thought i had just made a full of myself” “You are no fool Blaise Zabini” Blaise gave you a small smile before leaning down. Oh shit. He stops midway, lips centimeters from yours “It is okay if i kiss you, correct?” he asks. We love a consent king. You nod slowly, making his smile grow wide before he presses his lips to yours. “5 galleons you little shit, hand it over!” you both pull apart as three idiots come falling out a nearby broom closet. Pansy spilled her popcorn all over the hallway floor in the process. “Screw you Pansy, you cheated you pig!” Theo snaps back, Pansy hitting the back of his head “I am no pig!” Draco was just lying face first on the floor, hoping no one would notice his presence. “Oh right pug-face!” Theo smirks. Pansy gasps before pulling out her wand “You are dead you queer!” she shouts. Theo pulled out his wand as well “You have a girlfriend, homo!” he shouts. Pansy sputters for a moment “That’s besides the point!” they both circle each other as Draco picks himself off the floor “I shouldn’t have come” he mumbles, dusting off his robes. Both you and Blaise look at each other before bursting into laughter. ☼-☪-☼ Taglist: @the–queen-of-hell @sonbelleame @dracosathenaeum @pxroxide-prinxcesss ☼-☪-☼ Kody- I have no words for this other then- what the fuck did i just write? Anyways, peace!

remmyswritings — how much i love you

I’M BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to writing, but i’m back and i’ll be writing some more stuff for y’all to enjoy tomorrow! I just came up with this today cause I was in this mood for Blaise. I hope y’all enjoy this one 🙂 oh and thank you to my Siri for choosing the gif for me!!!!

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“He’s staring at you… again,” Ginny subtly pointed over to the Slytherin table.

You turned your head slightly only to see Blaise duck his head down quickly when he realized you had caught him, “I know… and no I won’t say anything to him Gin.”

“But you said that you didn’t want anyone to know,” Ginny pointed out the people around you whose focus was also on a certain Slytherin, “and people are starting to notice.”

The smile on your face disappeared slightly at the realization of Ginny’s words, “I’ll let Blaise know… anyway, I should get going I don’t want to be late for DADA.”

As you stood up from the table, you waved a goodbye to Ginny while also sending a smile to your boyfriend who watched you as you left the Great Hall. You knew only a couple minutes later, he’d come out those doors to meet you so you decided to wait for him.

You leaned against the wall with your eyes closed lightly and yet you could still sense Blaise approach you. His fingers slowly intertwined with yours as you opened to find him with a tender gaze in his face. He pulled you off the wall and walked with you to your classroom, even though you knew his class was on the other side of the school. There was silence between the two of you as you walked, but it didn’t bother you one bit. However when you got closer and closer to your destination you remembered what Ginny had brought up during breakfast.

“Love,” you squeezed Blaise’s hands lightly so as to get his attention, “can I talk to you about something?”

Blaise pulled you over to the side of the hallway as he nodded his head, “What’s the matter darling?”

“I know you and I talked about not really making our relationship public because you weren’t comfortable with everyone knowing just yet, but, well, it seems like people are starting to notice,” your voice got softer and your eyes looked down towards the floor by the time you finished our sentence.

“What if I do want people to know?” Blaise tilted your head up so that you looked him in the eye. “What if I just want to scream it out to all of Hogwarts that I am absolutely, positively in love with my girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N?”

Your eyes watered at hearing him say the l-word. I mean you had told him before and you knew from the little things he did that he loved you but this was the first time you heard him say it.

Blaise cupped your face with his hands bringing you back to him, “Are you alright darling?”

“You just said that you love me,” you whispered.

Blaise chuckled softly, “Ya, I did. You knew that I’ve always loved you though, right?”

“Yes, my love,” you nodded your head as your happy tears rolled down your face, “I’ve always known.”

“Still, let me remind you again,” Blaise brought you closer to him as he pressed light kisses all up your neck and on your face as he repeatedly said I love you.

At this point, neither of you cared that you were basically revealing your relationship to the rest of the school. If anything, you forgot that you were even still in the hallway as Blaise peppered kisses all over your face.

The two of you only stopped when you heard the throat clearing of a certain Transfiguration professor that you looked up to greatly, “While I am happy to see that the two of you have finally decided to let the school of you know that you’re together, I don’t believe that your behavior is particularly appropriate for school hallways.”

From the slight glint in Prof. McGonagall’s eyes you knew you wouldn’t be getting any detention but you still couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, “Sorry Professor.”

“Now, Mr. Zabini,” Prof. McGonagall turned to your boyfriend who still held onto you as much as possible, “I will see you in class once you’ve walked Ms. Y/L/N here at Prof. Umbridge’s classroom… and I would be careful about the distance between the two of you as you do so.”

“Yes, Professor,” Blaise softly said as he removed his hand from your waist, only to grab a hold of your hand as the two of you walked to your class.

Prof. McGonagall watched the two of you go off and couldn’t help but think I can finally get my money from Pomona and the others.

BLURRY | Blaise Zabini x Reader

[An x-reader fan-fiction about a romance between J.K. Rowling”s character Blaise Zabini and you.]

An average third-year Slytherin, you”ve had just about nothing interesting happen in your time at Hogwarts. You”re three years below the famous “Boy Who Lived” Harry Potter, which means you”re also three years below all the action. You”ve developed a small crush on about all of your older classmates, which means you expect nothing in return… Things begin to change, however, when Blaise Zabini- a popular sixth year boy, and something like an enemy of Harry Potter”s- takes interest in you.

[p.r/w – begun December 23rd, 2020]

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